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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

You Don’t Have to Be Einstein

Recently, we reported on a Chevy-enthusiast from Albany who, after waking from a 25-year coma, discovered the internet and almost terminated his lifelong love of Chevrolet after mistaking anti-Chevy memes for facts. No, seriously, that happened. Trust us. In an unrelated story, one meme, in particular, is now influencing a major debate within the automotive […]

Some of the Internet’s Worst Auto Loan Stories

A new or used car might be one of the biggest purchases you make during your lifetime. Predictably, this transaction has led to a number of financial nightmares for individuals. While dealerships admittedly try to capitalize on ignorant, inexperienced customers, these monetary issues can usually be attributed to boneheaded mistakes by the buyer. Opting for […]

Last Go-Round for the 2018 RAM 1500

If you’re a fan, you’re likely interested in what the 2019 model year will bring in terms of the RAM 1500. A restructuring of RAM’s production facilities throughout 2018, allowing for temporary dual-production of truck offerings (and making way for new crossover SUV offerings) creates speculation as to what extent the RAM 1500 will be […]

The Quiet Focus of BMW

There’s a certain understated appeal to a BMW. Despite the iconic badging & front fascia, performance engineering and innovative technology, the overall design of a BMW remains tastefully grounded. Sleek, but never bold, a BMW evokes imagery of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even to an undiscerning eye, the external design reads instantly as high-end, […]

Distinctively Audi

The shoulders of a luxury automaker need to be broad in order to carry the weight of the expectations that are placed upon it. Fortunately, the majority of these automakers benefit from their longevity and the full maturation that they enjoy as a result of it. The added benefit of possessing an enduring legacy comes […]

Best Truck Accessories for Families

By now it’s old movie trope – the unaware soon-to-be father cruising along in his sexy sports car, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a thin blue line. Of course, rather than be overjoyed at the prospect of his bundle of joy, the first thing that the father thinks is that he […]

Buying a Vehicle (That’s a Steal)

It’s odd. No sooner had I finished writing about the benefits of buying a new Chevy in a particular city, I was asked to gather my thoughts on used car drivers within that city might be interested in. Aside from the timing, the oddity comes in the context of that piece. Built around the city’s […]