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The New 2019 Acura RDX A-Spec: A Look into The Future

Acura has been a buzz on twitter lately celebrating #MayMotorsports and the debut of its new 2019 model, the Acura RDX A-Spec. Scrolling through their twitter feed, Acura has been hard at work with teaser images, from walkthroughs to some seriously cool, only-headlights-a-glow imagery. After months of teaser images and plenty of hype, Acura debuted the new model in March earlier this year at the New York Auto Show. Unveiling a complete exterior redesign and an interior that looks like it belongs on the newest Space-X spacecraft, reviewers and buyers alike were ecstatic to the point of religious fervor. With its Sci-Fi inspired luxury interior and revolutionary exterior, we thought we’d give the new 2019 model a look and give you the rundown to see if the latest Acura SUV lives up to all the hype.



The 2019 Acura RDX is the third generation in Acura’s line of crossover midsize vehicles. The car should be top-of-the-line and a more enhanced and superior vehicle than the previous models. We were curious to see some of the major differences from previous generations and one of the major changes that we noted is the new turbocharged engine 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 272 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque – up 28 lb-ft over the V-6’s numbers.

Henio Arcangeli, the VP of the Acura Automobile division said, “This is our most extensive redesign in more than a decade, a truly ground-up reimagining of the RDX around our Precision Crafted Performance brand direction.” And precision was certainly a goal of theirs.

The new model, like previous RDX models, includes the Integrated Dynamics System offering four driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Snow. This was a popular capability, and buyers will be pleased to see that they have included it with this model. Adventure enthusiasts who value precision driving in all-weather and terrain will also be happy to note that the new model includes a completely new, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, making it a high performance handling vehicle ready-to-go in any weather or on any surface. The new model is also breaking ground with a 10-speed transmission, up from the previous models 6-speed transmission, which should be a major selling point.



Almost all of the reviews for this model have mentioned the incredible luxury interior and taking a look inside; it’s easy to see why. Stepping inside the vehicle is literally like stepping inside the cockpit of a spacecraft. There is, of course, luxury leather seating, (we recommend the red), and a center console that is seriously Sci-Fi inspired. The console is slender and easy to navigate and doesn’t take up much room. The console includes a touchpad close to the gear shift that controls the 10.5-inch touchscreen on the top of the dashboard. This makes it convenient and safer to use than typical touchscreens. Instead of raising your hand to touch the screen, potentially obscuring your field of vision, you are free to keep your hand closer to your seat and use the touchpad to make all of your music choices and GPS navigations.

The model also includes 16-way power seat adjustments, a 16-speaker surround sound system, and an ultra-wide panoramic moonroof. It’s already Sci-Fi, so why not make the stars a little easier to view? The 2019 Acura RDX also includes its full suite of active and passive safety warnings and assists, including driver alerts for front, rear, and potential side collisions. In addition, upon entry, the system scans each occupant and selects personalized features and functions, including maps, audio, and customized vehicle performance settings.



The exterior of the model is focused on their Precision Concept, which emphasizes high contrast details and a focus on the new Diamond Pentagon Grille. This is a major step up from previous models, with a cleaner and more modern grille that is striking in appearance, yet subtle and minimal enough not to distract from the overall look. The model has an ultra-low and wide stance to increase precision and speed, which was a major component in the design.

Dave Marek, the Acura Global Creative Director, stated, “The Acura Precision Concept is more than simply a concept vehicle, it is a design study model that literally will shape the direction of all future Acura products around our Precision Crafted Performance DNA. It is the leading edge of a renewed commitment to delivering Precision Crafted Performance in every facet of the product experience and creating a powerful and very exciting direction for the next generation of Acura models.”

With plans to use this vehicle as the base model for future generations, Acura is placing a lot of stake in the design. Perhaps the best way to view the prime of the vehicle’s exterior features is with the A-Spec option: the top-shelf RDX gets black exterior trim, 20-inch spoked wheels, a more aggressive chin, bigger exhaust tips, and darker headlights, making this a vehicle that’s all-grown-up.

Our Opinion On The 2019 Acura RDX?


The 2019 Acura RDX surprised us with some exciting new interior options, a robust new exterior, and upgraded specs. The car’s sleek, exterior design, with it’s juxtaposing and contrasting elements, makes this an SUV that will get noticed (in a good way) on the streets. The headlamps and Diamond Pentagon grille give it a futuristic effect and helps it race into 2018 as perhaps the new standard for exterior design. The new touchpad technology is an exciting new capability that will enhance safety for buyers, not to mention making it a nifty and easy-to-use option for using GPS and playing music while on the road. The all-wheel drive makes this car adaptable for all-terrain and up for any journey and seems to be an all-around vehicle that doesn’t skimp on any aspect of the design. Our opinion? We’re signing up on the waiting list, aren’t you?


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