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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A grey 2022 Buick Envision Avenir is shown on a city street after visiting a Buick dealership.

Luxury Never Had It So Good: The 2022 Buick Envision Avenir

When you think of luxurious SUV brands, you probably think of Lexus or Acura, maybe even Mazda edges into that category in your mind, but when was the last time you rode in a Buick? If you haven’t been in a Buick in the last five years, do yourself a favor and head to a nearby Buick dealership to test drive the 2022 Buick Envision Avenir.

Buick has been building luxurious vehicles for over a century, and no matter what anyone in the US thinks about the demographic that should be driving it, a Buick is a classy act. Ride quality is silky, the interior is a cocoon of silence, and lush materials surround you in soft, curving surfaces. While the Envision Avenir is a compact SUV, the expansive rear seat says otherwise. And technology? Loads. Let’s see what other tempting features the 2022 Envision Avenir has in store.

A Dashing Figure

It goes without saying that an Avenir trim from Buick comes with all the bells and whistles. That includes chrome. If you don’t like an SUV with bling, the Avenir isn’t for you. From the signature Avenir grille and wheel designs to the molding and door handles, chrome is the bright jewelry for the Buick crown.

Buick introduced the latest generation of the Avenir last year. This introduction brought a new trendy design detail that looks sharp–no red tent in the light assembly. Instead, the LED bulbs in the assembly turn red when illuminated, which makes for an enticing effect and a more appealing style that seamlessly blends the lights with the rest of the Avenir’s design.

A close up shows the drive side headlight on a grey 2022 Buick Envision Avenir.

Ride Like Royalty

Since the early days, Buick has held the standard that ride quality reigns supreme. When you ride in a Buick, bumps in the road are absorbed so that neither you nor your passengers are jostled or uncomfortable. This ride quality is especially true for the Avenir trim, which can be outfitted with an adaptive suspension that takes ride quality to a level beyond.

Called Continuous Damping Control, the Avenir’s adaptive suspension works via sensors that read wheel position and, based on that data, cause electronically-operated valves to respond. The valves move the dampers as quickly as every two milliseconds to adjust the response of the suspension when road chatter occurs. As a result, the Avenir offers a ride so smooth that you might wonder if the SUV is even moving.

When driving at highway speeds, the sound of the outside world disappears. Again, Buick excels at providing a well-insulated and hushed cabin across its lineup, but the Envision Avenir steps into some of the quietest territory you could want on a noisy highway. Between the active noise cancellation technology, the double-pane windows, and the triple insulation, you can almost hear your heart beating while you calmly cruise along. You might think that the 20-inch wheels would detract from the ride quality, but that’s far from the case. Stay away from aggressive tread designs, and those babies will glide like a luge in an ice castle.

Technology for Every Occasion

On the off chance that your kids decide to have a tea party in the driveway without your knowledge, the Buick Envision has you covered. With the available HD Surround Vision, you have a bird’s eye view of the SUV via the center touchscreen display. You can scan the different camera angles separately or use the split-screen to view multiple angles at once. In any case, the image quality is crystal clear and inspires confidence when navigating the Avenir in reverse; the larger screen size and multiple camera angles guarantee it.

Buick angles the touchscreen toward the driver—a feature that you will either love or hate—which makes for easier sightlines when using the built-in navigation, among other things. Be sure to try out this feature during your test drive to get a better feel for the screen’s unique positioning. You’ll also find that the infotainment screen relies on knobs and buttons for volume and climate control, a welcome staple that makes it easy to make adjustments as needed.

Rear Camera Mirror

As a brand that’s always embraced the latest technology, Buick doesn’t shy away from innovative features. On the Avenir, this comes in the form of a rear camera mirror that may seem like a frivolous addition until you need it. Using a lever at the base of the rearview mirror changes the traditional mirror into a rear camera mirror that gives you an unobstructed view behind the Envision Avenir. A real piece of camera magic, the rear camera mirror joins the ranks of conveniences and luxuries like auto-dimming mirrors and heated seats.

Safety and Driver-Assist

All 2022 Envision trims come standard with a suite of driver-assist technology. However, the Avenir adds a few extras, one of which could change how you feel about parking forever. Imagine if your SUV could search for a parking space, take over to park the SUV when you arrive, and then help you extricate your SUV out of the spot when it’s time to leave. What was once science fiction is now real thanks to Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist. Although it’s an available upgrade, it’s worth your sanity if you live in a city where parking can be a nightmare.

Almost as Good as a Day at the Spa

Can you imagine getting a massage while you’re behind the wheel? It’s a luxury that you deserve, at least Buick thinks so. What about the luxury of real wood trim or diamond-stitched leather? These are all par for the course in the 2022 Envision Avenir.

Electronic Shifter

Engaging the transmission is even appealing in the Avenir with the fully electronic shifter that saves space and is easy to use. With a simple pull of the drive switch, you’re off to the races. Pulling on the reverse lever engages the transmission to back up, and then when it’s time to park, just press the button, and you’re done. There’s no hauling on gear shifts in the steering column or pressing a button on the shift knob before sliding it along its track. Pull or push, that’s it.

Spacious Cabin

Unlike the proportions of so many other vehicles, SUVs included, the rear seats in the Envision Avenir are probably as comfortable as the front seats in most other brands. Your passengers in the second row won’t feel relegated to the penalty box in the Envision Avenir. Heated rear seats, charging ports, and heat ducts deliver the same comfort found in the front seats, including ample legroom for relaxing on long drives. Adults easily fit in the second row unless, of course, they’re NBA stars.

Buick also makes the Avenir’s cabin feel more spacious with the dual panoramic sunroof. An absolute delight to those who love a bit of fresh air when driving, the Avenir’s sunroof guarantees everyone in the SUV has a great view of the sky above. It also adds brightness to the cabin, boosting everyone’s mood.

A grey 2022 Buick Envision Avenir is shown rounding a corner on an empty road.

A Wealth of Opportunity

If you purchase a 2022 Buick Envision Avenir, several features like a Bose sound system, hands-free liftgate, and driver’s seat memory come standard. You can expand these features with available upgrades like the Technology Package II. This package adds the Continuous Damping Control suspension system, adaptive headlights, and Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist.

Much like GMC’s Denali trim, the Avenir doesn’t automatically come with all the bells and whistles. However, some features are exclusive to the Avenir, making the trim more luxurious. Either way, with a starting price under $40,000, the Envision Avenir makes you feel like a king or queen without the high-dollar sticker price that comes with most luxury SUVs. Massaging driver’s seat included.

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