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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Take a Look at the BMW Art Cars

Do you ever ask yourself, “If I could find a BMW dealer near me, I’d choose one of the most flamboyant colors they have?” Personalization and customization is part of a discerning car owner’s DNA, driving their ability to say that no one else has that particular car. That’s been the vision behind the BMW […]

How Country Music Sells a Chevy

Country songs and pickup trucks. It’s a common marriage that’s basically become its own cliche. But according to a recent article on Forbes, all of those off-roading, fun-loving, beer-drinking country stars have done more than just write catchy tunes. In recent years, as country music has overtaken all other radio stations in popularity – country […]

The 2017 Corvette Has The Chevrolet Accessories That You Need

Available in a coupe model or convertible for the 2017 model year, the classic and all-impressive Chevrolet Corvette is the sports car you have always been waiting for. Choose from royal colors like Admiral Blue or Blade Silver Metallic to make the 2017 Vette yours. Accessorising the Corvette is easier than ever. The options available […]

The Toyota Prius – A History

Toyota revolutionized the automotive industry by creating the first ever large-scale production of a “hybrid” automobile. A “hybrid” automobile is any vehicle that uses both an internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor for propulsion. The largest misconception related to the Prius is that the Toyota motor company created the hybrid car concept. […]

Trade-In Advice from Former Customers and Dealership Employees

Are you looking to trade in your vehicle? Well, we’re sure you’ve read article upon article about how you can maximize the price of your current car. Well, we’re not looking to bore you once again. Rather, we figured that insight from legitimate customers and dealership employees could actually provide you with the most clarity […]

Are You Driving a Small Crown?

Last year, one of the most beloved models in the Toyota line-up passed a historic milestone. The Toyota Corolla celebrated its 50-year anniversary. This particular vehicle is a linchpin in developing the Toyota brand’s reputation as a manufacturer of building stalwart, reliable cars. Historically, its name is one of the oldest in Toyota’s current inventory […]