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3 Rocky Ridge Silverado Packages Worth Checking Out

Off-roading isn’t exclusively a Jeep thing — no matter what the fanboys will tell you. There are other SUVs on the market that can brave the rocks and woodland trails, and there are also trucks. Especially Rocky Ridge custom-built trucks, specifically, a Rocky Ridge Silverado model. Don’t know much about Rocky Ridge Trucks? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some back story on them in a second. First, it’s important to note that even though Rocky Ridge custom-built Silverado models look badass, the company doesn’t just customize the Silverado. It also works on Colorado, F-150, Tahoe, and other models and brands.

As far as the Silverado models go, the Altitude, K2, and Stealth XL are worth looking into.

Rocky Ridge Trucks

Rocky Ridge Trucks is a family-owned and operated vehicle customization company that specializes in custom-built off-road vehicles. It began as a small business that specialized in GM conversion vans, but has expanded to the speciality vehicle manufacturer you see today, building lifted trucks, SUVs, vans, and cars. Rocky Ridge trucks have appeared in numerous country music videos, and are renowned for their quality, capability, and damn good looks.

What makes these custom builds so special? For starters, Rocky Ridge has nine separate facilities that are all dedicated to one specific step of the building process, meaning quality is assured every step of the way.

For custom builds you can buy different packages. The Silverado has a few, but these are the three that stand out the most simply based on looks and potential capability.


For the Altitude, you’re looking at a 6” Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit with E-coated front/rear cross-members, an e-coated front strut tower extension, e-coated full front skid plate compression struts, a brake-line relocation bracket, an add-a-leaf rear spring, and RR 2.0 nitrogen charged rear shocks.

A custom wheel and tire package is also rolled into the package, and has 20” chrome off-road wheels that support 35” all-terrain tires. A complete system recalibration, road force balancing, and four wheel alignment have been done as well.

As far as looks go, the Altitude is one of the more toned-down custom models. It has color keyed pocket style fender flares, some Rocky Ridge signature badging, wide oval stainless steel step bars, dual exhaust, and stainless steel exhaust tips.


The K2 custom truck has the same suspension and wheel-kit as the Altitude. The only difference is the wheels are black instead of chrome. It has a much more aggressive look, as well, distinguished by painted pocket style fender flares, color keyed bow ties, wide oval black step bars, a black dual exhaust, and black ceramic exhaust tips. The black adds a menacing accent to the body color of the vehicle, and the K2 and Rocky Ridge badging all add a rugged flair as well. Those fender flares have some serious bolts set in them, which contribute greatly to this truck’s tough-as-nails appearance.

Stealth XL

The Stealth XL is perhaps the most badass Rocky Ridge Silverado available. It’s right on part with the Altitude and K2 when it comes to performance, thanks to the same wheel and tire package, along with the same 6” Rocky Ridge suspension lift kit. But, it has more utility from its 20” integrated light bar, 50” LED light bar, rear-facing LED spot lights, spray-in bed liner, and front/rear red d-rings.

With a full stealth coated exterior and front/rear low profile bumpers, this truck truly inspires envy from anyone not driving it.

There are plenty of other Rocky Ridge custom trucks, SUVs, sedans, and vans available as well. If you want to see them all, just head over to the Rocky Ridge website.