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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Make New Friends in a Local Jeep Club

Join a Jeep Owner Club

No matter where you’re located, you can find a group of like-minded Jeep owners. Joining a Jeep club is a great place to learn the basics of off-roading. Club members will help you learn to stay safe and have fun. Fellow Jeep owners will provide you with new trail options. Being a member of the club will give you access to riding areas that you can’t enter on your own. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of “Jeepers” who also like to get muddy, careen over rocks and streams, and spread the word on some great new trails. It’s fun to socialize with other Jeep aficionados. You’ll learn about the newest AEV Jeep Wrangler lift kits and how to implement them on your Jeep. Finally, being in a Jeep club allows you to do more than ride your beloved vehicle. Clubs help to prevent trail closures and are active in their community by volunteering and raising funds for the needy.

New Hampshire Jeep clubs

In New Hampshire, the Monadnock Jeepers is an off-road club created for Jeep enthusiasts in the southwestern part of the state. The club was created for organized four–wheeling representation, providing off roaders with a chance to have fun, learn, and experience the outdoors on their Jeeps with newly found friends that have a common interest. Members have a variety of Jeep vehicles, from off the lot stock rigs, to heavily modified AEV lifted Jeeps. You’ll find that Monadnock members meet monthly, organize rides and events, and have a passion for the outdoors.

Another New Hampshire Jeep Club is Deep Woods Extreme, Inc., which was established in 1992. Since then it has grown from approximately 10 members to 70 members. This non-profit off highway recreational vehicle club based in southern New Hampshire is unique in that it accepts all makes and models of 4WD vehicles including Jeep. Its Board of Directors has established a strict set of by-laws to promote a safe and fun four-wheeling atmosphere for any age. Its trail season runs from April-October and includes both day and weekend trips to land it has acquired through written permission. Deep Woods Extreme carries full participant liability insurance, and offers many services to landowners.

If you choose to join Deep Woods Extreme, you’ll find a very active membership. The group works with landowners to promote responsible use of all land areas, public and private. During the year, the group conducts trail clean-ups and patrols to prevent damage to property and to the environment. Each December it hosts an annual Christmas party. Its popular annual Rock Crawl draws participants from all over New England and beyond. This year, it will take place on July 20th at the Hillsboro Balloon Fest & Fair; three classes will take part: under 35-inch tire OEM cab; over 36-inch tire OEM cab; and unlimited. The group also supports local charities, such as Toys For Tots.


If you are seeking a family-oriented Jeep group, check out New England Jeepz. Founded in August 2003 and based in the greater Boston area, it blends its passion for off highway vehicle riding with family social events. Its members, who hail from all over New England, get together for trail-rides as well as Jeep/4×4/car shows.

Its basic goal is to encourage the use of stock and slightly- to heavily-modified Jeep vehicles and all forms of 4×4 vehicles for responsible off-highway driving, social events, community activities, and club sanctioned affairs. As it grew, it became a member of The North East Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and later was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation.


Head to Vermont for the Green Mountain 4 Wheel Club

Founded in 1982, this group of 4×4 trucks, including Jeeps and ATV owners promote their sport and enjoy the area’s natural resources. The club holds its monthly meetings at the American Legion in Colchester, VT on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to all who want to attend. Annual dues are $50 and include a monthly newsletter and discount programs with relevant businesses.

Beyond off-road treks, the group participates in community affairs, such as parades and charitable fundraising events. The club promotes four wheeling during the spring, summer, and fall with trail and mud runs at least once a month. If the trail is long enough and there are enough interested members, the group plans overnight camp outs. During the winter months the group meets and plans ATV and snowmobile events.


Perhaps you want to head to Maine and join its Penobscot Valley 4 Wheel Drive group, a not-for-profit group of Jeep owners located all over the state that are dedicated to the pursuit and enjoyment of four-wheeling. These members are active in keeping four-wheeling legal and advocate within the community to generate a better understanding of the laws and the respect given to the land and the landowners by members.

Although the Western Maine Mountain Jeepers is a family-oriented Jeep club located in Bethel, Maine, its membership is spread throughout New England. Its goal is to focus on all things Jeep—from working on these vehicles to driving them over rocks, through a mud pit or to that scenic overlook only a Jeep can reach. The group meets the first Saturday of nearly every month at a trail in New England.

Maine Off is a four wheel drive community in which members enjoy all types of adventures ranging from rock crawling to trail exploration. The common thread is to provide a forum for riders with similar interests to meet each other in a friendly, outdoor atmosphere. Members are encouraged to exchange information and seek advice in the forums, as well as connect with other people who share the same outdoor passion. Maine Off Roading members range from serious off-roaders with highly modified rigs to casual wheelers with daily drivers and stock vehicles.


So no matter where you live in New England, give it a try and join a Jeep group. You’ll find that members are as passionate about their Jeeps and off-roading as you are.