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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2022 Kia EV6 is shown from a front angle driving to a EV6 dealer.

The EV6 Is More Than a Pretty Face

There is a lot to appreciate about the EV6 electric crossover from Kia. Haven’t had a chance to see one in person? You don’t know what you’re missing. Stop into your EV6 dealer and see what all the fuss is about. The only thing better than looking at the EV6 from the outside is the view you get from the driver’s seat.

If you’re not familiar with electric vehicles or you’ve been thinking it’s time to upgrade from a hybrid to a 100% battery-powered model, the EV6 might be just the vehicle to check all your boxes. From every angle, the EV6 impresses. Its rolling, subtle curves and driver-centered cabin shows that Kia has come a long way from its simple designs of the past.

Think you’ve seen the EV6 before? While the model does share a base platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Genesis GV60, its performance and style are all Kia. The Korean automotive maker has brought together the best its designers and engineers have to offer to create an unforgettable driving machine.

All-Electric Power and Performance

There’s a misconception that electric cars often can’t hold a candle to their gas-engine counterparts when it comes to power, performance, and convenience. The Kia EV6 blows all the myths about electric cars away. If you’ve never experienced the power of an EV, then it’s time to get behind the wheel and see for yourself that going electric has never been so easy and so satisfying.

The EV6 is ready to take you farther, up to 310 miles to be exact, and the instantaneous response of the electric motor means the EV6 can stand up to some of the steepest competition from the likes of BMW and Ford. The new GT trim goes from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, and with 576 hp plus 545 lb-ft of torque, the Kia EV6 promises drivers and passengers an unforgettable ride every time they get behind the wheel. Features like GT Mode and Drift Mode promise a drive like none you’ve ever experienced.

The EV6 comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but for drivers who demand more, Kia offers Torque-vectoring eAWD with dual motors for superior handling and enhanced grip when roads turn slick. Speaking of slick, if you’re worried about how your EV6 will handle those frigid winter mornings, Kia has your back, building its advanced crossover to perform its best even in the harshest of weather. Equipped with a heat pump to help preserve its range during the winter months, Kia kept the driver’s comfort in mind with heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Take advantage of the remote start feature to prewarm the cabin before you leave the house.

All of this makes the EV6 sound simply the best, but what about the battery? If you’re not familiar with electric vehicles the idea of relying on a battery can cause a little anxiety. But with the EV6, Kia is ready to help drivers go farther than ever before with versatile charging options. If you’re in a hurry, plug into an 800v DC fast charger to get up to 217 miles of range in only 18 minutes! Going on a road trip? In the EV6, you’re ready to go with a range of 310 miles! While you’re on the road, stop and use one of the over 41,000 charging stations cropping up all over the USA. Connect through the Kia app or the in-car touchscreen to find charging stations along your route and monitor your vehicle’s progress.

Comfortable, Capable, and Ready When You Are

The EV6 looks sleek and compact from the outside, but this roomy crossover has plenty of room for everyone and everything on the inside. There is seating for up to five passengers, but if you’re more in need of hauling room, fold down the rear seats to take advantage of up to 50.2 cu.ft. of max cargo space, perfect for whatever your day calls for. Load large items more easily than ever with the available Smart Power Tailgate that opens when it senses your key. Plus, use the extra front storage space for overflow. Worried this sleek machine won’t be able to handle the job? The EV6 offers up to 2,300 lbs of towing capacity for all your needs.

The EV6 is a fun vehicle with eye-catching curves that looks good inside and out, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the capability of other SUVs in its class. When adventure calls, the EV6 is more than ready to answer. A selection of household power outlets and USB ports make it easy to charge electronics like tablets, phones, and even home appliances, which can come in handy during camping trips.

As for the everyday ride? The Kia EV6 proves to be a family-friendly vehicle with plenty of seating for the whole family. The sophisticated interior styling makes the EV6 feel first-class without a high price tag. To stay in tune with its eco-friendly vibe, the EV6’s interior incorporates recycled materials and uses LED lighting. Indulge in supple vegan leather for the ultimate in guilt-free comfort. Take your night drives to the next level with the EV6’s available ambient lighting ready to set the mood.

Kia’s dual 12.3-inch screens give drivers 24 inches of combined display space, making it easier than ever to access vehicle features like navigation, playlists, and diagnostics. Seamlessly connect your smartphone with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to take your favorite music, podcasts, and apps along for the ride. Always one to think about safety, Kia offers an augmented reality heads-up display that projects key information like speed and navigation onto the windshield so you can simply focus on driving.

A red 2023 Kia EV6 GT is shown from the side on a desert road.

Safety Is Always First

In the EV6, a vehicle built for performance and comfort, safety is at the top of the list. The EV6’s list of safety features and driver aids helps lend a helping hand and an extra set of eyes when you need it the most.

A Surround View Monitor lets drivers know what’s going on from a bird’s eye view. This can help you see what’s happening around you and assist drivers as they maneuver through busy city streets, tight parking spaces, and corners.

The standard Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist scans the road ahead and helps keep you alert to vehicles around you and potential accidents. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist alerts drivers to objects behind them and vehicles approaching from the sides.

Find yourself commuting? Let the EV6 take some of the stress out of your day with its Highway Driving Assist 2. This system lets you sit back and drive while helping you maintain a safe speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Ready, Set, Go Electric!

With the electric car market constantly growing, it’s getting easier and more affordable than ever to invest in green technology. Electric vehicles, once something only owned by the super-wealthy, are becoming the go-to car of the future. With companies like Kia getting in on the market, not only do drivers get comfortable, stylish vehicles, but they get them at more affordable prices.

The EV6 is worth your time and attention. This Kia SUV is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful electric vehicles on the road today. In the ever-growing market of electric crossovers, the EV6 makes driving feel like second nature. The intuitive design delivers an inspirational experience every time you hit the road.

What’s not to love about the EV6? It’s a compact powerhouse that delivers on every level, from performance and power to style, comfort, and convenience. The EV6 is more than just another pretty face. Get behind the wheel, relax, and take the Kia EV6 out for a test drive. Experience the smooth, responsive steering, supportive seats, and user-friendly technology of the new Kia electric crossover firsthand.

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