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Americans Prefer Chevy Over Ford: The Proof is in the Profits

What Chevy dealers near Lisle and across the United States have suspected for years, has finally been proven. The age old battle between the two American automakers can finally be put to rest, along with the vicious rumors that spread like wild fire, thanks to outspoken users of social media. At one point, I might have feigned interest in your preference between the bowtie and the blue oval brands – but not anymore. As you cling tightly to the teddy bear of comfort that is your opinion, allow me to rock your world, and finally tell you that your opinion means absolutely nothing when it comes to Chevrolet vs. Ford.

The Profits Don’t Lie

Just as the prophets of the past leaned on fact over opinion, so do the most recent profits (or lack thereof) from the two biggest American-made automotive manufacturers. General Motors, the umbrella company that shelters major auto brands like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac, is winning in the sales department, compared to its blue oval rival – Ford Motor Company. Just last month, General Motors relished their record third-quarter profits, while Ford endured its weakest quarter in two years. Ouch!

While General Motors ramps up new vehicle production in North America for this upcoming fourth quarter, Ford has quelled production at six of its eleven assembly plants here in the United States. Aiming to reduce inventories and hopefully get rid of some of what the brand has already shelled out major dough to produce, Ford is keeping a low profile underneath the growing shadow of Chevrolet and General Motors. In an exceptionally executed public relations spin, the CEO of Ford, Mark Fields, had this to say about the company’s recent reduction in manufacturing, “I would call our approach realism. Not optimism, not pessimism; it’s realism.” Huh. From where I sit, it seems that Fields and Ford are riding out this wave of profit loss as noncommittal as humanly possible. Rather than tell the American public what is actually happening behind closed doors, the brand has taken the vague road less traveled. A navigational approach they are likely hoping will turn out to be the path to increased profits and sales, and not the one that ends with Ford falling off a cliff into a bankruptcy abyss.

Automotive sales here in the United States have traditionally been rife with ups and downs, peaks and valleys. While Chevrolet and General Motors have managed to stay on an incline, fixated on the ascent, Ford has taken on a decidedly depressing outlook down in the valley below. The brand’s third-quarter net income fell a devastating 56-percent from the previous one, representing more than just a minor blemish on the automaker’s profit margins.

Chevy Wins, Ford Fumbles

Stop throwing out opinions on why you prefer Chevrolet over the other Detroit automaker on the block, and instead back up your reasoning with these oh-so-depressing sales numbers from the blue oval brand. While your ornery uncle may be able to make a good argument as to why Ford Sync is better than the Chevy MyLink system, he won’t be able to argue pure, unadulterated sales figures. BOO-YAH!