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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Wait. Has Tesla Bested BMW Stateside?

Regardless of their well-publicized success and widespread influence when it comes to emerging technologies, there are those who feel compelled to write off Tesla as some kind of passing trend. Their rationale? It’s nothing new for emerging brands to come out of nowhere, answer the demands of the moment and then fall by the wayside […]

Are Automakers Reassessing Autonomy?

At the start of 2019 current auto news headlines were almost exclusively dedicated to one of three things: autonomy, electrification or… well… ’other’. Not to diminish every other new story reported upon – be it related to recalls, plant closures, industry shows or new model year offerings – but even a large percentage of those […]

More and More People are Buying Pre-Owned. Here’s Why…

While the automotive landscape is global in nature, there are certain vehicles whose perceived identities are symbiotic with certain countries. High-end supercars, for example, are often linked to Italy – while refined performance sedans are more commonly connected to Bavarian automakers. For decades, Asian automakers have led the charge in the creation of practical, affordable […]

Exploring Jaguar’s Electrified Future

When it comes to the topic of sustainability and alternative fuels, we’ve come a long way, especially in the last decade and a half. From the introduction of the mild hybrid powertrain to expansion into plug-in variants, fully-electrified offerings, and fuel cell innovation there’s no shortage of alternatives worth considering. But the current direction of […]

Meet the 2020 Mazda CX-3…Zero?

In early March, current auto news headlines were split divisively, largely fixated on the overstimulating high-end reveals of the Geneva Auto Show or the continuing woes of domestic automakers. But while the latter does nothing to generate excitement, and the former is largely unrelatable to the common consumer, there were a few unveilings that split […]