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Is There a 2023 Ford Bronco Off-Road Trim for Me?

Everyone knows all about the Ford Bronco by now. It’s back and bigger than ever after Ford revitalized the classic brand and gave it a nice little modernized makeover to fit expectations and capabilities within today’s automotive industry. A large focus of the midsize SUV’s appeal is in its off-road capabilities, especially as Ford has become more comfortable expanding on its off-road offerings, as evident with the 2023 Ford Bronco, paying homage to the first generation while also still being updated to stay competitive among the competition. But what about those of you wondering about where you fit in with the 2023 Ford Bronco’s offerings?

The thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of model variations available for the Bronco, and I’m sure a lot of it could be seen as absolutely overwhelming for a lot of people who just don’t know where to start or what to look for. For instance, which of the trims offers entry-level off-roading? Which of the trims is best for overlanding? Is there a trim for daily driving with the intention of doing a bit of casual off-roading, such as camping or boating? Well, that’s what this article outlines for those of you wondering whether the 2023 Ford Bronco appeals to your tastes.

What’s a Good 2023 Bronco Model for Casual Off-Roading?

You might be easily compelled to think that the base Bronco model is the one that is most accommodating to those who only want to infrequently take to off-roading, but that isn’t necessarily true. The base model is a no-frills, all-thrills Bronco, but it’s still a lot more rugged than what you might want if you were mostly looking for a great daily driver that could also double-down as an off-road SUV maybe once a month or every so many weekends.
No, the base model isn’t so great for such a task unless you really want all the rugged sensibilities that come with the base Bronco. Instead, I would suggest the Outer Banks or Big Bend models. The reason for this is because the Outer Banks and Big Bend aren’t chiefly designed to be all-in on the off-road theme, so you actually get something that can be used for casual daily driving as well. They’re actually more tech-rich, comfort-first kind of models compared to the chiefly off-road offerings. You can tell from the more stylish wheels and the more exotic color options available.

Sure, you can still head off-road rather easily with the Outer Banks if you want to. It comes with all-terrain tires and the same open-air design as the other models. Inside, you have the availability of leather seats, and you have powder-coated tube steps, 18-inch black painted machined-face aluminum wheels, and available heated front-row seats. It’s basically more comfort-oriented for daily driving but still offers the off-road systems such as G.O.A.T (or Go Over Any Type of Terrain) Modes and 32-inch all-terrain tires if you want to hit up trails, go camping, or just make your way off the beaten path and spend a night (or two) under the stars.

A black 2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond is shown from the front at an angle.

Which Bronco Is Modular and Rugged?

The Bronco Black Diamond is the way to go. The Black Diamond is all about rugged appeal and also brings with it the kind of modular aspects that a lot of people love about the revitalized Bronco nameplate. More specifically, it has a purpose-built modular front fascia, enabling you to alter the front bumpers for different purposes, whether that’s attaching a wench, bull bars, or modifying the bumper for being a makeshift bash-plate for being tough enough to trudge through lots of heavy off-roading.

The Black Diamond is a great selection for those looking for a quality 2023 Ford Bronco that’s also very rugged. You can still modify the open-air aspects of the SUV, including removing the doors and the roof. What’s more is that the Black Diamond is designed to allow for modular hard or soft-top roofs on the Bronco, depending on what you want. There are also a lot of options when it comes to features like the wheels and the tires––you can opt between all-terrain tires or mud-terrain tires, depending entirely on where you plan on taking the Bronco.

That’s the beauty of a trim like the Black Diamond because it’s designed to be completely rugged but also designed to be completely modular, too. It’s that perfect crossroad for those who want the best of both worlds. The scalability of its off-road capabilities also really helps, so it’s not like you’re just locked into either casual or hardcore off-roading, but you can scale your experiences based on your preferences with a trim like the Black Diamond.

I Want to Do Some Overlanding; Which Bronco Is Right for Me?

There are degrees to off-roading, and not all of it is about rock crawling and hill climbs. Some off-roading enthusiasts want something that is capable of going off the beaten path and offering overlanding opportunities. There are actually a few ways to go about having a Bronco best built for things like overlanding across the plains and making your way across the great wilds without all of the hardcore off-roading systems that come with the beefier builds.

The best of the bunch would definitely be the Wildtrak. This is designed to get you across various types of terrain quickly and efficiently, and it’s designed to look good doing it. The Wildtrak is easily one of the best-looking versions of the 2023 Ford Bronco while also coming equipped with the Sasquatch Package and Mid Package built in. Available leather seats and the Terrain Management System means you get a nice mixture of comfort and rugged capabilities all in one package.

Another good overlanding trim would be the Heritage trim, which features a vintage interior, some cool Oxford White accents, and unique badging. With just enough off-road features to make it great for the great outdoors, the Heritage is a nice middle ground for those who want something capable and rugged but also still domesticated enough to be a daily driver. You get all of that with the Heritage trim, which is the newest offering for the 2023 model year Bronco.

A green 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades is shown from the side.

I’m All In On Hardcore Off-Roading; What Are My Trim Options?

When it comes to hardcore off-roading, the 2023 Ford Bronco has no shortage of options available. You have the Heritage Limited Edition, the Everglades, the Raptor, and the Badlands. Each of the models comes with the necessary equipment to conquer some of the hardest and most challenging terrains you can traverse. These hardcore models are also typically available with the Sasquatch Package, which means you get the benefit of having big beefy 35-inch tires, Bilstein position-sensitive dampers, and protective fender flares. The Raptor, however, already comes with many of these features, so it doesn’t need the Sasquatch Package.

However, the more hardcore trims feature the HOSS 4.0 suspension system, which makes the Bronco capable of traversing through impossibly difficult areas. Models like the Raptor also come equipped with the Fox Live Valve 3.1 internal semi-active bypass dampers and 37-inch all-terrain tires. It’s just an all-around beast of an SUV if hardcore off-roading is your thing.

A Trim for Every Level of Off-Roader

As you can see, the Ford Bronco is ready to accommodate every level of off-roader, from the casual rider in the Everglades to the hardcore off-roader in a fully equipped Bronco Raptor. Regardless of which Bronco you opt to go with, there is definitely a model that scales up for each level of driver. Whether you’re a casual off-roader or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s a Bronco for you.

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