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Car Tech

Hyundai Ioniq: Because It’s Not Always Easy Being Green

Sometimes, it’s hard to do the right thing. Doing the right thing could cost you time, money, friends. You may start to resent what you’ve done, even though you know you’ve made a decision that will help others in the long term. And it may be that doing the right thing might be trendy right [...]

Trade-In Advice from Former Customers and Dealership Employees

Are you looking to trade in your vehicle? Well, we’re sure you’ve read article upon article about how you can maximize the price of your current car. Well, we’re not looking to bore you once again. Rather, we figured that insight from legitimate customers and dealership employees could actually provide you with the most clarity [...]

Uncovering the Honda Civic’s Hidden Easter Eggs

Those seeking a new compact car have surely debated between the 2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla. The vehicles are rather comparable, so prospective car buyers are naturally looking for every incentive that they can find. For those who enjoy easter egg hunts, you’ll surely appreciate the gems hidden inside the 2017 Honda Civic. [...]

Uber Proves its Worth with McDonald’s Partnership

It’s no secret that the once-famed Uber has taken its fair share of below-the-belt blows in the past six months. Between deploying driverless Volvo XC90s on the streets of San Francisco without permission, to allegedly ripping off Google’s Waymo technology, to defying the call to boycott airport pickups amid Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” Uber has proven [...]

Prius Earns World Green Car Award: No One is Surprised

The Toyota Prius is the full-hybrid electric car that is viewed as one of the pioneers of its class. Introduced in Japan back in 1997 as the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in the country, the Prius was introduced globally starting in 2000. Since then, the Prius has been offered in different model variants and continues [...]

Two Must-Have Chevy Truck Parts and Accessories

Spring is finally here and with it, for most of us across the United States, spring brings plenty of showers and a muddy season. This is great fun for Chevy truck drivers, especially those of you who test the boundaries and take your trucks off roading on all-terrain type adventures. Still, Monday will roll around [...]

Nissan GT-R “Alpha G” Runs 6-Second Quarter Mile Time

A 0-60 mph time of six seconds is actually considered mediocre in 2017 since a lot of your top-notch performance cars hit 0-60 mph in under 5 (or even under 4) seconds. A 6-second quarter mile time though? You’d tell me that I’m just blowing smoke. Part of me wishes I was, because this is [...]

Exploring the 2017 Jeep Cherokee’s Interior

Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? This expression isn’t necessarily applicable to the automotive industry because customers immediately gauge a vehicle’s curb appeal when seeking a new ride. This isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes these prospective buyers focus too much on the exterior. As a result, the interior may be overlooked. Well, if [...]

Good News for Nissan Leaf Lessees After All

ButThere are so many great benefits available to drivers who opt to lease rather than purchase a car outright. One of best benefits to leasing over buying is that drivers who lease get to grab a new set of keys and zoom off in a new set of wheels every three years. Yes, there is [...]

Honda Clarity EV Set to Debut in NY

I love the Honda car brand as much as anyone else – possibly even more. But with the recent teaser images released of the automaker’s newest plug-in hybrid car, we aren’t sure the Japanese automaker has its head on straight. Honda has confirmed that both the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid models will debut [...]