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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A comeback sign is shown near a Honda dealer.

The Honda Prelude Is Making a Comeback

Honda fans know all about the Prelude, a legendary coupe that established itself as an athletic and bold member of the esteemed Honda family back in the 1980s. Since its discontinuation in 2001, the Prelude has been all but forgotten, but there have been whispers in recent years that this icon could be making a comeback as a hybrid. You won’t be seeing the newest Prelude at your local Honda dealer just yet. A concept version of the Prelude has just made its appearance at the LA Auto Show, which means it’s still a ways off from being delivered to dealership lots. That doesn’t mean that the excitement isn’t rising, however.

Not only does the newest Prelude to hit the car show scene feature a phenomenal design, but it’s also wowing us in a whole new way. It’s expected to follow the debut of the all-electric Prologue SUV, which will be gracing roadways this year. Many are speculating that we could be seeing the first glimpse of the Prelude on dealership lots by 2026. Here’s why you should be excited about the new Honda Prelude.

A History of Excellence

If you’re wondering why there’s so much hype about the Prelude concept car making its surprise appearance in North America, it all goes back to its history. Since its debut in 1978, the Prelude has always stood out. It started as a rather boxy, a far cry from what it looks like now. It wasn’t until the 1980s, however, that the Prelude began to capture the attention of American drivers with its skilled handling and exciting performance. Through MacPherson struts and an overall better design, the Prelude showcased impeccable handling and a ride quality that set it apart from the rest.

Showing off its curves didn’t come until the 1990s when the Prelude sported a new design, but that wasn’t all that had drivers’ interest piqued. From a VTEC engine to optional rear-wheel steering, the Prelude of the 1990s amplified excitement behind the wheel. The last few model years boasted sportier accents, including a more angular design, as well as performance enhancements to maximize the drive. The Prelude is known for its exciting ride quality, sleek styling, and of course, Honda engineering coursing through it. This is why so many drivers are excited about the possibilities of the all-new Prelude and what it will bring to the everyday driving experience.

Sweet Styling

It was evident at its debut that Honda had put much thought into the new Prelude, with its sleek, sculpted styling and dazzling persona that made jaws drop in awe. It remains as sporty as ever, paying tribute to its roots. Its curvy body and brilliant lighting elements bring it into the 21st century with ease. It remains a coupe, not a sedan like the Dodge Charger or an SUV like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, offering the level of athleticism we’ve come to expect from the Prelude name. With a sloped roofline and clean lines throughout, it’s utterly appealing to today’s drivers, searching for a contemporary vehicle to hit the streets.

When the Prelude was nearing the end of its production life back at the turn of the century, it showcased a design that immediately set it apart from the rest. The latest Prelude is ready to pick up where its predecessor has left off. Its platform is quite similar to the current Accord and Civic models, prompting car enthusiasts to speculate the discontinuation of the Civic coupe configuration in favor of the Prelude. Over the years, Honda has shifted its focus to the sporty side of things, and the Prelude’s thrilling styling just supports this focus, perhaps better than any of its models thus far.

Enthusiasts also point out that the Prelude concept appeared to be very much ready for production. With cut lines for various pivotal components like the front and rear bumpers, rearview mirrors, and more, the Prelude seems as though it may be further along than many believed at first. Of course, it’s too early to know what a production model will look like, but it’s safe to say that the Prelude doesn’t just take the name of this famous nameplate and apply it to an entirely different type of vehicle the many other brands are doing these days. The Prelude is expected to remain true to its roots, with modern-day enhancements sprinkled inside and out.

Electrified Engineering

You don’t need to be a car guru to know that Honda excels at engineering. Just look at their high-performance motorcycles and arsenal of best-selling vehicles. There’s a reason why you see so many Hondas on the road, and that’s because of the brand’s reliability and the exceptional level of performance you can expect out of every model in the lineup. The Prelude is expected to be no different, with a hybrid-electric powertrain designed to offer peak performance on the road.

Built to “advance the joy of driving into the electrified future,” as Honda likes to say, the Prelude is expected to showcase hybrid efficiency, utilizing both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to power it forward with tenacity. Many expect it to be the same system that’s found in the CR-V, Accord, and upcoming Civic models. This may sound like a similar formula to the Honda CR-Z, which tried so hard to be both economical and sporty that it somewhat failed in both areas. To intensify its sporty nature, it’s also expected that the Prelude will feature a bit more power than these other more practical models, establishing itself as more of a sports car with performance at its core.

As the years have gone by, Honda’s level of expertise in the hybrid-electric arena has increased substantially. Electrification makes up an impressive portion of Honda’s sales. We can expect that sales will only continue to climb, especially when the Prelude is let loose on the streets. Honda has made it clear that electrification is the future, seeking to produce battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles exclusively by the year 2040. With the debut of the Prologue and the anticipated resurrection of the Prelude name, Honda is one step closer to solidifying itself as a leader in electric engineering. This should come as no surprise, considering how successful the brand has been already with its gas-powered options throughout the decades.

A Prelude to the Future

Automakers are making the shift to all-electric and hybrid vehicles. Not everyone is excited about this since there’s a common misconception that electric vehicles aren’t as practical or exciting to drive. With models like the Prelude coming into the picture, however, this notion can be tossed aside. Not only is the Prelude concept strikingly beautiful, but it’s expected that Honda won’t let us down when it comes to the power, handling, and quality that will be showcased in this hybrid system.

If automakers like Honda keep making electric vehicles more like the Prelude, it’s safe to say that many more drivers will consider making the jump to the world of EVs. All it takes is some serious style, undeniable dependability, and performance that takes the everyday drive to a whole new level of excitement. That’s the recipe for success in the EV business. The Prelude concept is already there, and it hasn’t even made it to the production floor yet. As time goes on and the automotive industry continues to evolve, models like the Prelude will play pivotal roles in how we travel, making a serious impact on the quality of the ride, as well as on our environment.

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