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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Mud Season Rocks in New England

Spring is here, and that always reminds me to take a look at the local lifted Jeeps for sale in the area. With the heavy snowpack from this year’s harsh winter finally gone, re-discovering roads that have been closed or otherwise buried for the season is always a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A family friendly way to bond with the boys, a way for you and the wife to escape from it all, or just a way to burn some fuel cause there is nothing else to do, racing up and down wooded trails and sandy side roads is a fun time for all, without a doubt.

Wranglers Rock

We have a local “Mud Hole,” that eats full-size pickup trucks for lunch. I find it extremely amusing how these great and powerful Sierras, Silverados, and F-250s always seem to sink to the bottom at the very same spot. When a Wrangler gracefully glides through sending mud waves flying in every direction, it’s hard to not crack a smile, even for a non “four wheelah.” Buddies of mine who own said “powerful” pick-up trucks cannot deny the four wheel capabilities of a modified Jeep Wrangler. I can’t count how many times the front mounted Warn winch has gotten a few boys out of messy situations.

The right Jeep Wrangler with the right modifications and accessories can be a life saver when stuck out deep in the woods. My Wrangler may hold less fuel than its full-size pickup, four wheel drive counterpart, but it also burns less fuel. I can travel much further on a full tank of gas than some other trail capable rides available.

Endless Mods for the Wrangler You Want

The different modification options available for a Wrangler are almost endless. From powerful engine upgrades to super jacked uplift kits. I’ve even seen lifted Wranglers for sale equipped with a snorkel system. It still amazes me what engineering enhancements are available to the everyday consumer.

American Expedition Vehicles is an awesome supplier of off-road equipment and accessories. I use them for roof racks to suspension lift kits. Believe me, they know how to make your Wrangler twinkle. Hemi kits, those aforementioned snorkel kits, and even cargo bed liners that are tough as nails are available through this great four wheel accessory supplier. I got a specialized fuel caddy for my Wrangler at a damn good new price, which has saved a couple of people from a long walk home more than once. It’s really easy to burn up fuel when you’re buried up to your door panel in mud. I haven’t had to personally use the extra fuel can yet, but many have been glad that I have it.

Wranglers Rule

I have owned several Wranglers over the history of my vehicle ownership. Most of them are still rolling around town every day. When properly taken care of, a Jeep Wrangler can be the four wheeler vehicle that you have always dreamed of. The first one that I bought at 18 just hit over 300,000 miles. I sold it to a buddy of mine a long time ago. If you have the chance and see a lifted Jeep for sale in your area or neighborhood, I highly recommend snatching it up before someone else does. The price paid for it will be returned 10 fold in smiles alone.