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Used Car For Sale 2000 Honda Civic

A Civic is A Great Used Car Choice

Looking for a used car for sale ? No matter where you live, there is a good chance that a Honda Civic will be available right around the corner. The Honda Civic is a great car which has many applications, purposes, and features. Any individual, regardless of what they need from an automobile, should be able to find an affordable Honda Civic for sale very close by. Not only are there Civics available in different models and trim styles, used Civics in particular are extremely affordable. A Honda Civic is a great choice for a new used vehicle.

Honda Civic History

The Honda Civic was first introduced to Japan in 1972 as a two-door only subcompact car. A three-door hatchback model was introduced later that same year in the fall of 1972. Honda trademarked its CVCC engine or “Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion,” which it built into the Civic. This type of motor allowed the Honda motor company to conform to the United States and Japanese emission standards of the 1970s without the use of a catalytic converter. The CVCC motor made its entrance to the market in 1975.

Since its original design, the Honda Civic has gone through many changes, alterations, and growth spurts over the years. As mentioned above, the Civic started out in the market as a subcompact car which is the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) classification for a vehicle that is smaller than a compact car, yet larger than a microcar. For a vehicle to be considered subcompact, it must be shorter than 165 inches in length.

Starting in 2000, the Civic was upgraded to the compact car class. To be in the compact car class a vehicle must be between 161” and 175” long as a hatchback or between 173”-187” long as a sedan. The newest generation Honda Civic sedans are technically considered mid-sized cars by all standards, yet still, compete against the other compact cars with the coupe model in the market.

The Civic has multiple different trim options for sedan and coupe models with various different options for each. Currently, in its tenth generation, the Civic is available as a sedan, hatchback, or coupe, along with Si and type-R models.

Ninth Generation

The ninth generation Honda Civic is widely available and very affordable. Starting at around six grand, a sporty look with numerous different available options make this a great choice for a new used vehicle. This particular model has nine different trim options with a combined EPA estimated MPG of around 30. If you are a fan of a manual transmission, the coupe or sedan offers both transmission options. The Civic Si is the high-performance option available if you would like a little more zip in your ride.

The 2011 Honda Civic is known for its reliabilty, fuel economy, and resale value. Excellent handling, available onboard navigation, and even a natural gas-fueled version can be found in a few states. Both sedan and coupe models are five seaters to shuffle around friends and family.

I give it a thumbs up for value in the search for a used car for sale, no matter where you may live.