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A green 2024 Ford Ranger is shown parked on a beach.

The 2024 Ford Ranger Is Home on the Range and Everywhere Else

The name “Ranger” has come to have many different meanings. You have that famous police force, the Texas Rangers, who have been patrolling the Lone Star State for almost 200 years. In sports, you have the Texas Rangers baseball team that used to be the Washington Senators, and the New York Rangers, an original-six NHL team that is also known as the Broadway Blue Shirts. But when it comes to the name in the future, if Ford has its way, Ranger will mean a midsize pickup truck.

The 2024 Ford Ranger is the newest generation of this model. Although it dates back to 1992, when Ford released its first Ranger midsize pickup, this truck is nothing like those older versions. In fact, other than the name, there is little in common with the original Ranger truck. This is probably why Ford waited from 2012 until 2019 to bring this truck back, fully reimagining it with more modern styling and improved performance features. With the 2024 model, Ford is taking the Ranger to a new level, one that could easily win a World Series or Stanley Cup while helping chase down the bad guys. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this is one truck that is at home on the range, the road, and pretty much everywhere else.

Powering the Ranger Into the Future

Ford has made a number of changes to the Ranger, most noticeably in the area of engine options. The 2023 Ford Ranger’s standard 2.3L EcoBoost Turbo I-4 gas engine paired with a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission is carried over to the 2024 Ranger model, but it is now joined by a pair of V6 engine options.

The standard 2.3L EcoBoost Turbo I-4 features a dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) design. This gives four valves per cylinder, with twin independent variable camshaft timing to provide for efficient performance. The engine has an auto start-stop feature that will allow you to save gas. Instead of idling at a light or in a traffic jam, the engine will automatically shut down, and then restart as soon as you lift the pressure from the brake pedal. This engine uses direct injection to deliver 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. This matches the output of the 2023 Ford Ranger.

The first engine option is a 2.7L EcoBoost Turbo V6 with a 10-speed automatic transmission, which is available on the XLT and Lariat trim levels. This engine also has the auto stop-start feature and a DOHC configuration with twin variable camshaft timing. However, it has twin turbochargers and a compacted graphite-iron engine block in place of the aluminum engine block on the I-4 engine. The engine also uses a combination of port fuel and direct injection to provide 315 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. This gives the 2024 Ranger quite a kick, especially off the starting line.

One of the most exciting things about the 2024 Ranger is the introduction of the Raptor model. This is a purpose-built off-road edition that was first introduced with the full-size Ford F-150 truck. The Ranger Raptor adds standard features like front and rear tow hooks, FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve Internal Bypass shocks, bash plates to protect key parts of the truck’s undercarriage, and a set of all-terrain tires. The Raptor also sports the largest engine ever offered on a Ranger truck, a 3.0L EcoBoost Turbo V6 with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Its twin turbocharged engine is made of compacted graphite-iron, and produces 430 lb-ft of torque and a best-in-class 405 horsepower. The 2024 Ranger Raptor has a Baja mode that allows you to get boost on demand by engaging an anti turbo-lag system, giving you exceptional acceleration on or off the road.

A Standard SuperCrew Cab

Prior versions of the Ford Ranger came with a SuperCab design, requiring drivers to pay extra for a SuperCrew cab. The SuperCab had two full-size and two half-size doors. This means that the back row of seats didn’t have much legroom, and can only fit two full-size adults. On the other hand, a SuperCrew has four full-size doors, and has plenty of room for up to three adults in the back row of seats. In fact, the 2024 Ford Ranger has over 98 cubic feet of passenger space inside of its cab. This configuration of the Ranger was by far the most popular, so popular that Ford has dropped the SuperCab option. All 2024 Rangers have a standard SuperCrew cab.

Ford has done an exceptional job of apportioning space between these two rows. When it comes to headroom, you get 41 inches in the front and 39.8 inches in the back. This will be especially helpful if you have friends or family members who are tall. The same goes for legroom, with the front row getting up to 43.7 inches, while passengers in back can stretch out with 34.6 inches. Now you can take the entire crew along in your 2024 Ford Ranger, no matter which model you choose.

A 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor is shown driving off-road in a sandy area.

A Range of Exceptional Capabilities

One of the reasons to buy a midsize pickup truck is for its capabilities. Nothing moves cargo quite like a pickup truck, and this is definitely the case with the 2024 Ford Ranger. Every model has a standard five foot box. This provides up to 43.5 cubic feet of cargo space, allowing you to fit pretty much anything you want back there.

The weight capacity depends on which model of the 2024 Ranger you choose. The XL, XLT, and Lariat trims offer a choice of rear-wheel and four-wheel drivetrains. Either of these can be bought with an optional electronic locking rear differential to reduce wheelspin in low traction conditions. If you opt for a rear-wheel drive Ranger, you can carry up to 1,805 pounds in the payload bed. Choosing a four-wheel drive on the Ranger XL, XLT, or Lariat will reduce this slightly to 1,711 pounds. The 2024 Ranger Raptor comes with standard four-wheel drive that features a two-speed transfer case and front and rear locking differentials. As a result, its payload capacity is only 1,411 pounds.

Although it is a midsize pickup, the 2024 Ranger delivers towing capability that rivals many full-size truck models. The Ranger XL, XLT, and Lariat models can tow up to 7,500 pounds regardless of whether you choose rear-wheel or four-wheel drive on your truck. This is a testament to Ford’s ability to make capable trucks, as most other midsize trucks from rival brands see an appreciable drop-off in towing capability when you opt for four-wheel drive. Even the 2024 Ranger Raptor can still tow up to 5,510 pounds. This is an impressive number for a purpose-built off-road truck model.An

All-New Infotainment System

Infotainment systems are a crucial part of most vehicles these days. These not only provide you with a sound system to help you create a soundtrack for your driving, but they also help you stay connected, while giving you camera views for trailering or backing up.

The 2024 Ford Ranger features the Ford SYNC 4A system with either a 10.1-inch or 12-inch center touchscreen. This is the largest touchscreen offered on any model of midsize pickup currently offered for sale in America. It supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, its embedded 4G LTE modem will keep you and your passengers connected wherever you go. There are also two USB charge ports inside the SuperCrew cab, as well as an available wireless charge pad. This will enable you to keep your devices charged on your journey. The 2024 Ford Ranger has you covered with its SYNC 4A system.

A green 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor is shown driving off-road over a sand dune.

The 2024 Ford Ranger Will Own the Name

Ford has delivered the most advanced Ranger model yet. With all of its performance features and capabilities, the 2024 Ranger is positioned to capture the midsize truck market. The Texas and New York Rangers had better watch out. The Ford Ranger is gaining on them and may pretty soon take over the public’s imagination whenever they hear the word Ranger.

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