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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2019 Ram Laramie Longhorn is parked in a field with a windmill in the background.

Where Will You Take Your Used Ram 1500?

Fans of the pickup truck lifestyle tend to have their favorite truck brand, and nothing you say will tear them away from that loyalty. Sometimes a person’s truck brand loyalty is even akin to their diehard loyalty to their favorite local college football team: win or lose, rain or shine; they are supportive to the very end. But there is one truck brand that not only has some of the most loyal fans but that has even been able to convert a growing number of drivers away from competing brands. The manufacturer in question? Ram. If you are interested in seeing what the hype is all about, then it is time to start looking for a used Ram 1500. However, if you still have some doubts about abandoning your favorite truck brand, let us walk you through some of the ways that a used Ram 1500 stands out from competitors such as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500.

What We Love About Ram Trucks

To begin with, Ram is a brand that focuses solely on building trucks. While it was originally a division of Dodge, in 2010, Ram gained its independence and was reorganized as a fully independent brand. This makes Ram unique as the only automobile manufacturer that only builds trucks. Unlike Ford or Chevy, there is not a single sedan or SUV in the Ram lineup to dilute the brand or draw its attention away from designing and manufacturing the best trucks around. While this alone would be enough to justify the hype surrounding Ram trucks, it is just the beginning.

While Ram is dedicated to trucks, it is just as dedicated to innovation. A used Ram 1500 is simply not your typical half-ton truck. While it will provide you with all the rough and ready performance that you would expect of an American-built pickup, the Ram 1500 is designed to push the boundaries of what it means to be a truck. That is why you will find countless unique features intended to improve comfort and convenience that are simply not available on competing models. From the RamBox Cargo Management System to the massive 12″ infotainment screen, the Ram 1500 is a cut above. Ram even completely redesigned the suspension in its trucks, abandoning the archaic leaf springs in favor of high-performance coil springs for better handling and a more comfortable ride.
Ram’s innovation also extends to the engines in its trucks. In 2019, Ram introduced the eTorque mild-hybrid system to boost low-end engine torque. This system is not a traditional Prius-like hybrid (although it does improve fuel efficiency slightly); instead, it uses engine-mounted electric motors to provide that extra muscle you need to get started with a heavy load. And while it’s not exactly available on the used market just yet, Ram has recently unveiled the most powerful production truck ever built with the new Ram 1500 TRX. Equipped with a supercharged V8 engine generating 702 hp, this mighty truck has nearly twice the horsepower of its closest competitor and is a true example of how Ram continues to push the truck market forward.

Throughout the years, varying model years of the Ram 1500 have achieved different performance figures, and some years have been better than others. However, there is no question that the Ram 1500 has long been one of the best trucks on the market. Ram owners choose their truck not only because they need a heavy workhorse but because they need a truck that works for them with innovative performance, convenience, and luxury features. They need a vehicle powerful enough to drag along thousands of pounds during the workday and still ride like a luxury car during the evening commute.

The black interior is shown on a 2019 used Ram 1500 Limited.

The Best Model Years for a Used Ram 1500

Just like even the most loyal college football fans will admit that their beloved football team has experienced some high and low points over the years, true Ram fans are also no stranger to the fact that not all Ram models years are the same. In fact, Ram trucks have changed quite a bit since they were first built in the 1980s and have changed even more since Ram became an independent brand. That’s a lot of years for a truck, so which years should used car shoppers gravitate towards when shopping for a pre-owned model?

According to data collected by real-world Ram drivers, currently, one of the best model years for a used Ram 1500 is 2018, with the 2017 model year not far behind. Meanwhile, 1994 and 1995 are particularly good years for the Dodge pickup if you want something a bit older. If you find a pre-owned Ram with one of these model years, thank your lucky stars and jump on that opportunity before somebody else does! Recent models are usually sold pretty quickly because of their affordable price points, where the older ones go quickly because of their classic appeal.

Some have considered 2018 to be the “year of the Ram” for a very good reason – it was the final model year of the fourth generation, and Ram had perfected the vehicle. The 2018 model had a lot of options, including whether you want a long or short bed, a regular cab, or something big enough for your family. This model is also packed to the brim with features we’ve come to expect in modern trucks. In the 2018 Ram 1500, you might come across an 8.4-inch Uconnect 4C NAV infotainment system with a touchscreen, a backup camera, GPS navigation, and plenty of other features that make this an incredible machine.

With the 2017 model, you might save a little money since this is a slightly older model. However, you’ll still find the same great features. From the intuitive Uconnect software to several very powerful engines, this is a truck that you can count on in any situation. No matter what model year you chose, you are sure to find plenty of features and options in a truck that fits both your budget and needs.

As far as the 1994 and 1995 model years go, you might see a few complaints from consumers regarding some regular wear and tear on the vehicles, but the trucks themselves remain solid machines. The general rule when buying used is to figure out how well a model was treated, where it’s from, and any repairs it’s had. This will give you an idea of what things you need to do to help keep an older truck running as smoothly as the day it first rolled off the assembly line. You’re also not going to find all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect in modern vehicles, but if you’re the type who prefers a no-nonsense work truck, that might not entirely be a bad thing.

A red and black 2019 used Ram 1500 is being loaded with beach gear while attached to a boat trailer.

What Does This Mean for You?

For the most part, the Ram has been a confident and reliable choice for truck enthusiasts for forty years. It’s no wonder why there are so many exceedingly devoted Ram fans out there. When you start shopping, make a list of the features you can’t live without. Maybe that’s something like a sound system that you can add in later, or maybe it’s a bunch of modern features that can’t be added, so you should get a newer model year. When it comes to the Ram name, any model built between the eighties and today is going to provide you with years of enjoyment. No matter what, there is a used Ram 1500 for just about everyone – all you need to do is start looking.

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