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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Let Ford Help you Escape the Summertime Blues

Ah, summer. We spend all winter bemoaning the frost and freezing temperatures, complaining about having to wear so many layers, and counting down the days until the mercury starts rising and we finally can finally throw on shorts and tank tops.

And then what do we do?

We whine about the heat. Complain about how sweaty we are. Hate that we have to go to work and sit in an office on the perfect beach day. Basically, Alan Jackson had it right when he told us “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” Except, Alan forgot there IS a cure for the summertime blues, and I found it, thanks to Ford: the 2017 Ford Escape. Nothing says get out there and make the most of summer like a fun new ride to cruise all the way to the coast in, and there’s no better car to take you on the summer adventure of your choice like the Escape.

So whether you’d rather spend all summer getting out and soaking up the beach rays, hiking and camping in your favorite national park, or exploring new sights in your favorite city, the 2017 Ford Escape is the car to turn your summertime blues into a summertime blast.

For the Beach Bums

Everyone knows that no trip to the beach is complete without singing your favorite summertime tunes along the way, and Ford has given you plenty of ways to blast your beats. The updated 2017 Escape SE equips drivers with a USB port, a CD player, satellite radio, Apple Car Play, Android Auto compatibility and Ford’s Sync Applink – smartphone integration that allows you to listen to anything you would access on your phone, such as podcasts and Pandora. No matter how you choose to jam, the six-speaker sound system ensures you won’t miss a beat – even with your windows rolled down and the wind blowing through your beach waves. And if reality calls, you can chat to your boss handsfree via Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, once you arrive at the beach, you’re going to need a giant inflatable float to capture that perfect surfside Instagram shot, and it takes an awfully long time to inflate a massive swan using just your breath. Upgrade your Escape to include the SE Technology Package, and you can inflate your float using the 110-volt power outlet. We suggest deflating the swan for the ride home, but if you really want to make a statement, you could always use it as a hood ornament by tying it down to the Technology Package’s included roof rails (just kidding, do not do that. Safety first, swans second).

On the subject of safety, if all of that fun in the sun and fresh salty air has left you feeling a little depleted, you’ll be thankful that the 2017 Ford Escape comes equipped with a Driver Alert System to protect you from drowsy driving. Coupled with the lane keeping system, which according to Ford “uses a camera mounted behind the windshield’s rear view mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect unintentional drifting” you’ll have additional tools to keep you and your beach bum buddies safe on the shore.

For the Campground Cruisers

If roughing it in the woods is more your style, you’re going to need some space to haul that campground cargo. Luckily, the 2017 Escape offers enough trunk space to fit your tent and any other adventure gear you might need in the great outdoors. If your tent has room for four, the Escape gives you 34 cubic feet of trunk space to fill. However, if you’re venturing out solo, collapse those back seats and you’ve got 68 cubic feet of space… more than enough to curl up and sleep in if you decide the wilderness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the middle of the night. And if that’s the case – don’t worry, no one will ever have to know thanks to the Escape’s rear privacy glass. You can even leave the optional sunroof open for a little stargazing.

When it’s time to return to civilization, use the hands-free liftgate feature available on the Escape’s Titanium trim to easily repack your provisions, and don’t worry about hitting a tree or harming any wildlife as you reverse – the 2017 Escape comes standard with a rearview backup camera. You’ll leave behind nothing but footprints (and tire tracks).

For the Urban Voyager

There’s nothing wrong with seeking a little culture and air conditioning on hot summer afternoons, and if you’re in the mood to be a city slicker this summer, the Escape’s 1.5-liter engine can net you 23 mpg as you meander the city streets (the 2.0 liter will get you 22 mpg). The Auto Start-Stop Technology that comes standard on the Escape’s Ecoboost engines will help you cut back your fuel consumption, leaving you with more change to feed the city parking meters.

You won’t have to worry about your parallel parking skills if you’re in the Escape Titanium with the Technology Package, as the Enhanced Active Park Assist System will help guide you to parking perfection using ultrasonic sensors. Even the tightest spaces are now easily conquered, giving you more time to stroll and shop. And when you’ve reached your capacity for city life, you can head home in comfort resting in the Escape SE’s 10-way-adjustable power driver’s seat and let the optional adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning with brake support and navigation system guide your way home.

Ready to Escape?

No matter where you choose to beat the heat this summer, you can rest assured the 2017 Ford Escape can get you there safely, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives it a five-star overall rating. So if you’re ready to make the “Summertime Blues” nothing more than a catchy country song, let the experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team at DePaula Ford get you into a 2017 Ford Escape and get your summer of fun started!