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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2022 Ford Escape SE Sport is shown from the side driving past skyscrapers.

“Escape” From the Ordinary in This Surprisingly Exciting Ford SUV

As you’re driving down the highway, you can’t help but feel a little tinge of disappointment for those around you who are traveling in mediocre vehicles. Imagine the kind of ride they could be having, with capabilities to propel them off the beaten path, technology to bring every aspect of their vehicle’s performance within reach, and an engine that screams exhilaration. You may think that these features only reside in expensive off-roaders or high-end performance vehicles, but that’s not the case. Visit a Ford dealer, and you’ll find a level of excitement you may not be prepared for that’s been right under your nose this whole time. We’re talking about the 2022 Ford Escape, and if you think that it’s just another compact SUV with so-so ride quality and lackluster features, just like so many other SUVs out there, you’d better think again. Here are just a few reasons why the Escape will ignite a spark in your ride that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Stealth Mode, Activated

You won’t have to daydream about your next trip out into the wilderness, exploring nature to its fullest. When you’re driving the Escape, you’re able to get there and enjoy every second of your adventure. One of the best aspects of the 2022 Escape is all of the trim levels and features that you’re able to choose from, and whether you’re searching for the ultimate in luxury or pure excitement, there’s an Escape in the lineup for you. For the more adventurous travelers, the SEL Stealth AWD Package may just be the ideal complement to your need for excitement in your ride.

In addition to 19-inch machine-faced Ebony-painted aluminum wheels, black front and rear skid plates, and a bold presence throughout, you’ll also find that the SEL Stealth Package showcases an interior that’s designed to delight. ActiveX seating materials, exclusive floor mats, and a more athletic appeal make the inside of the Escape sporty and ready for anything. Its gloss black upper grille and chrome elements accent its exterior, while gloss black mirror caps add a touch of class to this adventurous traveler. Halogen fog lamps allow for maximum visibility, especially when the woods get a little murky, while black roof rack rails provide the versatility you need when you’re looking to load up for a weekend of exploration.

When you arm the Escape with the SEL Stealth AWD Package, you also get to enjoy helpful tech that will make your drive more controlled and more focused than ever. Its Reverse Sensing System provides drivers with more confidence backing up, offering a series of beeps that gradually quicken in pace when you get too close to an object. This comes in handy, especially when you’re backing up in unfamiliar territory or when you’re simply attempting to park in a busy parking lot. No matter where the Escape is traveling, opting for the SEL Stealth AWD package showcases a next-level experience with a bold design, helpful tech, and capabilities that allow it to explore with ease.

A red 2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid is shown in a driveway next to a gathering.

Groundbreaking Powertrains

Like many Ford models, you’ll be able to find a number of powertrain combos with the 2022 Escape, which makes it that much more appealing to a variety of drivers. What sets it apart from many of its rivals, however, is its hybrid options, perfect for those who crave unparalleled efficiency in their journey. Its 2.5L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle four-cylinder pairs a continuously variable transmission with a 96-kWh electric motor to achieve outstanding gas mileage, getting up to 44 MPG in the city, all the while offering favorable power, with 200 horses propelling it forward. This is more than many gas-powered options, which goes to show that hybrids are continuing to improve in every possible way.

A plug-in hybrid option is also available, which uses the same engine but offers even more efficiency to its drivers, getting up to 105 MPGe and 37 miles of range on electric-only power. There are few plug-in hybrids in this segment, which elevates the status of the Escape even more than ever before. To be able to harness impressive power and exciting efficiency makes this an obvious choice for many drivers, searching for both in one exceptional SUV. Not many drivers realize that the Escape is offered in two hybrid powertrains, but now that you know, you may look at the Ford Escape with fresh eyes.

For those who prefer to stick to gas-powered options, you’ll find that the Escape can be outfitted with a 1.5L EcoBoost three-cylinder or a 2.0L EcoBoost four-cylinder, which appeals to many types of drivers. With three engines and four powertrains to choose from, the Escape again sets itself apart from much of its competition, seeing as many of its rivals, including the RAV4 and Chevy Equinox, are offered with less than half of the available powertrains than the Escape. If you want options, the Escape will surely provide them to you, which is a fact that may surprise you.

Next-Level Tech

For many, tech is the be-all-end-all in a vehicle, and if this includes you, then the 2022 Ford Escape is about to impress you. Plenty of vehicles can claim that they offer all the latest technology, including smartphone integration, WiFi, premium audio systems, and more, but the Escape takes tech to a whole new level. Take its 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Cluster, for example, as it showcases everything you need to know about your car conveniently in front of you on a brilliant display. Easily configurable, this display screen is a driver’s best friend on the road, and whether you need to know everything about your ride or just the basics, this system can provide that to you seamlessly.

Another favorite tech feature of ours is Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. Now, before you start with the “every car has that” speech, wait… there’s more. The Escape’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control also features Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centering Assist, which elevates your ride to new heights. Now, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you missed a speed limit change, as the Escape will tell you, and you’ll have added confidence that the Escape is keeping you perfectly in your lane at all times. In addition to this, the Stop-and-Go features safely bring the vehicle to a stop, if need be, and gradually resumes once traffic gets moving again.

A lot of vehicles today offer their take on infotainment, but Ford’s SYNC 3 system is truly extraordinary, offering even more to drivers than just the usual. With SYNC 3 technology, you’re able to utilize voice assistance to complete many tasks, including making a call, finding your favorite podcast, or even placing items on your grocery list, all without taking your hands off the wheel. Although vehicles these days offer favorable infotainment systems, few deliver the experience quite like that found in the Escape.

A person is shown turning the gear selection knob in a 2022 Ford Escape.

Find What You’re Looking for in the 2022 Ford Escape

From enhanced capabilities to an impressive powertrain selection, groundbreaking tech, and more, the 2022 Ford Escape has all kinds of tricks hiding beneath its conventional exterior. At first glance, you may believe that it’s just another SUV, but now that you know all of the secrets it’s keeping, it becomes that much more alluring. This is why drivers are continuously gravitating toward the Escape and all of the features it offers, including top-notch performance out of any one of its four powertrain options. When you’re looking to get more out of an SUV, you’ll quickly realize that the Escape has everything you ever wanted, and even features you never knew you needed, nestled effortlessly inside.

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