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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Realize Your New Jeep Ambitions at The Faricy Boys

Ready to finally splurge on that new Jeep? If so, The Faricy Boys represent the best of the Jeep dealers in the Colorado Springs area. Don’t waste your time browsing anywhere else. When it comes to customer service and the overall shopping experience, you won’t find a better Jeep dealership.

Whether you’re a longtime and loyal Jeep devotee or a new Jeeper ready to be initiated into the off-road, exciting Jeep culture, The Faricy Boys will have you throwing the signature Jeep wave behind the wheel of a new model in no time. The tough part is choosing which Jeep reflects your unique style and personality. But, you’ve got plenty to choose from when you shop with The Faricy Boys.

Jeeps, Jeeps, and More Jeeps…

Before you shop, we suggest taking a few minutes to scope out the new inventory featured on The Faricy Boys’ website. As you click around, consider whether your lifestyle demands the top-down freedom of the classic Wrangler icon. If so, will two doors suit you, or would you rather the extra passenger potential afforded by the Wrangler Unlimited’s four doors and extra seat?

Maybe you want to strike a more professional pose during the week, but still want the off-roading option on the weekends. In that case, check out the Cherokee, or the monstrous Grand Cherokee, which is as close to a luxury SUV as you can get for such affordability. Don’t let its elegance fool you though, the Grand Cherokee is still an off-roading beast. While the Cherokee can kick some all-terrain tail, too, it’s also an outstanding choice for city-dwellers or those dealing with a daily commute into and out of the concrete jungle.

Want something a tad off the grid, but still capable and convenient, even for city commuters? The Compass and Patriot are awesome options – the former is better on fuel efficiency, the latter, in all-terrain situations. Or, why not really raise the bar and surprise your friends by opting for the distinctive and one-of-a-kind styling of the new Renegade?

Shop Smart at The Faricy Boys

Whatever you choose, The Faricy Boys has it in stock, with all the trim level options and packages you could hope for. The dedicated and experienced sales staff will be more than happy to take you out for a test drive of whatever model you decide makes the most sense for your driving needs. Or, if you can’t decide, let the team help you narrow down your choices by taking an in-depth look at each one and doing some old-school comparison shopping.

Whether you’re concerned about off-road performance, fuel efficiency, safety, or just good old fashioned fun, The Faricy Boys has something for all Jeep enthusiasts, and all priced competitively. The best thing about a brand like Jeep is you don’t have to settle for satisfying only one wish. Most Jeeps combine the best of those multiple features – performance, fuel efficiency, safety, and fun – into one impressively outfitted, capable, and exciting vehicle.

With a successful business record of more than 73 years, The Faricy Boys know how to stay ahead of the curve and strive to deliver the best Jeeps to the dealership, while offering the most competitive prices and manufacturer-backed incentives available.

The Faricy Boys – At Your Service

No matter what Jeep you ultimately purchase, you can enjoy the added confidence of shopping at a dealership with an outstanding service department. So, if you run into a snag on the road and need a repair of some kind, the certified technicians in charge of the service department will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Rest assured, they use only genuine Mopar replacement parts.

But you don’t need to encounter trouble in order to reap the benefit of our highly-skilled service team. Keep your Jeep in excellent working order by scheduling your routine maintenance with The Faricy Boys, who will ensure that your Jeep maintains optimal functionality for even longer than you think possible.

Call or stop in to meet The Faricy Boys family and experience for yourself what the ultimate Jeep shopping experience really is…