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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A red 2022 Chevy Trailblazer is shown from the front while parked on a city street.

Blazing the Trails & Beyond in the 2022 Chevy Trailblazer

The peacefulness that surrounds you as you focus on the sounds of nature and the feeling of absolute euphoria that comes from leaving it all behind just can’t be rivaled, which is why more and more drivers seek to venture off the beaten path. Getting away from hectic city life and busy schedules, just being able to sit back, relax, and live in the moment can do wonders for the soul, and anyone who has ever embarked on a much-needed adventure knows this feeling all too well. It’s almost infectious, leaving you wanting to explore even more, and if you’ve done your fair share of trailblazing, you know that the vehicle that accompanies you plays a big role in the experience. Now, you may be thinking that in order to capture the essence of the trails, a rugged truck or decked-out Jeep are the only vehicles that can get you there, but we beg to differ. Here’s why the 2022 Chevy Trailblazer is one of our picks when it comes to the ultimate explorer.

A brown 2022 Chevy Trailblazer is shown parked in a desert landscape.

Adventure Mode… Engaged

The Trailblazer is not just built to cart the kids around from one place to another, nor is it simply meant to commute to and from work. It’s much more than that, and not everyone realizes just what it is capable of, especially when it comes to discovery. Not only can you venture into nature like a seasoned pro, getting there is half the fun with available all-wheel drive in many of its trims. Traverse muddy trails, rocky roads, and inclement weather with a confidence that can only come from driving a Chevy. When you want to explore, having a vehicle with all-wheel drive capabilities is a must, and when you need added peace of mind during everyday travels, it helps to know that your vehicle is watching out for you with its fierce capabilities.

The 2022 Trailblazer also features three drive modes to make for the most enjoyable ride possible, even when the road beneath you isn’t as forgiving. Choose from Normal for favorable conditions, All-Wheel Drive for uneven terrain or bad weather, and the available Sport mode for an even more invigorating ride. Plus, with 174 lb-ft of torque through the 1.3L EcoTec turbocharged engine, power won’t be in short supply. The Trailblazer can effortlessly carry gear and other cargo efficiently, whether you’re embarking on a camping trip or loading it up with groceries. That’s the level of versatility found in this take-charge subcompact SUV.

Speaking of engines, its powerful 1.3L, which is found in its more adventurous trims, like the ACTIV model, helps to propel the Trailblazer forward on the trails and wherever else it dares to go. With 155 horsepower, it’s no secret that this Chevy offering was born to move. Smooth driving dynamics, plus a responsiveness that can’t be replicated, make the Trailblazer a top pick when it comes to getting out into the great outdoors and being able to take on the elements with confidence.

Designed to Roam

Not only is the Trailblazer mentally ready to handle anything, but it’s also physically ready, built with adventure in mind. Its ACTIV trim is perfectly designed to navigate the trails with rugged sport-terrain tires, a fine-tuned suspension system designed to handle the hills and valleys of nature, and a no-nonsense attitude. Opt for roof rack cross rails to accommodate bulky gear, like kayaks, snowboards, surfboards, and more, and when you want to become one with nature, this Trailblazer is the ideal adventure mate. Plus, with its reinforced skid plate and strong build, there’s nowhere you won’t be able to travel with confidence and comfort.

An available trailering package is also an option for maximum fun on any trip. A dealer-installed trailer hitch, harness, and bezel are waiting to add even more functionality to this already amazing model, making the Trailblazer the perfect companion for that weekend camping trip. Simply hitch up your trailer and let the Trailblazer do all the work. In addition to being able to whisk the family off for a weekend adventure with no problem, the Trailblazer looks the part with a bold, high stance that is perfect for navigating tricky environments.

Upon glancing at its interior, you’ll notice that the Trailblazer is outfitted with everything adventurers need during their explorations, like a reversible two-tier cargo management system, which allows for more gear and less fuss. Whether it’s an active lifestyle you seek or a more practical one, the Trailblazer’s storage space is ready to make life easier. A maximum cargo length of 8.5 feet allows for large and cumbersome items to fit securely inside, which is a plus when carting around extra gear for that family camping trip. In short, the 2022 Trailblazer was built to handle any type of trip, especially when it comes to unplugged time out, enjoying the great outdoors.

Shown is the interior cargo space of a 2022 Chevy Trailblazer with black and brown accents.

Explore Fearlessly

Not every vehicle is equipped to handle the elements, but the 2022 Chevy Trailblazer does so with poise and precision… and a little help from some of our favorite tech. An available HD Rear Vision Camera makes seeing what’s going on behind you even clearer, allowing for maximum focus and control during any type of journey. This is especially helpful when trying to navigate unfamiliar territory because the last thing you want to do is get stuck over an obstacle or make contact with a pesky tree in the way while you’re trying to set up camp. Showing you a crystal clear view of what’s going on behind the Trailblazer not only gives all on board added peace of mind, but also keeps your adventures safe.

The Trailblazer takes it one step further by offering a High-Definition Surround Vision system to provide an image of everything around the vehicle, a must-have for those frequently finding themselves off the beaten path. Utilizing a series of cameras and sensors, the 2022 Trailblazer offers some of the best views available, especially in hard-to-see areas, like dense woods, so nothing can come between you and that relaxing moment in nature.

For those times where the unfortunate does occur, the Trailblazer takes charge of the situation so that everyone involved can stay calm. Through available Onstar Safety & Security, help is just a push of a button away. If you’ve gotten yourself in a less-than-desirable situation on the trails, Onstar is there to help, which brings much more assurance, especially to the novice adventurer. No matter what the trip entails, it helps to have some extras on board the Trailblazer to make the most out of any situation so that you can continue to chase that next adventure.

2022 Chevy Trailblazer: The Ultimate Adventure Mate

Exploring the trails and beyond calls for a tough vehicle, one that can withstand the elements and deliver a confident ride, even when the terrain is unforgiving. That’s why the 2022 Trailblazer shouldn’t be overlooked as a practical and versatile option for those who crave excitement. With its various performance features and drive modes, you’re able to travel with the assurance that the Trailblazer will get you to your destination safely. And with a strong and durable build, especially with its ACTIV trim, the Trailblazer was built to discover new places. Plus, with all the added features, like enhanced camera views and sensor systems, being able to travel with unmatched confidence is possible in the Trailblazer. If you thought the Trailblazer was only meant for mundane drives, think again. When the journey calls for more energy and finesse, the 2022 Trailblazer delivers a performance that’s pleasantly appealing.

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