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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

3 Immediate Benefits to Buying a Box Truck

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re looking for commercial vehicles that are able to do a little bit of everything. Well, if you’re a landscaper, flower shop owner, or own a catering service, there’s nothing that a box truck can’t do to support those fields. Not to mention, there are three immediate benefits you’ll gain when you switch your fleet (or solitary work vehicle) over to box trucks. The first is no more fussing with trailers. You’ll gain quite a bit more than you think without having to lug a trailer around, and you’ll save time and money, but if you still do need a trailer, then the box truck can handle it. Not to mention, the truck itself becomes a rolling billboard for advertising. As a business owner, you know the more you effortlessly advertise, the better. Now, your advertisement will go mobile. Finally, you will have safe and secure storage.

These reasons alone are enough to switch over to a box truck, or keep using the one you’re thinking of selling.

No Fussing With Trailers

I used to work landscaping, and one of the biggest drains on time and fuel economy happened when we had to hook up that damn landscaping trailer. Instead of using a trailer, it would have been more beneficial grabbing a box truck and loading the mowers and other landscaping equipment with ramps. That way, we just had to account for the weight of the equipment, and eliminate the extra weight a trailer added.

Not only does this help promote fuel-efficiency (since we know that weight is the bane of fuel economy), but it takes the hassle out of a morning routine at a business, allowing you to focus on more important things like getting to the job site, making faster deliveries, or whatever extra tasks would benefit from cutting time out of your day. Those three minutes needed to lineup the trailer and connect it in the morning adds up over the course of a year. Not to mention the time it takes to disconnect it at the end of the work day.

With a box truck, you get to experience easy living because your storage option is connected to your truck. Just load and unload the equipment, and go.

A Rolling Billboard

Who doesn’t want free advertising? No, buying a box truck isn’t free, and technically you need to pay to have your business advertisement put on the side of the box truck. But, it’s free space after you own the vehicle. The most you could do with a trailer is tie a sign on the side of the rail, and pray that people can read the tiny door decals you have on your 3500 pickup truck.

Safe and Secure Storage

Since a box truck is essentially a giant box on wheels (hence the name), you also have a safe and secure place to store your tools, so you might not even need to unload your supplies at the end of the day. Imagine just hopping in your truck the next day and getting right to work. Furthermore, if you need to stop at a store to buy something on the company card in the middle of the day, someone could just pluck something right out of your pickup bed or trailer, and you wouldn’t even know it. In a box truck, simply lock up the front and the back and no one gets in unless they have a chainsaw and some serious time on their hands. Also, your materials and tools are protected from the elements during the day. So if it starts raining and you have weather-sensitive equipment in the back, you won’t have to worry about scrambling to protect it.

There are plenty more benefits you gain in the long-run, but these are the ones you’ll notice right away if you buy a box truck.