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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

7 Overlooked Used Sedans From 2015

Sedans feel like a disappearing segment of the automotive industry at times. Many automakers just aren’t interested in maintaining sedans’ presence on the market if they aren’t hybrids or hiding an electric powertrain, even if they’re widely popular, like the Ford Fusion. Many discontinued sedans are perfectly fine vehicles, offer a lot of great value, […]

One Surprising Thing You May Have Missed at Chevy’s Cincinnati 2022 Auto Expo Appearance

We’re months removed from the 2022 Cincinnati Auto Expo in Ohio, which took place between February 3rd through February 6th. It may not have received a whole lot of attention, and it’s something that could have easily been overlooked by most motoring enthusiasts, but there was one thing that was interesting about Chevy’s appearance at […]

How Much of a Difference Is There Between a Stock 2022 Colorado ZR2 and the ZR2 Race Truck?

It’s not uncommon for automakers to either turn a consumer production vehicle into a racing edition, like the Ford Escort or the Toyota Corolla. Likewise, it’s not uncommon to take a vehicle built for racing and homologate them into consumer production versions, like the Ford GT or WRX STI. Interestingly enough, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 […]

How the 2022 Ford Explorer ST Opens the Door for Performance Enthusiasts

Ford has been attempting to capture nearly every segment of the market possible with their diverse lineup of vehicles. You have the Mustang Mach-E for eco-conscious drivers, the Bronco for off-roaders, the Expedition for full-size travel, the Ecosport for the budget-conscious driver, the F-150 for light-duty, F-250 for heavy-duty, and the Maverick for compact utility. […]