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Four New Features/Capabilities You Can Expect from the 2018 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. The model has been recognized more than 30 times by Car and Driver as one of their “10Best,” and more than 13 million consumers have purchased the vehicle since its debut four decades ago. However, no vehicle is going to last [...]

The Future of Lean, Mean, Environmentally-Friendly Pick-Up Machines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just taking a summertime snooze from the daily news), you’ve most likely heard the buzz that many countries are looking to ban gas-powered cars in the coming years. France and England are leading the charge – both are planning to stop the sale of gas-powered automobiles by [...]

Used Car Dealers Unload Inventory With New Technology

  We all remember the used car dealers of the past—lots of aging vehicles in the lot, large “For Sale” signs on the hoods, brightly colored flags blowing in the wind to get your attention, posters of women in scantily-clad bikinis, and some shifty looking men who wanted to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. [...]

Chevy Lease Deals – Like No Other

Are you ready for a new car, truck, SUV, or van? If the thought of locking yourself into a year-long commitment to a vehicle is making you think twice about even trading in that old reliable rust bucket, Chevrolet has many lease deals that are worth considering because simply put, they are like none other. [...]

A Civic is A Great Used Car Choice

When shopping for a used car, no matter where you live, there is a good chance that a Honda Civic will be available right around the corner. The Honda Civic is a great car which has many applications, purposes, and features. Any individual, regardless of what they need from an automobile, should be able to [...]

Uncovering the Honda Civic’s Hidden Easter Eggs

Those seeking a new compact car have surely debated between the 2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla. The vehicles are rather comparable, so prospective car buyers are naturally looking for every incentive that they can find. For those who enjoy easter egg hunts, you’ll surely appreciate the gems hidden inside the 2017 Honda Civic. [...]

Are You Driving a Small Crown?

Last year, one of the most beloved models in the Toyota line-up passed a historic milestone. The Toyota Corolla celebrated its 50-year anniversary. This particular vehicle is a linchpin in developing the Toyota brand’s reputation as a manufacturer of building stalwart, reliable cars. Historically, its name is one of the oldest in Toyota’s current inventory [...]

Mazda Says ‘No-No’ To Full Autonomy

In a daring and potentially harmful move – Mazda has decided to ditch the idea of full autonomy in favor of driver experience. After changing its iconic “Zoom-Zoom” slogan back in 2015, the brand adopted a new identity to live by with the introduction of the tagline – “Driving Matters.” Back in 2015, I, along [...]

Zuck Yeah! Father of FB Graces Ford with His Presence

The actual motives behind this year-long endeavor of Zuckerberg’s are yet to be seen, but shameless self-promotion comes to mind. One of the first stops on his tour came in late April, arriving in a city and state that Zuck had never previously visited – Detroit, Michigan. To be fair, I would say that the [...]

Uber Proves its Worth with McDonald’s Partnership

It’s no secret that the once-famed Uber has taken its fair share of below-the-belt blows in the past six months. Between deploying driverless Volvo XC90s on the streets of San Francisco without permission, to allegedly ripping off Google’s Waymo technology, to defying the call to boycott airport pickups amid Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” Uber has proven [...]