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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

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Colorado Footage to Justify Colorado Mileage

If there was ever an impetus for me to relocate, and find myself seeking Jeeps for Sale, Colorado Springs might be the place to plant such an idea in my head. If, for no other reason than to cross a visit to the Garden of the Gods off my proverbial bucket list, Colorado (as a whole) provides some of the most magnificent incentives to head west.

When I feel particularly self-abusive, I like to take a break from my New England lifestyle and push myself down the rabbit-hole of Colorado drone footage on YouTube. Sure I might lose an hour or so but, to appreciate such captivating beauty makes it hard to break away. Getting lost in video after video, the only thing more enticing than the aerial imagery is the idea of finding yourself down on the ground, surrounded by such epic terrain and vistas.

Whether explored entirely on-foot, behind the wheel of a JK Wrangler or some combination of the two, trails of all magnitudes await you (as do sights that will take your breath away). Even such videos shared with friends who have made Colorado their home are often impressed to view the locales from such a majestic perspective.

For example, here’s footage taken from and around Colorado Springs.

And speaking of Colorado Springs, drink in this footage of the Garden of the Gods.

An old friend of mine is one of the people who oversee the lighting Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and footage like this really makes me want to experience it for myself. Maybe I should reach out…

In contrast, this footage over Durango depicts an area that demands to be enjoyed in silent union with the nature that surrounds you.

Here is some footage was taken around Southern Colorado, that show depicts all types of splendor to be enjoyed.

These videos depict such a small portion of the fresh-air adventure that awaits you in Colorado. But if nothing else, it provides excellent incentive for non-residents to make the trip, and for residents to embrace everything that surrounds them.