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The New 2017 Jeep Patriot Deserves More Respect

Sure, the 2017 Jeep Patriot might saunter along unchanged for this upcoming year. But, it still deserves more credit than people are giving it. Time might not have been kind to the Patriot, considering it’s never received a full redesign since it debuted back in 2007 — 10 years ago. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad vehicle. On the contrary, it has a very attractive price point that makes it a great gateway Jeep for those looking to venture into the culture of off-road enthusiasts. Also, it has above-average off-road capability for a vehicle in its segment. Plus, it has some cool features on it that aren’t too common on other small SUVs.

Hey, it’s still a new Jeep. Just not priced as high as the new Wrangler. Granted if you want to unlock its full potential on the woodland trails, you’ll have to pay more than the starting MSRP. Also, you’ll have to accept the fact that it will never keep up with a Wrangler — new or used. That’s why I’m calling it a “gateway” vehicle, and why it deserves more credit than it really gets.

Cheap, Gateway Jeep

The Patriot is enough to give consumers a taste of what the Jeep life is like without breaking the bank on a new Wrangler. With the starting MSRP of the Sport trim coming in at $18,040, and the range-topping trim costing $25,220, it’s quite cheap in comparison to the Wrangler, which has a starting MSRP that’s well over $4,000 more expensive when compared to the Patriot’s price. Not to mention, a fully-loaded Rubicon comes in at $33,645 – granted, the Rubicon is still the king of off-roading.

But, the Patriot provides consumers with a cheap way to get a taste of the Jeep world. Especially if they still need to use their Jeep as a daily driver. If they end up falling in love with Jeep and any off-roading they experience, I have no doubt that they will quickly save up the money to buy a Wrangler.

Above-Average Off-Road Capability

When the Freedom Drive II Off-Road Group package is equipped to the Patriot, it has the honor of wearing the Trail Rated badge, signifying the Jeep’s capability to dominate the Rubicon trail – a trail that has every off-road hazard imaginable.

If you need further proof, you can watch the Patriot earn its badge on Jeep’s website, proving that it really does have above-average off-road capability for a small SUV.

Need I say more?

Cool Features

The Patriot also comes with some cool features that you don’t often see on small SUVs. The most head-turning feature being liftgate speakers and audio systems.

You can choose between a standard four-speaker audio system, or an available nine-speaker Boston Acoustics premium audio system with subwoofer. If that’s not enough, then you simply add on the two available (and powerful) flip-down liftgate speakers. These will project your music when the rear hatch is open. Perfect for a fun twist to a camping trip, or taking a lunch break on an off-road trail.

Low price point, off-road capability, and fun features. That sounds like a Jeep, doesn’t it?