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2018 ford expedition

I Want to Dislike the Ford Expedition (But Can’t)

As I often state as a preface, there isn’t much within the scope of today’s crossover and SUV offerings that manages to excite me. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the versatility and accommodating nature of an SUV, I just find them to be somewhat bland. This is, of course, the inevitable result of trying to be everything to everyone.

Whether that makes me better or worse-suited to critique an SUV is debatable, but one thing is for certain: when one catches my eye, I want to explore every inch of it further. Case in point: the Ford Expedition, which sits atop the lineup of Ford SUV.

Like many full-size SUV offerings, the Expedition marks a departure from the somewhat neutered design of many three-row crossovers. Bold in its simplicity, the Expedition strikes an intimidating profile, omitting the kind of body contouring that smaller offerings use to create a more sporty feel. All too self-aware of the beast that it is, the Expedition shows no desire to appear ‘sporty’. Displaying a sense of self-awareness, it gains instant appeal.

The Basics

Priced to start around $51,695 MSRP the Expedition is available in both rear and four-wheel drive. It is served up in three trim levels: (base) XLT, Limited and Platinum, as well as the extended wheelbase ‘Max’ variant. Regardless of trim level, the Expedition seats up to eight passengers and boasts several upgrades, as well as new enhancement packages for the 2018 model year.


Equipped with a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, the Expedition channels 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Opting for the Platinum trim level pumps these numbers up a bit, rating 400 hp and 480 lb-ft. Combined with its independent suspension, the Expedition’s turbo V6 offers a more refined driving experience than some of its V8-based competitors.

Available Technology

Even at the (base) XLT level, the Expedition is confidently equipped. Bluetooth-enabled, its infotainment system includes a nine-speaker sound system compatible with a variety of inputs, and Ford’s Sync voice-control system. It also includes a rearview camera, complete with rear parking sensors.

Jumping through trim levels, the Expedition includes a wealth of other options including (but not limited to) 8-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging and various safety features.

For anyone interested in taking a closer look at the Ford Expedition, enjoy the following from Kelley Blue Book which provides a dynamic tour of the Expedition, putting its design and features nicely into context:

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