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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer


Five Simple Reasons To Choose Roush

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect motor vehicle, and everyone has slightly different specifications – but most agree that style, safety, and innovation should walk hand in hand when it comes to the creation of cars and other motor vehicles. But finding a car that has all three key aspects can sometimes be challenging, and often prospective car buyers will settle for only one out of the three, safety over style and innovation, or perhaps even style over safety. For those looking for a marriage of all components, ROUSH performance just may be the perfect solution. Below, the reader will find a short list of reasons to choose ROUSH, though this list is by no means a complete look at the manufacturer.


A History of Passion and Dedication

Origin stories are important. They impact the message of the company, the drive of it, and the overall image projected, and ROUSH has an origin story to match the best of them.

The company was created by Jack Roush, who started off his career as an engineer working for the Ford company. He was interested in a number of aspects that he saw at Ford, such as the motorsports activities that the company had become focused on. He then moved on to work for Chrysler, where he observed more feats of engineering in racing. He wanted to push it further, though, and soon formed a partnership with Wayne Gapp to begin a career in the racing world.

All of this, combined with his experience teaching mathematics, physics, and automotive, helped to form the driving backbone of ROUSH automotives.


Powerful Cars Suitable for Everyday Use

You don’t have to be a racecar driver to enjoy the feel behind the wheel of a ROUSH car. In fact, the founder of ROUSH, Jack Roush, has designed cars with all the power of a racing car that are suitable for everyday use on the road. He describes this marriage, and the mission of his company as such: “between a road car and a race car is a ROUSH car.”

This is seen clearly in the 2018 Jackhammer, a car with 710 horsepower and with a SuperCharger package that can be upgraded to hold even more power. It also comes fully equipped with front aero corner pockets and extreme duty half shafts, as well as a number of other features geared toward optimal performance during everyday use. The 2018 Jackhammer doesn’t skimp on style either, with a sleek exterior that is described as the marriage of a Mustang 1 and a Mustang 2 and precise interior detailing, even down to the embroidered floor mats that come standard with the car.


There’s Variety

Though this brand may not have as much variety in the vehicles that they have available as other commercial automotive manufacturers and companies, they do have a number of select cars available for purchase – and enough variety to satisfy the prospective car owners looking for that ideal marriage of power, safety, and innovation.

Such variety includes not only the 2018 Jackhammer discussed above but the Stage 1 Mustang as well as the Stage 2 Mustang, available for commercial purchase. ROUSH also has a line of trucks available, such as the ROUSH F-1500 and the ROUSH Raptor, both currently on the market and available for purchase.


Options For Customization For The Car Connoisseur

Sometimes, a prospective car owner is looking to make the car that they drive special in that it is theirs and only theirs. ROUSH knows this and knows that many car owners are looking to customize their vehicles, to create more power, more drive, and a uniqueness of the vehicle to set their motor vehicle apart from all the rest.

That’s why the option for a customizable engine is offered (though for an additional fee, as are all premium features). If you choose this option, you will work directly with the ROUSH competition engines direct website to create the perfect, powerful engine that is right for you. You can contact them through their email or through the phone number that is listed on the website and can be a part of the creation and process every step of the way, discussing specifications and desires for the overall drive of your soon to be car.


You Can Show Off Your Pride as a Roush Owner

This is an automotive company that knows how beloved they are, and they have set out to meet the demand of their customers to show off their loyalty to ROUSH. Thus so, they have set up a retail shop where their loyal customers and car owners can buy apparel such as t-shirts, hats, and jackets for men and women both. Kids apparel is also offered, for the youngest generation to get started out young.

ROUSH products also include those for your garage and your office, as well as drinkware and banners and flags to show your loyalty to the brand as well as to show off your pride. You can also purchase a dealership display as well as decals and magnets if you have the space to display them, either in your home or directly on your car. All of these products can be purchased in their online shop and then delivered directly to your home, making it easier than ever to show your support and commitment to the brand.


Wrapping It All Up

Choosing the car that you will likely drive (hopefully) for the next few years can be a difficult task, as there are so many options out there in the world, so many dealerships lining the blocks – even just within proximity to your place of residence. And many of us are looking for the type of car that doesn’t forfeit power of style – a racecar for the everyday driver, for the residential and commercial streets. ROUSH delivers on this, allowing everyday people to have an experience behind the wheel that is currently unparalleled, that is without compromise in quality, power, and speed alike. To check out ROUSH cars, head over to your local Ford dealership today!

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