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A popular CFMOTO for sale, a silver and blue 2023 CFMOTO IBEX 800 T, is shown in the woods.

The CFMOTO IBEX 800 Family: Adventure on Any Terrain

Some riders aren’t content to be limited to either pavement or dirt. That’s where the adventure bike comes in. Also known as a dual-sport motorcycle or ADV, these bikes are 100% street legal but also have many design features for off-road use, letting riders spend as much time off the roads as they do on them.

For decades, people worldwide looking at a CFMOTO for sale had limited options for adventure bikes. Luckily, those days are over. Unveiled for the 2023 model year, the IBEX 800 S and 800 T are making waves in the adventure motorcycle community. They promise to take you anywhere you want to go, whether riding Route 1 down the California coast or venturing into the Mojave Desert, and at a price way lower than the competition. How does CFMOTO deliver on that promise? Join me for this introduction to the CFMOTO IBEX 800 and its dual-sport DNA.

What’s So Special About the IBEX 800?

CFMOTO is already a familiar name to the off-road world. Before they offered motorcycles on US soil, CFMOTO was known in the powersports community for its ATVs and UTVs. They have also designed a variety of entry-level adventure motorcycles for overseas and North American riders, including the 450 MT and 650 ADVentura.

For decades, CFMOTO was burdened by the same perception as other Chinese motorcycle and auto manufacturers that their products were cheap, inferior alternatives, and couldn’t compete with other options for intermediate and advanced riders. Recent years have seen CFMOTO fight back against that stereotype with motorcycles like the 800NK naked street bike and 700CL-X touring-cruiser hybrid, showing they can offer powerful performance while keeping the price low.

In 2023, CFMOTO continued this trend with the IBEX 800. Named for a genus of wild mountain goats whose males feature large, gracefully curved horns, it’s the company’s first mid-level adventure bike, stepping things up for riders who are more serious about getting out there. Designed to be accessible to new riders yet offer features that veterans will appreciate, the IBEX 800 family can go from blacktop to muck and back again without skipping a beat.

A silver 2024 CFMOTO IBEX 800 S is shown driving near a body of water.

The IBEX 800 S: Adventure for Everyone

As the base model, the IBEX 800 S is a bedrock for on-road and off-road performance. It uses a slightly less throaty version of the 799cc parallel twin engine from the 800NK. This engine was designed in partnership with KTM, continuing a collaboration that began in 2013. The same powerplant was first seen in the KTM 790 Duke, which won the MotorOctane 2020 Best Mid-Weight Motorcycle Award, among other honors. If you have concerns about CFMOTO quality, the KTM association should go a long way toward alleviating them.

The CFMOTO IBEX 800 S gives you 94 hp and 57 lb-ft of torque, versus the 100 hp and 60 lb-ft in the 800NK street bike. The bike also weighs 509 lbs versus the 800NK’s 410. These aren’t bad things, however. The heavier weight comes from the IBEX 800’s stronger construction that can handle the trails. The lower power figures result from revised engine tuning to optimize performance and control on rough terrain. That power-to-weight ratio is still enough to feel the rush when you squeeze the throttle on the highway.

Continuing the theme of great handling and control on any topography, CFMOTO gives each IBEX 800 S a KYB inverted front fork and matching rear shock. Each is preload and rebound adjustable. The front fork is also compression adjustable, letting you fine-tune the suspension based on where you’ll be riding that day. With giant J.Juan four-piston/double-piston disc brakes that include standard and cornering-enhanced antilock braking, you’ll be able to hustle the bike around corners and obstacles, knowing it will stick. It also has premium black aluminum alloy wheels that are strong and light.

Other things you’ll love about the CFMOTO IBEX 800 S are a six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch for ultra-smooth power, a five-gallon fuel tank to ride for hours on end, rear and side luggage racks for your cargo, full LED lighting and fog lights for visibility in all conditions, an adjustable windscreen for the right level of protection, and a seven-inch infotainment screen with Bluetooth connectivity. CFMOTO even throws in a rain ride mode to reduce tire spin, so Mother Nature can’t dampen your adventure. All this has a starting MSRP of $9,699 with a $250 freight charge. The comparable Honda Transalp has a smaller 755cc engine and starts at $9,999 plus a $400 destination charge.

The IBEX 800 T: Something Extra for Those Who Demand it

If the IBEX 800 T is an adventure bike the average rider can enjoy, the IBEX 800 T is the performance-enhanced version for those who want a more intense and personalized adventure experience. This bike has the same essential design features as the IBEX 800 T, including the powertrain, suspension, brakes, and fuel tank. From there, CFMOTO adds numerous features to upgrade its flagship ADV.

  • Tubeless spoked bronze aluminum wheels that offer more flex for handling bumps and impacts without cracking
  • A steering damper to reduce unwanted wobbling
  • Handguards to protect your mitts from rocks and branches
  • A quick-shifting system to grab the right gear sooner
  • A skid plate to shield the engine and undercarriage from debris
  • A heated rider’s seat and grips to warm you up when adventure days start early
  • A tire pressure monitoring system to alert you of weather-related changes and potential leaks
  • A center stand for more stability when you’re parked at a destination or doing maintenance work in the garage
  • USB and 12V DC power outlets to connect devices such as a phone or GPS

This comprehensive package adds $1,100 to the list price of the IBEX 800, but if you want the best of the best, the upgrade is well worth it. The only downside to the IBEX 800 T is that it’s only available in the twilight blue paint scheme, while the IBEX 800 S adds a nebula black finish option. Either one will look awesome as you barrel down the interstate or through the wilderness. (Did I mention the IBEX 800 also has cruise control for smooth riding and better fuel efficiency on open roads?)

A silver 2023 CFMOTO IBEX 800 T is shown driving on a highway.

Excellent Adventure Performance You Can Afford

Adventurers need a motorcycle that doesn’t compromise on asphalt or gravel, and they shouldn’t have to compromise their bank account to get one. If you’re looking for a new adventure bike but don’t have a ton of money to spend, the CFMOTO IBEX 800 lineup should be on your radar. These aren’t bikes made for sitting in the garage and showing them off to friends. They’re made to put some miles on the odometer and some mud on the tires.

Whether you want to ride across America on Interstate 90 or by weaving through the Appalachians and Rockies, the CFMOTO IBEX 800 S and T will be ready. Aftermarket accessories are available to customize your IBEX 800, including three-piece pannier luggage sets, assorted guards, handlebar risers, scrambler-style footpegs, and tank pads. If you want to invest a little more, you can make the IBEX 800 a dirt-dog off-road bike or a luxury touring bike as you please.

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