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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

The 2019 Ford Escape Versus the 2019 Honda CR-V

The 2019 Ford Escape vs 2019 Honda CR-V is a battle for the ages. Both of these vehicles are produced by well-known and well-respected automakers and are rated highly in many categories. Let’s take a look at these vehicle’s performance stats, fuel efficiency, handling reviews, overall design, and technology features to see how these two SUVs […]

12 Reasons to Choose Used Cars With Confidence

Each and every geography comes with its own unique offerings in terms of adventure and exploration. Metropolitan areas provide a near-infinite number of options, as well as ease of accessibility thanks to a wealth of public transportation. And those who prefer their adventure in fresh-air environs are fortunate to have an equally-plentiful spectrum of landscapes […]

Seven Numbers That Stand out on the 2017 Honda Pilot

There are a number of reasons why prospective SUV buyers should be targeting the 2017 Honda Pilot. Instead of boring you with paragraph upon paragraph of features and capabilities, we’ve instead decided to play a tiny numbers game. Below, you’ll find seven major numbers that apply to the brand’s top SUV offering. Once you recognize […]

Series Review: The 2017 Honda CR-V Tops 2017 Toyota RAV4 in Four-Game Sweep

As a sports fan, I’ll eagerly include sports analogies even when it might not necessarily be applicable. That probably explains why I decided to compare the 2017 Honda CR-V vs. 2017 Toyota RAV4 by holding an imaginary championship series. I required the two vehicles to duke it out in regards to four specific attributes (or […]

Oh No You Didn’t! Why Buyers are Trading in their Local Dealership for Web-Based

Just last week, a salesman I encountered at a local dealership had obvious intentions of taking advantage of my perceived weakness as a female car shopper. He called me “Honey,” and made the assumption that I was unable to make a decision without my husband, based on the fact I am a thirty-something year-old with […]