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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A blue 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid for sale is shown from the front driving on a city highway.

The 2023 Honda Accord Is Ready for Tech-Hungry Drivers

The 2023 Honda Accord is set to come out soon, a mid-size sedan that’s long been a star of the Honda lineup. With a spacious interior, large trunk, easy handling, and great fuel efficiency, there are a lot of reasons to love the Accord, and Honda just gave drivers another big one: Google Assistant. This tech-forward feature will come standard on the Touring, the Accord’s sportier, more performance-minded trim. The Touring has historically gotten a stronger engine than the other Accords, plus some luxury features like ventilated seats and heated rear seats. Now, it gets another leg above the other Accord models; standard Google Assistant for a streamlined, interconnected experience.

Honda recognizes that drivers have come to expect a certain level of technology from their vehicles. As more and more manufacturers add things like Amazon Alexa and Google to their vehicles, drivers have grown accustomed to having a vehicle that doubles as their receptionist, entertainment, navigator, and more. Google Assistant isn’t the only new technology drivers will enjoy in the Accord; there are several surprises in store for 2023 shoppers. If you’ve been curious about the reliable and affordable Honda Accord but were waiting for more modern tech features, it could be time to look into a Honda Accord for sale near you. Honda has made updates this year to ensure it’s competing with some of the best cars in the tech category, and if you ask us, they’ve succeeded. Here’s what you can do with the Google Assistant in the 2023 Honda Accord Touring, as well as some other notable tech features.

Call or Text a Friend

Using Google Assistant, you can get in touch with your contacts without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel. Just use your voice and ask Google Assistant to send a text or make a call. This safety feature means that the “Running 15 minutes late” text doesn’t have to wait, and you don’t need to take risks to send it. With many accidents caused yearly by phone calls or texts, this feature is not to be overlooked. It can save lives, including yours.

Set Reminders

It’s always frustrating when you remember something you need to do while you’re on the road. You can’t write it down or send yourself a text. But with Google Assistant, you can use your voice to set reminders. Just ask things like, “Hey Google, please remind me to turn on the oven in 45 minutes” or “Hey Google, remind me to call my sister tomorrow at 4 PM.” Just because you’re driving doesn’t mean that any important thing that comes to mind behind the wheel will eventually be forgotten by the time you get to your destination, and this great feature can remember it for you.

The black interior of a 2023 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid shows the infotainment screen and center console.

Adjust the Temperature

You can also use your voice to ask Google Assistant to adjust the temperature in the car. This will be a big bonus when using the dual climate control in the EX trim of the Accord, as you can ask Google to adjust yours and a companion’s temperature.

Use Navigation

The 2023 Accord Touring gets a 12.3-inch touchscreen, the largest to date for any Honda vehicle (other trims get a 7-inch screen), and you can make the most of it by using Google Assistant navigation. Just use your voice to set your destination, and Google will let the directions populate on the large touch screen. You can also use Google to find points of interest, like restaurants along your route, which will also show up on the Accord’s new enlarged touchscreen. On a related note, the touchscreen features a one-inch finger rest to reduce hand fatigue while deciding what song to play next or which app to pull up.

Media Control

When you’re ready to enjoy the 12-speaker Bose audio system, Google Assistant amps up the fun. You can ask it to do things like skip to the next track, adjust the volume, go back a track, and more, controlling your media streaming experience without taking your hands off the wheel.
This Bose speaker system features Bose Centerpoint technology and Bose SurroundStage digital signal processing. It was custom-made for the Accord and ensures that every passenger, no matter their seating position, feels like they’re in the center of the music.

Use Third-Party Apps

In addition to using Google Assistant features, Google also enables you to download third-party apps like those for audiobooks, podcasts, and music, giving you more ways to enjoy the ride.

Wirelessly Charge Devices

While this is not a Google Assistant feature, here’s another tool just available on the Touring that’s worth noting: 15W Qi wireless smartphone charging. This allows you to charge your devices without the use of any cords. And with smartphone compatibility standard across the 2023 Accord lineup, you’ll want this feature so you can keep enjoying your preferred smartphone apps right on the large touchscreen.

Get Over the Air Updates

Everyone knows what a hassle it is to constantly agree to required system updates on everything from your phone to your laptop to your tablet and even your car. That’s why the 2023 Honda Accord handles over-the-air updates automatically, so you don’t have to think about it or put a pause on enjoying the vehicle to handle updates.

A close up of the rear of a red 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid is shown.

Enjoy Better Safety Assistance

Honda has long had a great suite of safety assist features, and it’s even better this year. The 2023 Accord gets enhanced radar sensors and cameras for even more precision from the features you already loved, like the lane keeping assist system, collision mitigation braking system, and more. This new technology is better at detecting lane dividers, the distance between your vehicle and other cars, and other elements that impact your safety.

USB Ports

The EX-L and Touring Accord get two 3.0A USB-C charging ports for rear seat passengers that illuminate in the dark. Front-seat passengers can power devices using the Qi charging pad, and backseat passengers can keep their devices fueled with USB ports. This means less arguing over who can use the rare and precious charging ports and platforms. Now everyone from front to back can keep their devices powered, so there’s no pause for streaming, texting, listening to music, and more.

Enjoy Exceptional Connectivity With the 2023 Honda Accord

Honda has made their intentions loud and clear: they want to keep up with the best of them when it comes to streamlined connectivity and advanced infotainment. They already made tech-centric drivers happy when they added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility; now, with the addition of Google Assistant, you can stay fully connected, up to date, on schedule, and entertained without lifting a finger, literally.

Technology like this isn’t just fun; it also significantly improves the driver’s safety. Between sending a text, writing down a quick reminder, and more, there’s a lot we want to do with our hands while we’re driving. But the moment you take your hands off the wheel, you take a safety risk. Google Assistant reduces the number of those risks.

The other features like the Qi charging, USB ports, and a huge touch screen make the Accord, particularly some of the higher trims, a truly modern vehicle. It’s like having a virtual assistant by your side at all times. From setting reminders to listening to audiobooks to charging devices, there’s almost no infotainment need that can’t be handled on the 2023 Accord. And, it hasn’t increased much in the price department, so all of these new features can still be enjoyed at the Accord’s famously budget-friendly price.

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