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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2020 used Jeep Wrangler for sale is shown off-roading on a rocky trail.

5 Fun AND Beneficial Jeep Wrangler Mods

If you’re looking for a used Jeep Wrangler for sale, odds are you’re after something to customize and make your own. Wranglers are known for their endless potential to customize. You can easily switch out a Wrangler’s top, doors, seats, windshield, bumpers, and more. The entire model is about as customizable as a Lego set—and just as fun to tinker with.

Mods include both aesthetic changes and functionality upgrades, which make it more fun for on and off-road usage alike. These are some of the most fun and beneficial Wrangler mods I’ve discovered. Keep these in mind when you customize your own Jeep.

The Winches

Nothing says “power” like a good, high-quality winch attachment. While winches are designed with off-roaders in mind, you don’t even have to take your Jeep off pavement to enjoy a winch. Their rugged appearance makes your Wrangler look tougher than ever before (and you never know when someone might need a lift out of a ditch or rut).

That said, winches are especially important for off-roaders. In fact, I wouldn’t want to go off-roading without one. There are a few different kinds of winches to look out for, but I recommend you stick with the two following winch varieties.

Hydraulic Winches

This is what you need if you plan on doing some hardcore winching. The hydraulic winch derives power from the Jeep’s power steering system, meaning it can draw more strength and has a longer use duration than an electric winch. It also doesn’t need as much time to cool down.

Electric Winches

The more common choice for Wranglers is the electric winch. These receive power from the Jeep’s battery, meaning they don’t last as long. However, they’re much more affordable and quicker to install.

A close up of a winch is shown.

Which Winch Is Best?

The truth is that most Wrangler drivers won’t need a hydraulic winch’s heavy-duty power. You can still go this route if you feel like you’ll need to use your winch back-to-back frequently. However, in most cases, the electric winch will more than suffice.

The LED Light Bar

When you buy a used Wrangler, you can probably expect to have regular headlamps. That said, some more recent-year used Wranglers do have built-in LED headlamps, especially on higher trims. Either way, the LED Light Bar offers a whole new level of lighting. Even if you have LED headlamps, the LED Light Bar is essential for hardcore off-roaders. I personally love this mod because it’s easy to install and it is handy during excursions like off-road camping sessions.

Most drivers attach the LED Light Bar to their Jeep’s windshield, but you can also add one to your hood, or even your front bumper. Theoretically, you could place a Light Bar on all three areas. If you do, just make sure you’re not using them on the highway, as you’re likely to attract some serious ire from passing traffic.

The Attachable Tent

Yep, you read that correctly. Not only can you take your Wrangler camping, but you can actually convert it into your overnight paradise thanks to the tent mod. There are actually a few different ways to make this work. Typically, you can choose a rooftop tent or a ground tent. The rooftop tent is larger and attached to your Wrangler’s roof rack. The ground tent is smaller but utilizes your Wrangler’s interior, as it attaches to the open rear hatch.

Keep in mind that the possibilities are endless when it comes to Jeep tents. Brands are finding more and more ways to make their specific tent models unique. In fact, you can purchase rooftop/ground-hybrid tents for your Wrangler now, like the Wanaka 55” Roof Top Tent by Guana Equipment. This cool design allows you to have the best of both worlds: an upstairs sleeping space and a ground-floor sleeping area. I especially recommend this tent to families with children.

Roof Racks

Nothing screams functionality and rugged good looks like a Wrangler and its roof rack. Much like the tent mod, the roof rack mode comes in many shapes and forms. You can get kayak or bike-specific roof racks, or you can choose from a variety of cargo racks. Jeep Wranglers also have wrap-around racks called “barricades”, which include strong braces that attach to the Jeep’s body and provide balanced weight distribution.

If you’re looking to haul cargo that needs weather protection, enclosed top cargo racks are also available. These are great for carrying additional luggage—for example, when the max available passenger space is needed. That said, when it comes to the Wrangler, most Jeep racks are used for mounting heavier items that won’t fit in the interior cabin. Don’t let the truck enthusiasts get to you; who needs a bed when you’ve got a flat, sturdy rooftop to haul with?

A vehicle is shown off-roading through a muddy puddle.

Mud Tires

This one seems like a “duh” since I’m talking about an off-roading vehicle, but hear us out. Keep in mind that when you’re searching for a used Jeep Wrangler, you’re probably not going to find one with standard mud tires unless it’s fairly new. Even then, most people know what we know, which is that mud tires are pretty awesome (and pricey). As a result, when people sell their Wranglers, they’re likely to keep those fancy tires and replace them with lower-grade tires (or, at the very most, all-terrain tires).

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with all-terrain tires on a Wrangler, but the truth is that mud tires supersede all when we’re talking about off-roading. This is exactly why the off-road-ready Willys Wrangler trim comes with standard 32-in. mud tires. The best part is that mud tires also perform amazingly on rocky terrain. So, whether you prefer muddy trails, rocky mountainsides, or a bit of both, a good set of mud tires won’t let you down.

Time to Mod It Up!

There are so many Wrangler mods out there that I couldn’t possibly tell you about all of them in such a small space. In addition to what I’ve mentioned today, there are several mods available solely for aesthetic appeal, like grille inserts, custom bumpers, and halo lights. While these appeal-based mods aren’t necessarily beneficial to productivity, they do pair nicely with some other modifications. For example, try pairing an Angry Eye grille with a winch and suddenly, everyone will start treating your Jeep like it’s a jacked-up F-350.

That said, many of the mods I’ve listed will do more than just benefit you on the backroads. Large mud tires will give your Wrangler a complimentary lift, while a barricade roof rack adds a rugged look to your new used model. Meanwhile, a Light Bar is nice to have when you’re using a rooftop tent. There’s no better way to keep the nighttime creatures, cryptids, and neighboring campers away than by creating your very own lighthouse in the forest.

Now that you know more about my favorite mods, the biggest decision is determining which one to invest in first! If you’re an off-road lover like most Wrangler fans, the mud tires are an instant must-have. After that, I recommend opting in for the winch. You never know when you might need that one. Jeep makes the Wrangler possibly the most customizable vehicle on the lot, so you’ll never get bored souping it up—or changing it up on occasion.

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