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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A grey 2022 Rezvani Tank is shown parked in a dry grassy field.

Rezvani Brings Startup Innovation to the Auto Industry

Startups are all the rage these days, transforming every industry from taxis and hotels to food delivery and clothes shopping. These fledgling companies hold a number of advantages over their more established competitors with a lean, nimble approach to business that allows them to respond to emerging trends in a flash. The same is true in the auto world, where ambitious startups and their unique creations have been able to siphon business away from the industry’s titans. Automotive startups might not be for everybody, generally skewing towards the high-end of the auto market, but for those with a little extra cash to spend and an interest in one-of-a-kind automotive creations, these startups represent an exciting alternative.

Rezvani Motors is one such startup, quickly garnering attention from drivers and critics alike with its head-turning automotive creations. While currently limited to just three models, the Rezvani Motors lineup manages to hit on some of the hottest trends in the high-end performance market: supertrucks, SUVs with considerable off-road prowess, and of course, the requisite supercar. Let’s dive into some of the history behind the company’s founding and see how the Rezvani lineup speaks to the company’s agile business model.

Supercar Experience

Ferris Rezvani, the founder of Rezvani Motors, brings a strong background in high-end vehicle design to the new venture, having previously worked for some of the biggest names in the luxury sector, including Aston Martin and Ferrari. Prior to launching his own company, Ferris Rezvani’s biggest claim to fame was working as one of the designers of the Vencer Sarthe, the first sports car to be produced by the Dutch company Vencer. The supercar garnered a lot of attention right out of the gate, winning the 2013 Most Sensational Supercar award at the Audemars Piguet British Supercar Show and launching its designers into the spotlight.

The Sarthe lifted much of its design inspiration from the vehicles raced at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1980s, with a retro-inspired look that belied the cutting-edge technology at work under the hood. The Sarthe is powered by a hefty 6.3-liter supercharged V8, producing 622 hp and a top speed of 210 mph. An automatic rear spoiler and extensive carbon fiber bodywork give the model all the advantages of a modern supercar.

Ferris Rezvani parlayed the Sarthe’s success into his own venture, founding Rezvani Motors in Irvine, California, in 2013. The founder quickly assembled a team of well-traveled designers, manufacturers, racing engineers, and high-performance engine experts, including Head of Design Samir Sadikhov, who had previously worked with Lamborghini.

A silver 2015 Rezvani Beast is shown parked on an airstrip.

Unleashing the Beast

Rezvani Motors launched its first model, the Beast, in 2015, with the founder citing a childhood love for fighter jets as the supercar’s inspiration. The son of a fighter pilot, Ferris Rezvani sought to recreate the high-flying experience at ground level by designing a sports car that made driving feel like piloting an F-4 fighter jet, extreme G-forces and all. This approach is reflected in the Beast’s aggressive design, as well as in the Rezvani emblem itself, which consists of two wings emerging from a steering wheel.

As a startup personally funded by its founder, Rezvani Motors needed to keep costs down when designing its debut model. The auto manufacturer took a page from the book of established specialty manufacturers like Shelby American and Saleen Automotive, borrowing as much as they could from readily available consumer models instead of creating every component from scratch. The team borrowed the chassis from the Ariel Atom, a road-legal, high-performance open-wheel car that, to the untrained eye, looks like it just escaped from an F1 track. Powering the car is a supercharged Honda K24 inline-four engine.

That’s not to say Rezvani Motors didn’t include a few innovations of its own. Keeping the weight down is a constant struggle in the supercar realm, where every additional pound means a little less kick off the line. To address this issue, Rezvani Motors opted to use lightweight components whenever possible, including carbon fiber body panels, a chromoly tubular chassis, forged aluminum wheels, and a detachable windshield. The result is a powerful supercar that weighs in at just 1,650 lbs––an incredible feat when one considers that the average compact car tips the scale at around 3,000 lbs.

Improving the Beast

Rezvani Motors has introduced numerous variants of the Beast over the years, including some models that ramp up the supercar’s performance credentials even further. The Beast Alpha was the first variant to hit the market, with the coupe-style Beast featuring innovative “Sidewinder” doors, aluminum chassis, selectable traction control, and a new turbocharged K24 engine tuned by the British F1 supplier Cosworth. The Alpha was offered as a more affordable alternative to the original Beast, though some options, like a six-speed automatic transmission, were quite pricey at $15,000.

The Beast X takes a different tack, loading the supercar up with all the high-performance upgrades it can take, including new fender grilles, a split spoiler, and a 2.5-liter turbocharged Cosworth engine with Borg Warner turbochargers that generates some 700 horses. The most powerful variant of the current Beast Models, the Beast X retails for as much as $270,000. A slightly less-power version, the Beast Alpha X, which shares its big brother’s engine but produces just 525 hp, can be had for a relative steal at $159,000.

The most recent addition to the Beast lineup is the Beast Alpha X Blackbird. Combining some of the best features from past Beast models, this version is truly the ultimate version of the supercar with the $325,000 price tag to match. It combines the original Beast’s carbon fiber body with the innovative Sidewinder doors, borrows the 2.5-liter turbocharged Cosworth engine from the Alpha X, and finishes out the interior with some thoughtful modern touches like AC and an infotainment system. With an output of 700 hp and a zero-to-sixty time of just 2.9 seconds, the Beast Alpha X Blackbird is as impressive as it is a mouthful.

Tank and Hercules

If Rezvani’s fighter pilot heritage and names like Alpha Blackbird didn’t tip you off to the company’s military theme, its Tank tactical urban vehicle should drive the point home well enough. The midsize SUV shares many components with the Jeep Wrangler but amps everything up to the next level with a host of impressive off-road features. The first generation, which debuted in 2017, featured a massive 6.4-liter V8 engine and aggressive, spartan styling that lent the SUV a decidedly military-inspired, utilitarian aesthetic. The company’s redesign of the familiar Wrangler chassis is so complete that it’s hard to even see traces of the familiar Jeep silhouette except perhaps around the doors.

The second generation of the Tank was introduced in 2019, with Rezvani Motors basing the new vehicle on the Wrangler JL instead of the Wrangler JK. The longer body gives the second-generation Tank a distinctive appearance, but it’s the SUV’s revised powertrain that really caught drivers’ attention. Rezvani Motors swapped out the first-generation’s V8 for a new supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi lifted from the Dodge Challenger. The muscle car’s engine was already one of the most powerful in the game with its 807 hp, but after giving it the signature Rezvani touch, that figure inflates to a ludicrous 1,000 hp.

Drivers seeking a less powerful, gas-thirsty option can opt for a V6 with 285 hp, but that seems to be missing the point to some degree. The Tank is offered with two distinct off-road packages, which see the introduction of a 3-inch FOX off-road suspension, upgraded tires, and other heavy-duty components that are ready for some serious action out on the trail. On-demand 4×4 and bright roof-mounted LED lights also allow the Tank to operate in almost any conditions, but it’s the SUV’s cutting-edge protection features that truly set the model apart.

A black 2022 Rezvani Hercules 6x6 is shown driving on a desert road.

Military-Grade Capability

The rugged Tank is designed to be virtually apocalypse-proof, with the standard model Electro-Magnetic Pulse protection and thermal/night-vision cameras, but the Tank Military Edition takes it even further. This upgraded version of the SUV sees the addition of a number of innovative defensive technologies that make the Tank feel like an actual piece of military equipment. These include bulletproof glass and body armor to run-flat tires, a reinforced suspension, ram bumpers, strobe lights, and a pepper spray dispenser. Basically, if Agent 007 were to buy an SUV, this would be the model he would choose, with a number of gadgets lifted straight out of a Bond film, including a smoke screen, explosive device detection, electrified door handles, magnetic deadbolts, and an intercom system. The SUV is basically a doomsday prepper’s dream, though at over $500,000 when loaded with all the extras, it’s an expensive way to cruise the wastelands.

Rounding out the Rezvani lineup is the Tank’s big brother, the Hercules. This 6×6 pickup takes everything there is to love about the Tank and amps it up to the next level, adding two tires to create what Rezvani calls “The God of All Trucks.” Built on a Jeep Gladiator body, this hulking truck is available with either a 6.2-liter V6 or a custom-built 7.0-liter supercharged V8 that produces an unheard-of 1,300 hp. It shares many of the Tank’s robust off-road components and, with six wheels to its name, can navigate almost any terrain. It also shares the SUV’s EMP protection and thermal/night-vision cameras with a 93.6-inch bed providing ample room for storage. Like the Tank, the Hercules is offered in a Military Edition, complete with all the bells and whistles and an optional diesel engine. The interior is just as well outfitted with premium detailing throughout and ten seat styles to choose from. A locking dashboard safe, military-grade gas masks, and included survival kits are thoughtful touches that transform the pickup into a ready-made ride for the Mad Max set.

Carving a Niche

While most specialty vehicle manufacturers choose to focus on high-performance versions of popular existing models, Rezvani is all about producing the type of never-before-seen vehicles that truly deserve a second look. Sure, they might be based on familiar chassis and share many components with other production models, but there’s no mistaking that signature Rezvani touch when it comes to the lineup’s aggressive styling and novel security features. The automaker has carved out a niche all its own, tapping a team of seasoned professionals to produce some of the most innovative vehicles in recent memory. The Military Edition models are a true standout, integrating a number of high-tech features that blur the line between civilian vehicle and military hardware. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling supercar capable of keeping up with some of the industry’s most hallowed models or a rugged SUV or supertruck that can hold its own in an apocalypse, the Rezvani lineup is full of surprises.

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