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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

The Benefits Of Driving A Lifted Jeep

If you’ve ever owned a Jeep, you know that nothing compares to the feeling of all that performance power under the pedal. Built to take on the toughest trails and the longest adventures, Jeeps are legendary for their ability to last mile after mile – and never lose a step along the way. But when it comes to capturing power that even the standard Jeep can’t quite reach, it might be time for an upgrade – and in that case, you might be looking for a Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit.

But what exactly is a lifted Jeep? For those unfamiliar with the lifting process, the benefits of a lifted Jeep might be hazy at best. But ask anybody with experience driving a lifted Jeep and you’ll discover that a quality lift job can drastically improve your off-road performance – not to mention the rest of the great improvements your Jeep will get from a quality lift job.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to upgrade your Jeep with a good lift, here’s a rundown of the major benefits of driving a lifted Jeep. Take a look and decide if your Jeep has been aching for a professional suspension improvement – and a whole host of other improvements as well.

Easier Off-Roading


Since the early days of popular off-roading, Jeeps have been the trusted SUV above all others, giving name to the very action of “Jeeping” and setting a standard for what an off-roading SUV could – and should – be. But even since those early days, off-roaders have been looking for a way to make their vehicles more capable, more powerful, and more unstoppable on the road – and it didn’t take long for some genius to dream up a lift kit.

Obviously, a lift kit is built to make off-roading easier than it’s ever been before. With improved suspension, a raised body, and performance tires and handling, you can safely take on just about anything from the steep ridge to the muddy swamps along your favorite and most adventurous trails. Locking differentials make getting good traction a breeze, meaning you’ll never fear adverse conditions or sudden weather changes again.

Better Departure Angle


Plan to take on those rocky ledges and steep climbs? Then you might need the improved departure angle afforded to you by a professional lift kit. Drivers who choose a boosted suspension can expect a few extra inches between their bottom skid plates and the ground itself – often around three inches, but higher lifts are available for those in need of some serious crawling capabilities. Choose the suspension lift that’s right for you and fearlessly take on the trail – just about any trail.

Softer/More Capable Landings


Of course, an improved suspension system requires hardier, more reliable springs supporting the whole thing – and for those drivers used to coming down on hard landings, few upgrades make more of a difference. That’s because lifted suspensions tend to offer better landings and easier dismounts from ledges than factory standards, so you can access those sections of the trail that even other Jeep owners would only dream of taking on. Choose a lift kit for your Jeep and you’ll likely never experience those hard, worrisome landings again.

Rollover Protection

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.47.20 AM

Outfitting your Jeep with a premium sport suspension and all-terrain tires is bound to push you to take on greater and more precarious challenges. But for those familiar with the trials and tribulations of taking on pro-level off-road challenges, the risk of a rollover is certainly no stranger – but a lift kit can help with that. First off, boosting your suspension and strapping on bigger and more capable tires is likely going to shift your Jeep’s center of gravity, which will probably make rollovers more unlikely in the first place. It might take a bit of an adjustment to get a feel for your Jeep’s shifted weight, but after a while you’ll be taking on ridges and steep inclines with peace of mind. Plus, since roll cages and rollover prevention technology come standard or optional on many of today’s Jeeps, you may just find that even if you do roll over, you might actually enjoy the experience rather than worry about lasting damage.

Distinctive Style

Jeep Wrangler Renegade

If there’s one thing that any lifted Jeep owner can count on, it’s the unique style afforded by a lift job. The image of the classic Jeep Wrangler with a boosted suspension taking on tough terrain is as iconically American as apple pie and baseball – and that’s just from the springs themselves. In most cases, a suspension lift kit comes as part of an extensive lift package – and for many drivers, that means improved and stylish bumpers, features like skid plates and rock rails, or specialty badging and decals to let everybody know your Jeep is more than just the factory standard. Looking to turn heads both off-road and in the streets, consider lifting your Jeep – you’ll be hearing compliments for years.

The Pride Of A Jeep Built To Conquer

You’re a Jeep owner, and chances are you already understand the pride and sense of camaraderie associated with proudly sitting behind those seven iconic grille slots. But when it comes to really diving into the deepest levels of Jeep brotherhood, many argue that a Jeep is not truly a Jeep until it’s been lifted. That’s why those who love the Jeep Life should consider visiting a reputable local Jeep shop and take a look at the available lift packages. Once the work is done, you can ride proud and give that Jeep wave with the knowledge that you’ve entered into a special bond between all serious Jeep lovers.


So whether you’ve been sitting on a beloved Jeep Wrangler and have been looking for a way to make something more of it or you’re simply looking for a new vehicle with plenty of power and capabilities right out of the gate, there’s likely no better option than a professionally-installed lift kit. Today’s lift kits come packed with so much more than just the already-impressive suspension, and with the right know-how and a quality mechanic you can turn your Jeep into a truly unbeatable vehicle.