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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

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12 Reasons to Choose Used Cars With Confidence

Each and every geography comes with its own unique offerings in terms of adventure and exploration. Metropolitan areas provide a near-infinite number of options, as well as ease of accessibility thanks to a wealth of public transportation. And those who prefer their adventure in fresh-air environs are fortunate to have an equally-plentiful spectrum of landscapes available to them within the continental U.S. From the Canadian border of northern Maine to beaches of southern California and everywhere in between.

But accessing this wealth of natural wonder requires transportation, especially for the road-tripping free-spirited adventurer who wants to experience it all. Luckily, there are countless vehicles that are rated to exceed 200,000 miles making them perfect for adventure-after-adventure, from Colorado to

This assurance of longevity only serves to enhance the appeal of used vehicle offerings. And, of course, the savings of favoring a pre-owned vehicle speak for themselves, providing ample incentive. So, when in search of used cars Colorado drivers find the same value that Cincinnatians and Chicagoans do.

So, which makes and models rank among the favorites? Which provide a perfect means of facilitating exploration and adventure (and yes, even daily commutes and the occasional ‘odd job’)? Here are half-a-dozen suggestions that might be worthy of your consideration, in no particular order!


Ford F-Series

Okay, it could be argued that putting Ford’s F-Series at the top of the list denotes some sense of ‘prioritization’ but it really is unintentional. But since we’re on the topic, it’s worth pointing out that the F-Series is more than just the best-selling (by far) line of trucks on the planet, but are best-selling among all vehicles. It really speaks volumes as to their enduring appeal.


Chevy Silverado

Since we’re talking about trucks, it’s worth noting Chevy’s line Silverado’s. Surpassed in popularity by the F-Series alone, the iconic Silverado stands confidently as a reliable work-horse, albeit one well-equipped with Chevy’s signature inclusion of available technologies. Bottom-line, the Silverado makes for a magnificent all-purpose vehicle that will continue to give and give.


Toyota 4Runner

Fast-approaching 35 years on the market, the Toyota 4Runner earns high marks for longevity. In fact, it’s estimated that over 90% of 4Runners sold within the last decade are still on the road today. Even more impressive is the indication that a large percentage of older 4Runners are as well. And on top of a long lifespan, the 4Runner has been recognized for its retention of value, making it ideal for eventual resale.


Subaru Outback

Ah, the Outback. Celebrated for its ability to be everything to everyone, the Best-Selling Outback stands as a near-perfect combination of strengths. Recognized as the longest-lasting vehicle in its class, the Outback has reached almost legendary status as an adventure-ready ride. But the Outback offers major value, as well. Named by Kelley Blue Book as one of the 10 Best AWD Vehicles under $25K it’s as accessibly-priced, as it is dependable. It also stands as a Best Family Car choice and an IIHS Top Safety Pick. Factor in class-leading fuel-efficiency and its hard to argue the Outback’s appeal.

GMC Yukon

Truth be told, GMC offerings can be easily overlooked (or mistaken based on their shared design notes with their Chevy counterparts). That said, the Yukon has been celebrated as the Best Large SUV for Families, thanks to its spaciousness, safety and wealth of tech offerings. Like many GM-models the Yukon manages to deliver a little something for everyone, which makes it worth far more than just a passing glance.


Toyota Camry

With nearly four decades behind it (as well as more redesigns and tweaks than you can count on both hands) the Camry has managed to do more than just retain its relevance. Currently reinventing itself for the 2018 model year, some of the more recent models will make for prime pre-owned acquisitions.


Ford Expedition

Harkening back to Large SUVs, the Ford Expedition has received a number of accolades supporting its enduring appeal with families. With class-leading interior and cargo space, it addresses the leading demands placed upon any passenger-centric vehicle. On top of that, the Expedition continues to offer a smooth ride, all-wheel drive capabilities, and a confident powertrain.


Chevy Tahoe & Suburban

Much of the same could be said about the Chevy Tahoe, as well as its beefier stablemate, the Suburban. In addition, Chevy’s award-winning reputation speaks for itself with the Tahoe earning J.D. Power and Associates’ pick for ‘Most Dependable Large SUV’ as well as countless praise for its cost-to-own and resale value.


The Suburban reinforces this mindset, named as a Best Value for Full-Size SUV / crossover. With a wealth of amenities available, either is prime consideration for families and gear-heavy adventurers alike.


Ford Taurus

Offering some of the best value in the large sedan segment, the Ford Taurus remains an enduring fusion of economy and ambition. With a luxury-inspired design, it offers a comfortable, and spacious experience for both drivers and passengers alike. All in all, it’s hard to argue its appeal.


Honda Accord

As our list winds down, there is no momentum lost on the ever-appealing Honda Accord (be it sedan or coupe in its styling). A near-permanent addition to Car and Driver’s 10Best list, the Accord earns 5-Star Safety Ratings from the NHTSA and stands as one of KBB’s 10 Most Awarded Cars in its current model year. Like the Camry, the Accord is undergoing a refresh that will make some of its more recent model years very accessible as pre-owned offerings.


Chevy Impala

The iconic Impala stands as yet another representation of Chevy’s commitment to creating award-winning products. Named by U.S. News & World Report as their ‘Best Large Car for the Money’, the Impala has also been named by as a ’10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30K’.


In Closing

There you have it, a handful of vehicles that have been proven in terms of their longevity, reliability, and enduring appeal. Perhaps one might be a perfect fit for the unique demands of your lifestyle, and worth exploring. Why? Well…because exploring is exactly what you should be doing more of!