Car Tech

Distinctively Audi

The shoulders of a luxury automaker need to be broad in order to carry the weight of the expectations that are placed upon it. Fortunately, the majority of these automakers benefit from their longevity and the full maturation that they enjoy as a result of it. The added benefit of possessing an enduring legacy comes [...]

Magna & The Future of Autonomous Driving

In 2002, I was one of the many people who saw the Tom Cruise film ‘Minority Report’ in theaters. Of the countless technologies predicted in the Steven Spielberg film, one of the most impactful was the normalcy with which they depicted self-driving cars. Hardly a new concept, it seems to grow more appealing with each [...]

The Relatability and Sustainability of Chevy

Drive into any Chevy Dealership, and you can expect a unique experience in terms of the variety. While many might debate how distinctive Chevy inventory is from that of other automakers, it’s hard to argue the effectiveness at which they’ve presented offerings within each segment. Whether we’re talking about truck options such as the ever-popular [...]

Seven of Amazon’s Worst Car Accessories

If you’ve recently purchased a new or used car, you might start scouring Amazon for any relevant accessories. Well, while it can certainly be amusing looking through all of the amenities that are actually useful and worthwhile, it’s even more amusing to poke fun at the accessories that you should never be caught buying. Below, [...]

The Future of Lean, Mean, Environmentally-Friendly Pick-Up Machines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just taking a summertime snooze from the daily news), you’ve most likely heard the buzz that many countries are looking to ban gas-powered cars in the coming years. France and England are leading the charge – both are planning to stop the sale of gas-powered automobiles by [...]

2017 Ford Fusion

Gas prices are at their lowest levels in years, but environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles still pique the interest of many car shoppers. The Ford Fusion Hybrid has a long pedigree as an award-winning vehicle ever since it won the 2013 Green Car of the Year award. But it’s more than the Fusion’s hybrid [...]

Which Attribute Matches Each of Chevy’s SUVs?

It’s undoubtedly a good idea to pursue Chevy SUVs, as the brand’s offerings are some of the most impressive and reliable vehicles in the entire segment. Of course, it isn’t as easy as heading into a local dealership and simply asking for a Chevy SUV. Instead, it’s best to know what specific vehicle you’re going [...]

Conversion Vans & Tiny Houses

Finding conversion vans for sale can be a mixed bag. After all, the pure appeal of a conversion van comes in taking something more utilitarian in design, and creating something customized to your own tastes and lifestyle. Searching through a dealer inventory, you could expect to pay upwards of $30,000 for the the likes of [...]

Used Car Dealers Unload Inventory With New Technology

  We all remember the used car dealers of the past—lots of aging vehicles in the lot, large “For Sale” signs on the hoods, brightly colored flags blowing in the wind to get your attention, posters of women in scantily-clad bikinis, and some shifty looking men who wanted to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. [...]

Four Fun Facts About the 2017 Toyota 86

The 2017 Toyota 86 is one of the “newest” inclusions to the brand’s selection of vehicles. Therefore, you presumably don’t know a whole lot about the vehicle and it’s capabilities and features. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve provided several notable fun facts below, which should provide some further insight into the 2017 Toyota [...]