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The New Ford Ranger Makes Its Debut in 2019

No matter where you live in the United States, you are bound to have crossed paths with a Ford Ranger. Since the Ranger was first introduced in 1983, it has been one of the most popular truck models in the truck industry and on the highway. In fact, the concept for the ever-popular Ford Explorer originated with the Ford Ranger.

For roughly 30 years, the Ranger was consistently produced and rolled out to dealerships from one corner of the country to another.  Its durability and simplicity reigned supreme in the truck market. Then, in 2011, Ford decided to halt production in the United States. However, that did not impact global production of the midsize pickup truck. The Ranger remains the best-selling truck in Europe and second-best selling truck in markets outside of North America.

During the height of its popularity,  the Ranger outsold other manufacturer’s compact trucks at Ford Dealerships. Based on the Ranger’s past sales record and continued popularity, reintroducing this truck model has the potential to be a fiscally sound business decision. And apparently, Ford may have been thinking the same thing when the company decided to reintroduce the Ranger to the U.S. truck market.

According to preliminary evaluations of Ford’s design decisions surrounding the latest truck model, it will be based on the European model, with adjustments made and features added to accommodate the U.S. market when it comes to regulations and consumer demands. Ford is hoping to reconnect with consumers who have remained loyal to the Ranger model.


Cab and Cargo Bed Options

The 2019 Ford Ranger offers consumers two cab options as well as two cargo bed options. Though there are selections for drivers to make when it comes to cab and cargo bed designs, Ford will only offer one standard wheelbase. With it’s expanded size, the Ranger moves into the midsize pickup category.

The SuperCab-style Ranger offers a two-door cab, which is paired with the longer cargo bed. The SuperCrew-style Ranger offers a four-door cab, which is paired with a shorter cargo bed.

To complete the Ranger’s exterior look, the cab and cargo bed are accented in a silvery gray color scheme, whether it’s the metal trim detailing the outer parameters of the wheel wells or the aluminum defining the tailgate and front fenders.

In both design schematics, Ford’s strategic combination of cab and cargo style, along with accented features, gives the 2019 Ranger a striking appearance.



The 2019 Ford Ranger will offer a 2.3-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder EcoBoost engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger. The EcoBoost engine also features Auto-Start/Stop technology. So even though you will have the luxury of a powerful engine, courtesy of the increased airflow and immediate fuel dispersion to the engine, per the EcoBoost system, you still have the confidence of a fuel-efficient truck.

Through the collaborative effort of Ford and GM, Ford is able to offer a 10-speed automatic transmission to pair with the EcoBoost engine technology. The 10-speed automatic transmission comes standard on the new Ranger. This transmission model heightens the truck’s fuel efficiency.



The 2019 Ford Ranger comes in three trim levels—XL, XLT, and Lariat, with the XL being the base trim.

For consumers who enjoy off-roading activities, Ford also offers a couple of off-road packages to complement the truck’s four-wheel drive capability: FX2 and FX4. Let’s review the latter package.

For Rangers upgraded with the FX4 package, Ford offers the Terrain Management System as well as the Trail Control System.

The Terrain Management system allows drivers to select the type of surface they are traveling on, such as normal, mud, grass, or sand. Depending on the surface selected, the system will then make necessary throttle, drivetrain, and traction adjustments to ensure a safe, smooth ride.

Ford’s Trail Control System has been described as a combination of cruise and hill-descent control. Imagine a system that allows you to set your speed limit, but unlike “standard” cruise control, you are setting a low speed. A low-speed setting is necessary because off-roading typically implies you’ll be traveling over a more rough and rugged terrain. In addition, and contrary to “standard” cruise control, pressing the brake resets the system to an even lower speed rather than disengaging it.


Safe Driving

The new Ford Ranger will come standard with automatic emergency brakes. This feature will automatically deploy the braking system if an impending rear-end collision is detected. And in the unfortunate case that a collision does occur, the automatic braking system will potentially reduce the collision’s impact. A rearview camera system will also come standard on the latest Ranger model. Wherever you have a need to back up, you have the benefit of seeing potential obstacles and avoiding them.

Ford will also offer additional safety features, which will be available upon request. Blind-Spot Monitoring with Trailer Coverage is a great option if you’ll be using the Ranger to tow. The system makes you aware of vehicles in your blind spot, allowing you to safely maneuver your truck and trailer. Lane-Keep Assist is another available option. This system will alert you when your car moves beyond the parameters of the lane in which you are driving, allowing you to make necessary adjustments.


Tech Upgrades

The Ford Ranger’s design evolution is quite evident when it comes to standard and available technology features.  Smartphone users have access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which come standard with the infotainment system. Speaking of standard tech on board, the Ranger also has an Amazon Alexa integration. So you can easily transition from giving Alexa commands at home to giving commands in your new Ranger. Ford did not forget about the internet. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used for up to 10 devices also comes standard.

What started out as a possibility has now become a reality. The Ford Ranger returns to the U.S. truck market in 2019. It’s come a long way from the compact pickup we’re used to. For example, the 2019 model is much larger in comparison to previous models. However, it does retain what could be referred to as its signature features. It’s still being designed to be durable and rugged, with a little style thrown in.

It’s created to be capable for whatever you need a truck to do and more. Whether you’re driving it to work, running to the grocery store, or going on vacation. The Ranger will take care of you and your passengers. Yes, it’s different than before—and upgraded in numerous ways—but Ford designed it to sustain the same longevity previous models have shown. The 2019 will be there when you need it.

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