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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Want a Better Car Buying Scenario? Try

So you want to buy a used car. That decision is the easy part. Now comes the burden of research, hunting, enduring high-pressured selling environments and the potential disappointment of having to make concessions in the event of limitations in the availability of your dream vehicle.

Now, don’t be discouraged. We’re not trying to be a downer. But for countless consumers, the process of buying a car is wrought with frustration, compromise, and dissatisfaction. Draining more than just your finances, the experience can be an equal drain upon your time, resources, and patience.

And yes, part of it stems from the tendency of many dealerships to focus on selling you one of their cars. Well, sure they want you to buy one of their cars…that’s their business. But what if you could work with someone less-focused on trying to sell you one of their cars, and more focused on simply helping you to buy the car that you want?

Would that interest you? If so, congratulations…you’ve taken your first step towards a new way of buying cars. Welcome to


Eliminate the Stress

Consider the possibility of how enjoyable car buying would be if you could eliminate the negatives. Come to think of it, any experience would be instantly more enjoyable if you could eliminate the negatives.

That said, one comparison comes to mind: Shopping. Sure, many people enjoy it but others hate it, equating it with a loss of money (along with time, patience, etc.) And in high traffic times of the year, such as the holidays, even the most enthusiastic of shoppers can be disillusioned by the idea of setting foot in a mall or store.

The alternative? Amazon. With the click of the mouse, or a swipe of the finger you can eliminate the negative elements of shopping (well, except for the money spent) and get whatever product(s) you were looking to buy.

Explain to me why car shopping should be any different. No, really…I’ll wait. Of course, it’s nice to walk around a vehicle and inspect it. To check under the hood, and give the interior a once-over. Then, of course, there’s the test drive…okay, I get it.

But what if all the vehicles came with the insurance of a clean CARFAX vehicle history report? What if any vehicle purchased could be exchanged, or refunded in full, within 3 days (or 150 miles) if you weren’t satisfied upon receipt. Would that provide enough assurance to consider making a change? It should because most dealers can’t provide the same level of assurance. is focused on helping you to buy the car that you want. Using a coast-to-coast network of dealers, they are able to locate the exact vehicle that you are looking for, relieving you of the excessive legwork required.

But finding it is only a part of the puzzle. Using the same nationwide approach, is also able to locate the perfect financing for every customer, even those with challenged credit. That is guarantee.

And if you have a trade-in, will help you to value that trade-in and will even arrange for the pick-up once you’ve finalized your purchase.

By this point, you should have plenty of reasons to consider The ability to find the exact vehicle then you’re looking for, the time and effort saved by having the right partner, who can also secure financing and facilitate your trade-in. But consider this: no matter where you are in the country, and no matter where the car is that you’ve bought, will arrange for its delivery to your home or workplace, at no additional cost.

And don’t forget the satisfaction guarantee. Should you decide that it’s not your ideal vehicle, you have 3 days or 150 miles (whichever comes first) to arrange an exchange or to request a refund.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a scenario that you could experience if you instill on the traditional method of car shopping.


A Scenario

You’re in the market for a crossover or full-sized SUV. Being a faithful Chevy owner you find yourself narrowing your search to either the Equinox or the Traverse. Ultimately you decided upon the former (since the Traverse was slightly larger than you actually need). So, with the savings, you’re hoping to find a pre-owned 2016 Equinox, preferably the LT trim level (and in Orange Burst Metallic).

So you’ve done your homework and you head down to the dealership. Unfortunately, the only 2016 model is a base trim, in Satin Steel Metallic. Right year, but wrong trim and (very) wrong color. There is a 2015 Equinox LT,  but the Equinox received a facelift in 2016 and you just don’t like the earlier look (plus, still wrong color). There is a 2017 Equinox Premier in Orange Burst Metallic, but your budget won’t allow for a top-level trim.

So you can choose from (i) the right year, albeit barebones and the wrong color (ii) the right trim, but an earlier model year, still in the wrong color or (iii) new model, in a more expensive trim level, but in the right color. Do you compromise, and if so, which do you compromise on?


Don’t Like That Scenario?

We don’t blame you. Now, imagine you’ve decided on a pre-owned 2016 Equinox LT in Orange Burst Metallic. You log onto and enter your specifications. Next? They find it. You buy it. It’s delivered to your door. Yes, it can be that simple.


Don’t Compromise believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise. Purchase of any vehicle is a major investment, so why shouldn’t you get what you want? With a nationwide network of dealers, your selection multiplies exponentially, increasing the availability of almost every make and model.

Unless of course, you prefer the stress-filled scenario where you don’t get what you want. (We’re not judging you…)