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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A gray 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is parked in front of a building covered in ivy.

Is The 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum Worth It?

The blessing and curse of purchasing a 2021 Ford Explorer are all the model options to choose from. On one hand, you can easily find a 2021 Explorer model that fits your needs, but if you’re more flexible, it can be hard to decide which one is best. Your Ford Explorer dealer can walk you through each model and even let you test drive a variety of specs. We’re going to make a case for the top-of-the-line 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum model. People often instantly shy away from the most premium models because of the price. But the features and performance you get in the Explorer Platinum may be worth the price tag if it leads to a better way of life. Let’s dive in and see if all the Platinum features and capability make the 2021 Explorer Platinum worth the upgrade.

Exclusive Features

One of the pros of upgrading in the Ford Explorer is you have access to features that are exclusive to the more premium trims. These features give you a more custom vibe that sets you apart from every other 2021 Ford Explorer on the road. The great news is a Ford Explorer dealer will likely have inventory featuring these exclusive add-ons in different capacities.

The 2021 Ford Explorer seats seven passengers quite comfortably, but the type of seating makes all the difference. Exclusive only to the 2021 Explorer Platinum is the Tri-Diamond perforated leather seating. All seven passengers can experience premium and comfortable seats that make every drive feel luxurious. The luxury continues with the available twin-panel moonroof. This premium feature will give you that outside experience inside the comfort of the Explorer. It’s clear the vibe is set in the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum with these features.

Everything sounds better in the Explorer Platinum too. Only the higher models of the 2021 Explorer have an upgraded Bang & Olufsen speaker system available. Not only does the 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system comes standard on the Platinum trim, but you also have the option for a 980-watt 14-speaker system. This is perfect for Explorer owners who are true music fanatics and want the full audio experience every time they drive.

One of the most exciting exclusive features of the 2021 Explorer Platinum model is the 10.1″ LCD capacitive portrait touchscreen. In other words, it’s like a giant smartphone in the center of your Explorer. You can pinch, swipe, and zoom just like you would on your smartphone. It heightens your experience with the SYNC3 software and makes the standard navigation system much more user-friendly.

All of these exclusive features can really make a difference in elevating your travels in the 2021 Ford Explorer. This isn’t all that’s offered in the Platinum model, though. Even if you choose not to add on some or all of the exclusive features, there is still a lot to love about the 2021 Explorer Platinum.

The interior front seats of a 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum are shown from the side.

Standard Features

The number of standard features in the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is where it truly shines. Almost everything that’s listed as optional in more basic models is standard in the Platinum model. This certainly simplifies a purchase at your Ford Explorer dealer because you don’t have to wonder what you’re getting in the Platinum. Let’s highlight some of the most impressive standard features that make Explorer Platinum especially desirable.

Active Park Assist 2.0 takes the stress out of any parking situation. Does parallel parking stress you out? Maybe the closest parking spot is a little tight, and you aren’t sure if you should go for it? With this standard feature in the 2021 Explorer Platinum, a simple push of a button is all it takes to get you parked perfectly every time.

Navigating to your next destination should be easy, and the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum makes it even easier with the standard SYNC with Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System. Now you can set your destination with your voice or flip through the available audio entertainment options on the touchscreen. This keeps you focused on the road in front of you and allows you to keep your compatible smartphone charging on the standard wireless charging pad. For the other smartphones in the vehicle, the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum comes standard with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. No more hogging the data plan!

Second-row Captain’s chairs are standard in the 2021 Explorer Platinum, although you can opt for a second-row bench if you need that seventh seat. There’s extra room and comfort for the rear crew, which keeps everyone happy. To add to the comfort, the second row has standard heated seats. Of course, the front seats also have heated seats, plus ventilated seats, but the standard heated second-row seats make this model stand out.

Explorer Platinum Capability

A white 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is driving on a winding snowy road after leaving a Ford Explorer dealer.

The 2021 Ford Explorer is an incredibly capable vehicle on its own. The Platinum trim, though, allows for more performance and capability. It all starts with the engine. On the 2021 Explorer Platinum, the standard engine is a 3.0L EcoBoost V6 that gets 365 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Combine that with the standard Intelligent 4WD, and you have a mighty capable midsize SUV.

This kind of capability is especially useful for people who need a family SUV but still like to tow their boat to the lake for the weekend. The maximum towing capacity in the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is 5,600 lbs. That’s some serious adventure you can haul with you! The Platinum trim even comes with a Class III Trailer Tow Package standard. You’ll get all the necessary equipment for an efficient tow, like a frame-mounted hitch, trailer connectors, and engine oil cooler.

For the off-roading type, choosing the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum model will make a difference in your excursions. The standard Terrain Management System allows you to switch drive modes for the best experience. This system is available on other models, but combined with the Platinum’s engine, horsepower, and towing capacity, it makes it much more useful. The seven drive modes you can choose from are normal, eco, tow/haul, deep snow/sand, trail, slippery, and sport. Drivers of the Platinum model will have greater confidence they can tackle any road conditions.

There is certainly a gap in capability between the Platinum model and other Ford Explorer models. That certainly doesn’t mean the other models aren’t capable; it just means the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum was crafted to maximize adventure, whether that’s taking the scenic route, towing a camper, or navigating snowy roads. The 2021 Explorer Platinum is definitely worth it for the performance and capability alone.

A Premium Midsize SUV

The 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum model is truly an impressive SUV. It beautifully executes the highest levels of comfort, technology, safety, and capability. With all of the standard features and available upgrades, it feels like a luxury SUV. Part of the draw of the 2021 Explorer Platinum is the exclusive technology and convenience features. Beyond the exclusive upgrades, the Explorer Platinum comes with every standard feature you could dream of. Not only does it look pretty, but this SUV can also tow a lot more than you might think. Overall, the 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum is tough to beat. It is the midsize SUV that can do it all with style, and we encourage you to take a look when you visit your Ford Explorer dealer.

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