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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Kia Niro EV vs the Other Guys

As electric vehicles, or what we like to call EVs in the biz, are taking over the roadways, there’s a lot of speculation about which EV is the best. When it comes to electric power, Kia offers up a swift, engaging, and modern vehicle with its Niro EV, and if you’re looking for a Kia […]

Going Head-To-Head: Kia vs Audi

If you are confused by the title, let me explain. The engineers at Kia have been working tirelessly to create more powerful vehicles to compete against the German-engineered titans like Audi and BMW. With the release of the athletic Kia Stinger, the company has managed to take its place among the more established luxury-sport brands. […]

The Optimal Accord

Suppose you are looking for a highly-rated, luxury car that fits the economy lifestyle at just the right price. In that case, it’s definitely worth your time checking out the 2020 Honda Accord, a sleek beauty with plenty of high-tech and highly-rated safety options. With a brilliant fuel economy, several highly accessible Hybrid engine options, […]

Time For A New Sedan

It is no secret that the number one and number two automakers in South Korea have a unique relationship. Hyundai, the larger of the two, owns about a third of Kia, which today works out to billions of dollars. And while that relationship would make it seem as though all offerings from these two companies […]