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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A blue 2022 Volkswagen Taos is shown parked outside of a diner.

The Tech-Savvy Taos Is Just What the Volkswagen Lineup Needed

It made its debut last year, and since then, it’s been taking the industry by storm with its high-end performance, sleek appearance, and not to mention, tons of tech features. If you’re a driver who prioritizes technology in your vehicle, you’re certainly not alone, and the 2022 Volkswagen Taos is ready to show you a better ride. From helpful assistance technology to connectivity features, driver displays to performance enhancements, the Taos is quickly proving that it adds some definite finesse to the VW inventory. So, what makes drivers so enamored with the Taos? Well, you’ll quickly find that the Taos and technology go hand-in-hand.

Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

You may be used to the tried and true traditional instrument cluster, which displays a boring view of what’s going on with the vehicle, and although many of us have just grown to expect that in our vehicles, the Taos seeks to change your view…literally. With the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, you’ll be able to enjoy a high-res digital experience, with customizable screens to showcase exactly what you want to know about your ride and your vehicle. View speed and travel signs, navigation, elevation, and more are all located right in front of you in a mesmerizing display. Opt for the SEL trim for a larger 10.25-inch display, offering up to three customizable views to enhance your drive, which is especially helpful when you’re navigating to new places, as it turns your cockpit into a large map of the area.

When you want to take advantage of a better ride, fully aware of everything going on during your journey, the Taos makes it easy to remain completely in-tune with all of it. Few vehicles offer this type of dazzling display, which is why the Taos is quickly climbing the ranks when it comes to tech-enhanced vehicles. So, ditch the boring instrument cluster that we’ve been having to look at for the past 40 years and add more excitement to the way you drive.

A close up shows a person stopped at a crosswalk while driving a 2022 Volkswagen Taos.


It’s not all looks in the 2022 Volkswagen Taos, and once you experience all of the driver assistance technology offered in this brand-new model, you won’t want to go back to anything else. Equipped with IQ.DRIVE, the Taos increases safety and security in your ride by offering a suite of features designed for today’s busy driver. From Lane Assist technology to Blind Spot Monitoring, IQ.DRIVE has it all, and when you want to remain focused and secure on the road, having IQ.DRIVE on your side is a must. Perhaps what’s most remarkable about the IQ.DRIVE suite of services is Travel Assist, which is Volkswagen’s take on hands-on semi-autonomous driving capabilities. From steering to handling, engaging Travel Assist allows your Taos to take more control over your travels so that you’re able to enjoy the ride and stay focused behind the wheel.

Whether you’re venturing out on a long road trip or you’re simply maneuvering into a tight parking space, the features available in the IQ.DRIVE suite have you covered from front to back. Rear Traffic Alert keeps an eye on what’s going on behind you, while Front Assist works to prevent collisions with obstacles in front of you. It helps to know that the Taos is always on the look-out so that you can tune in to your ride without worry.

4MOTION All-Wheel Drive

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the technology found in the Taos works to keep you safer on the road, as well as provide you with an experience that can’t be rivaled. The same is true when you add cutting-edge technology to its performance to make one extraordinary SUV. With 4MOTION all-wheel drive available, the Taos administers power between the front and rear axles, offering superior control with enhanced traction and stability, which is especially helpful during inclement weather or rough road conditions. This permanently engaged four-wheel drive system is always ready to adjust when needed to ensure the most controlled ride possible.

Going along with 4MOTION technology is Active Control, which showcases four distinct drive modes to amplify the quality of your ride. With just a twist of a dial, you’re able to shift between Snow Mode, Off-Road Mode, Off-Road Custom Mode, and On-Road Mode to enjoy a better experience, no matter the terrain underneath your tires. For those who search for functional tech, as well as technology that enhances performance, you’ll find it all in the 2022 Volkswagen Taos. Having this type of tech right at your fingertips makes the Taos an exceptionally exciting addition to the VW lineup, one that’s born for greatness.

Volkswagen Car-Net

Stay connected with Volkswagen Car-Net, available on a number of VW models, including the 2022 Taos. This suite of features brings a more connected experience to your ride, with remote commands available to operate your vehicle right from your smartphone and parking info to help you find a place to park anywhere you travel. You’re even able to operate Alexa to add even more convenience to your day, from unlocking the front door to making a reservation at your favorite restaurant for dinner. What’s most appealing, especially for families, is the Family Guardian Alert feature, which keeps an eye on your vehicle when you’re not in it, controlling aspects like speed, curfew, boundaries, and more.

Other features, including anti-theft, emergency assistance, stolen vehicle locator, and more, can also be utilized through Volkswagen Car-Net, making it easy to remain in control of your vehicle at all times. You can’t be everywhere at once, and when you want to keep track of your teen’s driving skills, how the valet is treating your vehicle, and a number of other scenarios, Car-Net makes it easy to stay aware of everything. When you’re connected to your vehicle, it just makes your day easier, more secure, and above all else, stress-free.

A woman is shown walking by a blue 2022 Volkswagen Taos.

Other Noteworthy Tech Features

The 2022 Volkswagen Taos is loaded up with some of Volkswagen’s best technology offerings, and there are a few extras that we can’t forget to mention. Opt for wireless smartphone charging to ensure all of your devices are ready to go for the day, which is especially helpful for frequent commuters or families embarking on a long trip and need those tablets charged and ready for their young users. Another tech feature that we’re loving in the Taos is the Rear View Camera System, which utilizes a wide-angle lens to provide clear views behind your vehicle. It helps to have an extra set of eyes when you’re backing up, and the Taos can provide that to you easily with this advanced camera system.

Like we mentioned before, technology comes in many different forms, and performance features definitely benefit in the 2022 Taos. Six stability-enhancing systems are ready to maximize your ride, from brake pressure control to engine throttle, wheel responsiveness, and more. The stability systems in the Taos make sure that your ride is not only enjoyable but as safe as possible.

The Tech-Friendly Taos

When you have to have the latest and greatest tech in the industry, rest assured that you’ll find it in the 2022 Volkswagen Taos. From dazzling driver displays to safety and driver assistance features, performance enhancements to connectivity options, the Taos is jam-packed with must-have tech. This new model in the VW lineup is bringing some excitement to the inventory, especially when it comes to technology, proving that tech continues to play a large role in the overall driving experience. From daily commutes to adventure-seeking, the technology works to optimize your journey. So, if tech comes first on your list of must-have items, you’ll want to pay close attention to the all-new Taos and how it’s revolutionizing the VW brand.

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