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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A black 2021 Kia Telluride is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Kia Dealer.

Can Your Lifestyle See You in a Kia?

One of Kia’s main slogans is that they want to “see ya in a Kia.” People are pretty diverse, though, right? Is it really reasonable to expect one brand of car to fit every type of person, family, and budget out there? Just about every manufacturer out there has a vehicle for everyone to just drive down the street in, but when you go to your local Kia dealer, are you going to find one that fits your lifestyle?

Does Kia have a vehicle that is able to handle the terrain off the off-road? Do they have what it takes to get a Kia into the drag races? Is there a Kia that is comfortable enough that it could make even the longest of road trips enjoyable? If you’re a Kia enthusiast who loves their vehicles, you know that they have cars that can meet the basic needs of the road and driving. But we want to know if they can meet the less conventional requirements of the less-than-standard road experiences.

Can Kia Off-Road?

Let’s start with the most common type of non-typical road adventure available, the off-road one. If you’re in need of a Kia that can fit the off-road life, then the Kia Telluride is for you! The Telluride has always been a great option for off-roading because it can come with an all-wheel drive drivetrain with multiple different modes available. This setup has a torque vectoring cornering control which is a fancy way of saying that you have better control and less chance of slippage on less than smooth terrain. It also can be put into a snow mode that ensures better traction. Up to this point, the Telluride has been a good option for off-roading but probably not the most thought of. However, with the release of the 2023 Telluride, all that is about to change.

The 2023 Kia Telluride is getting a trim specific to enjoying the off-road. The newly dubbed X-line trims will have the Tellurides set up for the off-road without you having to make any changes. They come with slightly higher ride heights and different wheels and tires that make the Telluride better suited to rocky and uneven terrain. They also get different roof rails and grilles, which don’t really make them better off the road but certainly make them look cooler while doing the off-road things. Something that will really come in handy for off-road enthusiasts is the hill descent control that will help keep you from slipping back down hills when starting the vehicle. The 2023s with the X-line trims are also going to be capable of towing around 500 additional pounds of weight, and they’ll have a power outlet, which is a neat gadget to have available for camping excursions.

If off-roading is your life, then Kia does have a vehicle for that.

A grey 2022 Kia Stinger GT is shown from the side at an angle.

Can Kia Race?

All right, so Kia can leave the beaten path, but can it beat others that are on the path? Another popular vehicle adventure is the race track. Does Kia have a vehicle that is fast enough to be worthy of a street race? If you’re quietly rooting for Kia to have a vehicle in this category, then you won’t be disappointed. The most race-worthy car Kia has is actually pretty race-worthy.

The Stinger GT is considered Kia’s fastest car. That can be attributed to its 0 to 60 time of 4.7 seconds! And that incredible 0 to 60 time can be attributed to the Stinger’s amazing 368 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque! This car gets off the line and down the street faster than you can say see ya to the Kia! The Stingers are also able to go as fast as 167 miles per hour.

167 miles per hour would be a scary speed if the Stingers weren’t so well equipped to handle that kind of speed. Packed with all the safety precautions Kia could think of and stuffed full of airbags and anti-whiplash features, the 2022 Stinger actually managed to pull off a 5-star safety rating! This is surprising because it’s practically a race car but is also not surprising because Kia has a reputation for putting out some of the safest vehicles on the road. With the pretensioners, anti-lock braking, and stability control in play, Kia surely can put a car on the smooth pavement for a race.

If you’re an adrenaline-seeking speed demon, then Kia has a car for that.

Can Kia Road Trip?

So Kia can kick the dust up and leave others in the dust, but can it drive so smoothly and so comfortably that you don’t mind the dust? Turns out, Kia can. In fact, we had to rock, paper, scissors to really narrow this one down to the best option, but since the Telluride is already listed once, we’ll go ahead and give this one to the Kia Sorento Hybrid.

We’re going with the Hybrid because part of being able to truly enjoy a road trip is not having to stress about the cost of fuel. The 2022 Hybrid gets a combined amount of 37 miles per gallon, which will really reduce the number of stops you have to make to fill up. The Sorento is also super smooth on the road. It takes bumps and potholes and reduces their impact on those inside the vehicle, which makes the Sorento a great car for passengers who may feel like taking a nap when the drive gets boring.

A grey 2022 Kia Sporento is shown from the rear at an angle on the shore of a lake.

Now fuel efficiency isn’t the only part of a road trip that needs to be thought of. Interior comfort is what we feel is the most important. As a three-row SUV, the 2022 Sorento has a lot of cargo space. It can accommodate up to 12.6 cubic feet of cargo without even having to touch the seat space and gets up to 75.5 cubic feet. That’s a lot of luggage, snacks, and car ride games you can take with you. The seats are comfortable, and all three rows of seats are incredibly roomy.

Going with the Sorento’s EX trim would be the best for long road trips because there’s a wireless charger, so your car DJs phone never dies and can continue pumping beats through the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay capable system. It also has highway driving assistance that makes staying safe on the long haul easy. For your passengers’ pleasure, you could also get the sunroof with the EX trim so that if you’re driving through the night, they can enjoy the stars and the drive.

Even if you’re not one to go for the more expensive trims, the 2022 Sorento has a great standard infotainment system that comes paired with a 10.25-inch touch screen. This makes it easy to use if you’re going on your trip solo, as well as makes it easy for a passenger to manipulate. The parking assistance features are another nice touch, especially if you’re tired from a long drive and don’t want to try and wedge yourself into a tight parking spot without help.

If you’re one to explore the map whenever you can, then it appears that Kia has a vehicle for that, too.

Can You See Yourself in a Kia?

So we’ve covered the three most common lifestyles that would have a need for a vehicle that can go above and beyond. Turns out, Kia does have a vehicle for almost every lifestyle. It looks like their aim to see everyone in a Kia is actually a possibility!

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