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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer


The Benefits of Buying a Used Ford

When you are shopping for a vehicle and you need to keep in mind value as well as reliability, looking at a used Ford is a great option. Ford offers many makes and models, making finding the particular used Ford you are shopping for relatively easy. Fords offer great fuel efficiency, perform well over time, and are inexpensive to repair in most cases.


Why Buy From a Name-Brand Dealership?

In many cases, a name-brand dealership can offer you a few benefits related to peace of mind while shopping for a used vehicle. With higher standards as to what they will sell out of their business, you can know that you are starting from a certain level of vehicle. These are still used vehicles, however, a name-brand dealer will be more likely to start on the upper echelon of “used” than a generic used car lot. A name-brand dealer has a large manufacturer’s brand to represent. This makes them more likely to sell you a used vehicle that they would be proud to have on their lot representing themselves and the brand.


The Benefits of Used vs. New

As many people know, the minute you drive a car off of the sales lot, your vehicle begins to depreciate in value. This factor alone sways many buyers towards a used car purchase as opposed to new simply because based on that, a new car is not really a great investment. Buying used can allow drivers to get into a vehicle they need to get to work and achieve daily tasks at a price that will work for their budget without making them car poor.


The Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned

So there’s a used car, and then there’s a certified pre-owned car – What’s the difference? Here are a few things that set the two apart.


First, let’s look at what certified vehicles offer:

Limited risk because of warranties backed by original maker and manufacturer of the vehicle. Pay attention to the warranty details on these vehicles though. Some warranties will start when you purchase the used vehicle, while some start at the original sale time, which could mean by the time you buy the car, the warranty could be almost up and ready to expire.

Usually a higher price tag than a regular used vehicle.

Sometimes a more limited selection of certified pre-owned vehicles are available as opposed to a traditional used car or truck.


A traditional used car will typically offer:

Some type of insurance to the buyer of a used vehicle. Even if the car is not certified pre-owned and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, the dealer may offer its own warranties that already are included in the purchase price or can be extended or upgraded with more coverage for an additional charge.

Most likely a regular used car will have a lower price tag than a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Still, it will have to be inspected to some extent by the dealership that is selling it.

Both used and certified pre-owned vehicles have their benefits and negatives. Whichever one you choose will depend on availability, your budget, and what your dealership has to offer regarding both types of vehicles. Considering all of the factors for a particular vehicle and dealership should make the decision easier when it comes time to make a purchase.

There are many advantages to buying a used vehicle.  Here is a summary of some of the most common arguments in favor of buying used as opposed to new:



Obviously, price is a major factor in any vehicle purchase. Buying used will often get you a lot more for your money if you shop smart and stay informed throughout your shopping and purchase process.



As we mentioned earlier, as soon as you drive a car or a truck off of the sales lot it begins to lose value. Depreciation is a huge motivator to buy used. With every month and every mile taking value away from your purchase, it’s no wonder those who are concerned with the value of their purchases and investments often chose to buy used.


The Cost of Insurance

Insurance rates, like financing rates, are affected by the age of a car or truck. Researching insurance rates on various years makes, and models will help you not be so surprised when the insurance rate hits you.



Buying used actually gives you a ton more vehicles to choose from. Buying new offers you only this current year’s makes, models, and trims. While buying used offers you the option to select discontinued models and trim options, get a hold of a vehicle that has some nice custom upgrades at a fraction of the cost they were when they were new.


Choosing a Used Ford

In the end, buying a used vehicle remains a great option for those who want to consider the value of their investment while still driving off in a vehicle that suits their needs. It’s also a great option for those who would like a little larger of a vehicle pool to select from, as well as those buyers who want to save a bit on insurance. Buying from a reputable name-brand dealer will assure you that you are making a solid used vehicle purchase.

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