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2017 White Honda Civic Driving On Mountain

Uncovering the Honda Civic’s Hidden Easter Eggs

Those seeking a new compact car have surely debated between the 2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla. The vehicles are rather comparable, so prospective car buyers are naturally looking for every incentive that they can find. For those who enjoy easter egg hunts, you’ll surely appreciate the gems hidden inside the 2017 Honda Civic.

To uncover these specific Easter eggs, enthusiasts will have to get their hands on a 2016 or 2017 Honda Civic sedan or coupe (with an EX trim or higher). Head to the inside of the vehicle and access the center console. On the bottom, you’ll find a rubber mat, which can easily be removed. Turn this mat over, and you’ll find illustrations that explore the brand’s history. Best of all, there are several different illustrations on the market, meaning your Honda’s Easter egg may not be the same as someone with a similar vehicle.

Thanks to Joseph Capparella of, we’ve detailed those hidden Easter eggs below. While this information shouldn’t be enough to definitively influence the debate between the 2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla, it certainly doesn’t hurt…

One of the designs details Honda’s motorsports history, showcasing a number of legendary racing vehicles:

  • Honda RA106 F1 Car: this renowned vehicle was originally operated by racer Jenson Button in 2006. This was the brand’s first entry into Formula 1 racing since the 1960s.
  • Honda S800: this iconic racer was the winner of the GT-1 class at the 1968 Suzuka circuit (held in Japan)
  • Honda RC213V Motorcycle: this legendary bike was often operated by former MotoGP champ Marc Márquez

The second design only includes a pair of vehicles, but these iconic rides are just as impressive as those features in the first illustration:

  • Honda RC166 Motorcycle: Jim Redman is operating the motorcycle in this specific illustration. The accomplished racer was a six-time winner of the Grand Prix world championship.
  • McLaren Honda MP4/4: This stylish racer isn’t as well known as the person behind the wheel. Ayrton Senna is supposedly operating the car in this design, which is certainly appropriate. After all, the speed demon is a major part of Honda’s racing history.

The third illustration doesn’t include an actual car, but it includes a pair of the brand’s more innovative offerings:

  • Honda NS500 Motorcycle: this vehicle is especially known for winning the 1983 world championship, with rider Freddie Spencer leading the way
  • Asimo: you may remember the brand’s innovative robot, which was redesigned several times as engineers looked to capitalize on the technology’s namesake (Advanced Step (in) Innovative Mobility). The robot could shake hands, answer questions, and even team up with another Asimo to accomplish a goal.

The final illustration is arguably the most action packed, as it contains a pair of iconic race cars:

  • Curtiss Special Race Car: this vehicle has a special connection to Soichiro Honda, as the company’s founder was a riding mechanic when the car won the Japan Motorcar Championship
  • Honda RA272 Race Car: this is one of the brand’s oldest racers, as it was produced in the 1920s (nearly two decades before Honda was established).

Who would have thought that a vehicle could contain so many hidden treasures? As we mentioned, these special features shouldn’t be enough to sway your decision when debating the 2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla. However, for those with a sense of humor, this inclusion may be the ultimate tipping point.