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The front of a silver 2022 Buick Enclave is shown parked in front of a modern house.

2022 Buick Enclave Changes You May Not Have Noticed

Design philosophy is a huge factor when it comes to selling certain kinds of vehicles, especially those with luxury trims. How often have you read about or seen the promotion of a particular trim that has its own badging? It’s news that definitely circulates in the auto industry, but only for certain brands. What we don’t always think about, though, is how the design philosophy changes how we view the vehicle and what sort of affinity we take to said vehicle based on those implementations. All of that is a very wordy way to say that the 2022 Buick Enclave has been on the receiving end of an interesting visual makeover.

Some of the changes are changes that people who regularly follow the Enclave may have seen right from the start. If you’re a fan of Buick and absorb all things Buick, then the 2022 Enclave refresh is nothing new. If, however, you haven’t been following the Enclave, then some of the changes may have easily escaped your eye. Regardless of where you stand on the Enclave’s new look, there are some interesting changes made to the vehicle that you may not have entirely noticed.

Dynamic New Headlights

Most of the biggest changes to the 2022 Buick Enclave have been aesthetic. Buick has been boisterous about the overhauled fascia. One of those aesthetic changes on the fascia happens to be a brand new set of headlights. These are distinctively different from the previous headlights, introduced with the 2018 model year of the Enclave.

The last set of headlights were a sleeker iteration of the first generation -fewer rounded curves and more sharp lines. There was more of a rectangular shape that made them appear refined and sportier. Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, the 2022 model year headlights take that concept a step further. The headlights have been refashioned yet again with an all-new dynamic look.

The 2022 model year now has thinner headlights, but they still maintain the same width as before. The profile has somewhat of a viper-toothed design that hooks ever-so-slightly at the corners. You may not notice them right away at first, but they make a significant difference in how the front fascia for the Buick Enclave is presented. The all-new LED headlights have a very distinct color tone to them, too, which contrasts well with the body color of the Enclave.

A silver 2022 Buick Enclave shows the grille in close up.

Bold New Grille Design

In terms of looks, it’s not like people talk about a vehicle’s grille all that often, but in this case, the grille design is part of that overhauled fascia for the Enclave that gives it that luxury distinction as a midsize crossover. The grille has come a long way from its first-generation roots. In fact, the refresh for the 2022 model year is quite the departure from how the vehicle looked at the start of the current generation.

The oblong diamond shape that was introduced with the 2018 model year Enclave has been done away with. While there was visually nothing wrong with the design, Buick decided to go a bolder route with the way the Enclave’s frontend looks. This includes broadening the grille in a way that makes it even more distinctive than before.

Instead of the fine rivets on the grille, there’s more of a chain-link design that extends from the hood down to the bumper. The chrome lines that lead to the Buick badge are still present, which maintains the SUV’s iconic look. I tend to doubt most people wouldn’t notice the all-new grille, but in some ways, the look is so smooth, and it melds so well with all the other new styling updates that it’s easy to miss since there’s a visual synergy at work with the crossover.

Lights, Bumpers, and Fog Lights

With the new grille design and headlights, it almost gives the Enclave’s fascia the look of a Cadillac. The very modest angular point at the bottom of the grille that leads into the all-new bumper creates a very classy look for the Enclave. However, for people who preferred the older Buick designs, I don’t know how well they’ll take to the new Enclave taking cues from General Motors’ top-of-the-line luxury brand.

The interesting thing about the refresh is that it’s all designed to be aerodynamic and generate better airflow during travel. But most people probably wouldn’t even think about the aerodynamics when getting a glimpse at the all-new low-mounted headlights. There’s now an indented covering that drapes over the high beams to create a truly futuristic look for the Enclave. Even if you weren’t a big fan of the new grille and angular low beam headlights, it’s hard to argue about how appealing the pronounced high beams are. Simply put, the Enclave looks pretty cool.

A tan 2022 Buick Enclave is shown with the lift-gate open.

Changes To The Rear Fascia

Upon first glance, it’s easy to dismiss any changes to the rear of the Enclave, but there are actually some subtle changes that make the vehicle feel even more stylish than before. For instance, the taillights for the 2022 redesign may look very similar to the 2021 model year taillights, but the engineers actually added a chrome outer-trimming around the taillights to create a visual distinction between the lights and the body color. This helps maintain the design philosophy employed for this model year of creating a contrast between the different components for the Enclave’s exterior anatomy.

Another change that you may not have noticed is the rear exhaust is now hidden behind a grille between the rear bumper and the tailgate. There’s now a more cohesive symmetry between the entire rear fascia, so there are fewer breakpoints between the tailgate components and the bumper. Additionally, new Evonik lamps have been added to spruce up the way the Enclave looks at night, which is not something you would be able to tell was present simply by looking at the taillights during the daytime. And if you can afford it, the 2022 Avenir trim has new badging to help it stand out from the other available trims.

Colors To Compliment The Changes

One other thing you also wouldn’t know about unless you did a little digging is that the 2022 Buick Enclave comes with three all new colors to help highlight some of the new exterior design changes. The Sage Metallic is a great color to add some unique sparkle and shine to the Enclave, while Emperor Blue adds an executive appeal to the SUV. Of course, we can’t forget the new Cherry Red Tintcoat that was added to the line-up, which is a nice go-to color for those who want their crossover looking bold, luxurious, and confident.

Some of these changes really help add refinement to the overall package of the Enclave. It seems to be moving more and more in a luxury-oriented direction, and the added chrome trim, aggressive front fascia, and chiseled rear fascia help it achieve that goal. I imagine some people may like the new headlights and taillights with the LED Evonik lamps, but maybe others preferred the larger headlamps and less glossy design of the taillights from previous model years. But what do you think about the changes? Do you think Buick did right by the Enclave, refreshing it with some subtle changes here and bold changes there? Or do you think that the previous model years had a better design? Let us know what you think.

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