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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Three Accessories Every New Pickup Truck Needs

When it comes to pickup trucks, you can never be too prepared, especially if your vehicle is used for heavy duty work. What’s one of the best ways to stay prepared and ready for action on the job site? By adding some parts and accessories that might not come stock with your truck. Whether you’re driving a Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota – or a midsize, full-size, or heavy duty model — all truck drivers benefit from these available parts and accessories. A bed-liner is a must, and the company, Rhino-Lining, is established and celebrated for producing protective and long-lasting materials. A toolbox that fits snugly inside your truck bed is sure to help save space in the cab and keep things organized. Finally, mudflaps are a must and serve a unique purpose.

These are three key accessories that you should add to your pickup truck to make your life in the work place easier.

Rhino-Lining Bed-Liner

A good bed-liner does more than you think. Apart from just protecting your bed from scratches and gouges, it helps prevent moisture from accumulating, which, if left unchecked, can turn to rust. If your bed starts rusting, you might as well just send your truck to the junkyard. Rust will spread rapidly, and your truck will become holy — but not in the righteous sense.

Therefore, a bed-liner is a must. But, you don’t want to just buy some cheap knock-off bed-liner. Get the good stuff from Rhino-Lining. Why? Well for starters, it’s a reputable company. Secondly, it’s so reputable, that these bed-liners are used on military vehicles to help protect the underside. We all know military vehicles are badass, right?

Since you need a bed-liner, why not make your truck badass and get yours from Rhino-Lining?

In-Bed Toolbox

While this is a must-have accessory, it’s also a double-edge sword: it provides a great amount of utility, but sacrifices storage space. Some companies like Ram have figured out a workaround: tool boxes that lock and go inside the bed railing. That way, you can keep all your stuff out of the cab, but still have easy access to it.

If you don’t have a Ram though, you’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Now what? Simple! Buy an aftermarket toolbox from a company, and get it installed. While it might take up some cargo space, you’ll thank me after you notice how much more organized and open your truck bed looks.

Mud Flaps

Ah, yes. Mud flaps. The iconic image that comes to mind are black rectangular pieces of rubber, with the provocative outline of a female figure displayed proudly on the back of a big-rig. Even if your truck isn’t a big-rig, you should still grab some mud flaps, especially if you haul dirt or gravel.

Front mud flaps (set behind the front tires) will catch any dirt, rocks, or salt that the tires kick up. If those mud flaps weren’t there, where would all those bad things end up? Dinging the underside of your truck, and eventually breaking down its overall condition.

The back mud flaps? Crucial accessories for those hauling dirt or gravel. Sometimes, dirt or gravel will get knocked loose, and maybe fall into a hole that’s in your bed (because you decided that a bed-liner wasn’t important). That stone will then fall into the road, the back tire will go over it, and then it will most-likely fling it up into the air behind your truck. If you have horrendous luck, you could even damage the car windshield behind you on the highway. Mud flaps prevent that from happening. Get mud flaps, because they protect everyone’s vehicle in the end.

There you have it, three must-have accessories for every new pickup truck. There are a few more out there that might be necessary — or make your life easier — but these are on the lower-end of the price range, and will do wonders for your truck.