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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

What Matters Most in YOUR Family Car?

Young families are one of the most sought-after demographics in the automotive marketplace. Car manufacturers hire teams of individuals determined to figure out what families want, need, and most importantly desire out of their next new car, truck, or SUV. Institutions like Kelley Blue Book lend their own expertise on the subject with annual “Best Family Cars” lists meant to persuade buyers into a decision that best suits their family’s unique set of needs. Automakers pause with bated breath as they await the results from KBB’s expert analysis, crossing every finger and toe hoping that they make the cut.

Families Want MORE

It’s not surprising to learn that today’s modern American family wants more room to stretch out in their vehicle of choice. With gas prices down substantially from recent years, sedan sales are seeing a major dry spell as crossovers and SUVs fly off dealer lots. Spending less money at the pump without having to sacrifice space and utility to do it, are major benefits for shoppers looking for a new family vehicle.

With SUVs and crossovers back in the good graces of American car buyers, we are happy to report that the 2017 Toyota Tacoma and the 2017 Toyota Sienna made the cut for KBB’s 12 Best Family Cars in 2017.

What KBB Considers Top Family Needs

In order to properly rank vehicles as family friendly, Kelley Blue Book had to come up with a set of guidelines to measure one model against another. The three key areas that KBB defines as most important to families are safety, value, and reputation. The list of key features continues and includes driving manners, comfort and convenience, cargo versatility, child seats, and technology. KBB’s editorial staff tests each family car contender on every one of their key elements before finalizing their list of the top twelve.

What is Most Important to YOUR Family?

Expert opinions and official top lists aside, at the end of the day a car isn’t going to sell to a family unless it meets their specific list of needs. As a car buyer seeking out your family’s next new vehicle, what makes your list of most important qualities? Do the Kelley Blue Book guidelines cover all of your bases, or do you need something more or different out of your family car?

It can feel impossible to weed through all of the great new car options available and choose just one for your family. Rather than succumb to the frustration and stress, take a step back and list out what matters most to you, in your new vehicle. Pausing to make a list with pen and paper can give you the clarity that you require to continue on your journey to new car ownership. Your family is the most important thing in your life – and your family car should be a reflection of that fact. Share some of the things that you consider top priorities for your next new car, SUV, or minivan. See how they measure up against what the experts say – because when all’s said and done, you are the only person with expert status when it comes to your family’s needs.