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A black 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown parked in a desert.

The Third-Generation Ford F-150 Raptor: Back and Better Than Ever

When most drivers think of off-roading, they picture something like a Jeep Wrangler or an ATV. This is a valid association, but there’s more to the off-road world than just Jeeps and Polaris RZRs. While these off-road prowlers are awesome, there are some impressive trail-capable trucks out there that are worth trying. One of those capable trucks is the 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor. All F-150 trucks are tow and haul capable, making them ideal for labor, but the Raptor is a truck you can do all that while also being able to tackle hills, rocks, and mud.

What Makes the Raptor Stand Out From Other F-150 Models?

All Ford F-150 models are capable, don’t get us wrong. However, the most off-road capable trim is definitely the Raptor. The most notable difference between the F-150 Raptor and other trim levels is its high horsepower/torque combination. Thanks to its 3.5-liter twin-turbo HO EcoBoost engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, the Raptor packs 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. No other gasoline-powered F-150 trim level can produce this much horsepower or torque. As most off-roaders know, that extra torque makes all the difference when it’s time to start the climb.

The 2022 Raptor also comes with unique sport-tuned FOX shock absorbers. These shocks quickly respond to road changes and are designed to balance on and off-road travels. You’ll have the “give” you need on the backroads without feeling like you’re riding a roller coaster on the pavement. It can do all of this while still being able to tow up to 8,200 pounds and haul 1,410 pounds in its bed. Sometimes, towing and hauling can go beyond the blacktop. When it does, the Raptor has your back.

The suspension is shown on an orange 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor.

Exterior Functionality

The 2022 Ford Raptor is well-known for its rugged good looks, but its exterior offers much more than just aesthetic appeal. The 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor includes several functional perks as well. Spray-in or drop-in bedliner options are available, plus four cargo tie-down hooks and LED box and zone lighting. Perhaps the Raptor’s handiest feature is its tailgate functions, though. It has a standard remote tailgate release, plus options for a power tailgate with a built-in tailgate step. You get all of this, plus up to 52.8 cubic feet of bed space in a 5.5-foot truck bed. Whether you’re loading up coolers or ATVs, you’re guaranteed plenty of space and convenience with the Raptor.

Most importantly, the Raptor comes with an optional Tailgate Work Surface. This isn’t just any ordinary tailgate. It has a flat work surface and includes built-in rulers, a mobile device holder, and even a cup holder so that you can keep your coffee handy on the job. The best part of it all is that your Raptor includes its own power supply, offering a 400W outlet in its bed. This makes it easy to use power tools, or even better, hook up your TV at your next cookout. The Raptor can also act as a generator thanks to Pro Power Onboard, outputting up to 2kW.

When you’re on the trails, you’ll want as much covered cargo space as you can get. That’s why the Raptor comes with three optional tonneau covers. This includes traditional hard and soft tonneau cover options, plus a retractable tonneau cover. The retractable option is especially convenient during off-roading situations. Most tonneau covers require storage upon removal. However, the retractable pickup box cover shields your cargo fully, but when you want to access your items, you can simply retract the cover without needing to store it.

Finally, due to its off-roading nature, the Raptor is equipped with gear to keep its components safe. The 2022 Raptor has wider underbody skid plates and steel front and rear bumpers. This model’s design offers a 12-inch ground clearance rating, making it easier to dodge logs, rocks, and other terrain obstacles.

The Tow Technology Package

The new Ford Raptor comes with several package add-ons that can make the off-roading experience even greater. One of our favorites is the Tow Technology Package. This package includes the following features:
Trailer Brake Controller – This allows the driver to monitor trailer braking from the cab, adjust brake calibration, set the maximum input, and much more.

  • A 360-Degree Camera – Sometimes, you need more than just a backup camera, especially when roads get rough. This camera allows you to have a 360-degree view around your Raptor.
  • Trailer Reverse Guidance – Think that the 360-degree camera view is impressive? The Raptor’s Trailer Reverse Guidance feature includes up to 7 different camera views. This includes the Trailer Guidance View and the Bed Camera.
  • Smart Trailer Tow Connector – This safety feature can notify you when something is wrong with your trailer or trailer connectivity. This includes things like your brake lights being out, a faulty turn signal, and even trailer battery issues.

Towing conveniences are almost essential for off-roaders. Whether you need to haul an ATV or three, tow a small camper, or load up kayaks and tents, the Raptor can handle it all with the Tow Technology Package.

Fun Interior Features

Just because you’re looking for a rugged, powerful vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t have any modern conveniences. The new Raptor includes several standard interior features, including both safety and technology. You’ll gain access to things like a fully flat load floor, which adds even more cargo availability. Front heated and ventilated seats are also standard, along with power locks, power-adjustable pedals, and a 12-inch digital productivity screen. FordPass Connect is standard as well, along with SiriusXM Radio and voice recognition.

There are several standard safety features on this model as well. However, some of these are especially handy for rural, backroad, and even off-road driving. These include the following:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Braking – When you can’t hit the brakes fast enough, the Raptor’s automatic braking feature kicks in. You’ll also get a warning from Pre-Collision Assist, notifying you that an accident is possible.
  • Post-Collision Braking – When the collision is inevitable, Post-Collision Braking will immediately stop your car, helping to prevent further accident damage.
  • Reverse Sensing System – Sometimes, the rearview camera just isn’t enough. The Reverse Sensing System is there to notify you when you’re getting too close to an object, person, tree, or another vehicle.

Overall, the Raptor offers a great balance between capability and modern conveniences.

A red 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown parked in an open desert area.

Need Off-Roading Capability Alongside Strength? Choose the Raptor!

The Raptor is unique for several reasons. One is that it stands out from other F-150 models thanks to its off-road capability. The 2022 Raptor also offers what most off-roading SUVs cannot, which is a high tow capability and a spacious truck bed. Oftentimes, buyers have to have an off-roading SUV and a tow-capable truck. However, since the Raptor offers a nice balance of both, you can save time and money with one vehicle.

Balancing Power and Technology

Another downside to many off-road vehicles is that tech and safety are not always impressive. While it’s understandable that money is spent on capability first, many buyers still want safety features. Thanks to multiple standard driver-assist features, along with additional safety packages and add-ons, the Raptor is filled with safety technologies that will help keep you alert and protected.

The Final Word?

The 2022 Raptor is a great option if you’re looking for an off-road-capable truck. It offers plenty of towing and hauling power, but with the well-protected exterior build you need for the trails. The Raptor’s suspension is designed specifically for adventure, and the model is safe to drive during daily commutes. While it’s not the truck we’d choose for serious farming chores, it’s definitely the truck for practical truckers. When it’s time to hit the trails and tow an ATV or two, the 2022 Raptor is your best option.

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