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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

The Quiet Focus of BMW

There’s a certain understated appeal to a BMW. Despite the iconic badging & front fascia, performance engineering and innovative technology, the overall design of a BMW remains tastefully grounded. Sleek, but never bold, a BMW evokes imagery of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even to an undiscerning eye, the external design reads instantly as high-end, […]

Distinctively Audi

The shoulders of a luxury automaker need to be broad in order to carry the weight of the expectations that are placed upon it. Fortunately, the majority of these automakers benefit from their longevity and the full maturation that they enjoy as a result of it. The added benefit of possessing an enduring legacy comes […]

Automotive Experts Explain the Evolution of Online Car Buying

If you’ve been debating the merits of online car buying, then you’re not alone. We’re not just solely talking about consumers, either. Plenty of automotive experts, whether they be professors or dealership owners, have been weighing the pros and cons of this new and evolving car-buying route. If you’ve been considering opting for this new […]

12 Reasons to Choose Used Cars With Confidence

Each and every geography comes with its own unique offerings in terms of adventure and exploration. Metropolitan areas provide a near-infinite number of options, as well as ease of accessibility thanks to a wealth of public transportation. And those who prefer their adventure in fresh-air environs are fortunate to have an equally-plentiful spectrum of landscapes […]

Consumers Describe Why the Maserati Ghibli Is Better Than the Jaguar XJ

If you’re currently in the market for a sporty, luxurious vehicle, then you’ve surely been debating the Maserati Ghibli vs. Jaguar XJ. From an outsider’s perspective, this is a reasonable comparison, as the two vehicles seemingly provide everything a driver could possibly want from a pricey ride: performance, luxury, and technology. However, when you really […]

How Mazda Got Her KODO Back

If interested in a new Mazda, car-buyers can expect a more soul-stirring experience than ever. Hijacking the attention of countless shoppers everywhere, Mazda continues to transform them into satisfied Mazda owners, and are doing so in droves. While Mazda offerings have long possessed attributes deserving of attention, recent model years have proven even more successful […]