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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Wrangling Colorado’s Greatest Trails

The great outdoors––almost everyone says they love it, but who’s actually got the nerve to go there? And I don’t mean glamping in Grandpa’s backyard in the Catskills. I’m talking deep woods, into-the-wild, find-the-gaps-in-T-Mobile’s-coverage great outdoors, man. There’s nothing like the serenity of a truly silent landscape totally devoid of human influence. The trouble for […]

Four Rings and Four-Wheel Drive

For reasons known only to the ether, I will never forget my first exposure to the “quattro” name––it was associated with the breathtaking “Le Mans quattro” concept car, which heralded the coming of the Audi R8 mid-engine supercar. I wasn’t remotely tuned in to racing at the time (the concept’s name honored Audi’s incredible Le […]

All-New American Classics

Ahh, 2013. No war in Ukraine. No COVID. No fake news, no Brexit, we still had Kobe and Betty White, and I’m pretty sure Lance Armstrong was still cool, too, but don’t quote me on it. But you, dear reader, I know that you suffered. You adored Ford’s badass F-150 Raptor, then a 4-year-old model […]

The Quiet Dawn of a New Era

Everything in the observable universe is in constant motion, and much of that motion can be perceived as sound. The air we breathe, flowing in and out of our lungs, rising or falling along hot or cold surfaces, streaming through a door left ajar, is constantly abuzz with the sounds of its own motion and […]

The Lucid Air: a Super-Efficient Super Sedan

There are two kinds of people: Jedi who do not deal in absolutes and Sith lords with access to unlimited power. In a similar manner, there are two kinds of BEV (battery-powered electric vehicle), those from established legacy automakers and start-ups. Beyond that oversimplification, EVs are taking on increasingly diverse forms––though they started as super […]

The EV of my Dreams is a Porsche

What do Bill Nye, Travis Barker, A’ja Wilson, and Keanu Reeves have in common? If your guess is that they’re all blood type O-, you’d be…well, weird, maybe correct, and distressingly in sync with the corny misdirection that I’ve imposed on this opening. If, however, your guess is that each of them has driven a […]