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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2021 Ford Explorer is shown parked near a log cabin.

4 Unique Features in the 2021 Ford Explorer You May Have Missed

It’s hard not to stand in awe at the 2021 Ford Explorer. It’s a versatile seven-passenger SUV that has the performance and capability to go on any adventure. We’ve all seen the beautiful design and technology features the 2021 Explorer released, but there are several unique features that are easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. These features are still important because they may be the deciding factor for some drivers! Prepare to fall even more in love with the 2021 Ford Explorer after discovering these unique features that set this Explorer apart from the rest.

1. New Explorer Trims

You’ve always had options when it comes to the Ford Explorer. Actually, all of the Ford vehicles offer a variety of trims to choose from to account for the different budgets and desires. What’s special about the 2021 Ford Explorer is there are more trims available than ever in this model year. There are seven total 2021 Ford Explorer trims to choose from. This gives a more custom feel to the 2021 Explorer because it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of vehicle.

Probably the most exciting models are the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline and Explorer King Ranch. These are new models for the 2021 model year and combine luxury and performance. The 2021 Explorer Timberline has an emphasis on off-roading, and the Explorer King Ranch is filled with luxury. The Ford Explorer attracts a wide variety of drivers, so options for adventure and for luxury are perfect.

Why so many models, though? Ultimately, the seven different trims allow the Explorer driver to get exactly what they want and can afford. A budget-friendly shopper might choose the 2021 Explorer XLT. A Ford loyalist who can swing the cost of a luxury vehicle would be thrilled with the premium features in the Explorer King Ranch or Platinum. Bottom line, the 2021 Ford Explorer models allow every driver to truly express themselves.

A family is shown standing near a grey 2021 Ford Explorer parked in a driveway.

2. Active Park Assist 2.0

Self-driving vehicles are all the rage these days. Will they really live up to the hype?! That remains to be seen, but the 2021 Ford Explorer offers a unique feature that’s pretty close to auto-pilot. The Active Park Assist 2.0 feature allows the 2021 Explorer to park in a parallel or perpendicular spot with a push of a button. It’s something you would typically expect in a luxury vehicle, but Ford’s technology makes it accessible.

How Active Park Assist 2.0 works is you first activate it by pushing the button, and then the technology system helps you find an appropriate parking spot. Once it detects a parking spot, you just put the car in neutral, hold the button and sit back and watch it work. It’s simple, it’s something to brag to your friends about, and it’s a feature you can use every day.

Active Park Assist 2.0 is an available feature to add on to some of the 2021 Explorer models. This feature is standard on the 2021 Ford Explorer ST and the Explorer Platinum. These mid-level and higher-end trims of the 2021 Ford Explorer also come with other top safety and driver assist features that pair nicely with the Active Park Assist 2.0.

On the flip side, the Active Park Assist 2.0 feature also helps you get out of a tense parking situation, even if it’s not your fault. If someone parks too close to you, the system uses side sensors to help you navigate safely out of the parking spot. This special feature gives Explorer drivers the extra boost of tech-savvy.

3. Outfitters Packages

Many Ford Explorer drivers have a sense of adventure, and the 2021 Ford Explorer has special features that make the logistics a little more enjoyable. The Outfitters Packages are can’t-miss features on the 2021 Ford Explorer. These features make it easy to go from the workweek to vacation with the ability to bring the extra gear you want.

The Outfitters Packages available are a Yakima Cargo MegaWarrior roof basket, Yakima SkyBox roof box, and Yakima Bike FrontLoader roof racks. These packages prove the 2021 Ford Explorer is built with your specific adventure in mind. The roof box is perfect for a family beach trip, and the roof basket is great for a camping trip. The roof racks make bringing bikes possible for every adventure. Before you think you can find these accessories at any outdoor store, think about these benefits.

The best part about the outfitter packages is they are installed by Ford factory-trained technicians. This is crucial for driver’s peace of mind because these accessories are designed to fit the 2021 Ford Explorer, and you know they will be installed correctly. Nothing ruins a vacation more than your roof rack flying down the interstate.

The Outfitters Packages are optional additions to every 2021 Ford Explorer model except the base model. It’s a unique feature that promotes the foundation of the Explorer; adventure for every lifestyle. The Outfitters Packages might easily be overlooked by 2021 Explorer drivers, but it’s right in line with the activities they love to do.

A silver 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is shown parked in a desert with a Yakima roof rack.

4. Off-Roading Hybrid

It’s no secret the Ford Explorer also has a hybrid model. Ford is making an effort across the board to offer more hybrid, electric, and plug-in hybrid models. What Ford is doing with the 2021 Explorer Hybrid is changing the conversation around what hybrid vehicles can do. Surprisingly, the 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid has massive capability and offroading ability.

This unique feature introduces the Explorer hybrid to a whole new population of people. People who value performance and capability can still enjoy the benefits of a hybrid engine. An off-roading hybrid SUV is a vehicle that is truly unique, and Ford is determined to make the Explorer Hybrid the leader in that category.

The 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid already leads in its category in maximum towing capacity. It’s the only hybrid in its class that can tow up to 5,000 lbs. This proves everyone wrong who thought hybrid vehicles were wimps. The 3.3L hybrid engine makes it possible to live daily life with extra adventure added, all maintaining maximum efficiency. This feature is probably one of the most overlooked with the 2021 Ford Explorer because of the bias people have towards hybrids and capability. This off-roading hybrid will change minds, though.

For the 2021 model year, the Ford Explorer Hybrid is available in the Limited trim. This gives potential hybrid drivers extra incentive to choose hybrid because of the high-end finishes and premium features available in the Limited model. This Explorer hybrid model is an ideal combination of premium, efficiency, and capability.

The 2021 Ford Explorer Is Unique for Everyone

The Ford Explorer has been around for many years and can easily become a second thought to people. Recently, Ford has put in the work to keep the Explorer relevant with innovative technology and features. The 2021 Ford Explorer is no different and even has its own unique features that may not be front-page news but still have the wow factor. The purpose of all these specific details and unique touches in the 2021 Explorer is for a wide variety of lifestyles to find satisfaction with this SUV. These features may even boost your loyalty to the brand built on tough, versatile vehicles.

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